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  1. Then it must be LH plan to capture Oh Sunny kills GED. That's why he comes right after Oh Sunny noticed GED died!
  2. This one also could be one of my point that there must be a fake Grandmama's death. She won't tell it if she knows it might be dangerous to her.
  3. I am pretty sure Prince Yoon or Byun was behind all of these. He must be the one that WB chased with. Its very clear that he intentionally shows himself to WB. Oh Sunny met with Byun at evening saw by EDK's assistant before GED killed! The food made by Oh Sunny might be replaced right after the food being poisoned. But its still complicated for the hairpin that stabbed GED
  4. Don't you guys think it might be two persons or more wanted to kill GED. She has been poisoned at first place and then stabbed with the hair pin after that.
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