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  1. I am at one with you on this, @oaklove and @dukesa1122 I am patiently waiting for it!!
  2. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with us, @twtwb! When will I ever get to see her in person
  3. Hahahaha.....can't help but join you all, especially after seeing all her photos today. Jinsoo fever is still on Thanks, @caileysmiley
  4. Hi, ahdrianna! Same here.....I like the first look more. She looks good in that dress and I hope she gets to wear more of those.
  5. Only because you tagged me, @dukesa1122 Kidding aside, reading comments is more fun and exciting (since I am not good in putting my thoughts into words) I appreciate all of you who write so beautifully, plus you all have a good command of English Thanks again.
  6. Hi, @dukesa1122 Thank you so much for tagging me! It's good to be back Btw, count me in for a WB-SHK or JIS-SHK reunion Hope it will come soon. I am rooting for JinSoo couple to end up together!!
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