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  1. I hope RD do not lose memory in the end. It unfair for me if that happen. After all, she is the one who change JS. And JS will be lonely if only him remember what happen in the past like he and RD never share a memorable moment. I do not read the webtoon. Can someone tell me did JH know about time loop in the webtoon? And how he respond to it?
  2. Hai chingu... I just register today. But already SR for along time ago. After see the latest episode, i think RD will not end up with JS because its clear RD state that she does not love JS. But for me, i cant see any chemistry between RD and JH. As i see, RD try hard to be a good lover to JH like always honest and trust JH. But after all she does not look enjoy with JH. She just want be good to JH because they already in relationship. For me, after watched latest episode i dont put any hope for JS with RD. I just hope JS will be happy. Atleast in the latest episode ms choi and ex team leader slowly see JS as a good person. Sorry for broken english. Cant wait for next episode.
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