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  1. On ‎12‎/‎24‎/‎2018 at 4:16 PM, Lawyerh said:

    Ok i have decided to watch Lie to Me, since its his most famous work haha. And not bad in ep 1 he looks dashing as the CEO hotel @nohamahamoud2002.


    Indeed he looked handsome and so stylish, i remember when i saw his first scene from the hotel i was like hoooo i don't recall korean actors are so pretty :love: . plus the show had some steamy kissing scenes….:P

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  2. 11 hours ago, Lawyerh said:

    Also just to add my review on LTM. It is indeed quite cheesy & mushy. I was right on my opinion before i watched it haha. Perhaps because its following old drama formula chaebol+problematic ex+brother competitor+problematic aunt.. and a bit over the top romance (dinner at restaurant with flower thrown at the floor and gala dress & tuxedo suit? Err).


    And the lady mentality also didnt help that shes a bit weak character who rely on peoples help and cheat just to make her looks better. It helps a bit that she has a daylife job as civil servant and seems passionate about it. 


    It makes a bit difficult to believe why chaebol will fall to the main lead lady. Shes also a bit stalkerish & have over the top reaction most of the time ^_^


    But well seeing handsome KJH was enough for me to make up all the drama flaws and keep me hooked. Ok i finished it in 2 days (skip here & there on aunt/brother/ex LOL).


    So the next million dollar question : Which one i shd watch between Big Man/ Incarnation Money / Monster? Im looking for decent chemistry / fast paced story / comedic / thriller also fine for me but i totally avoid family drama / makjangness. 

    @nohamahamoud2002 @angiedramadive @ninabella @phoenix24


    Also @Heidi Seow & @gm4queen if you all free also can join us here haha.. we need more KJH fans lol. 

    Spoiler alert…….

    i will definitely recommend ‘’incarnation of money’’ very entertaining revenge drama and hilarious thrill ride, i knew KJG had a comedic timing but that was great unexpected humour i almost fall of my chair laughing esp the disguise scenes, the ending was good tho the only thing i hated was the screaming hahaha that was too much for my poor ears :lol:.

    I watched monster too but i thought it could easily been a 26 episode drama 50 episodes was a bit long and some episodes could have been streamlined, the constant push and pull of all the revenge thing was like exausting, i feel like writers just didn't know how to stretch it naturally to 50 episodes, the good thing was the breathtaking chemistry between the leads (yes again)  without spoiling there are some scenes where KJH was staring to SYR and you can feel the LOVE right there through the screen  :love: the acting was good though. I did not watch big man yet, so i cant talk about it but i know it has some positive returns.

    finally on vacation, i will start FGTD and then children of lesser God you guys got me really excited to watch it, cant wait to enjoy KJH talent and pretty sure the best is yet to come. I wish his shows get better rating i feel like he is growing more popular internationally not sure if i am right or no since i cant read korean press article unfortunately it’s barely translated to english but every time they mention mature and sexy korean actors over 40, he is nowhere to be found i mean So ji Sub, and cha seung won ( btw i love them too) got nothing on him but they are always on the list and not him really dont get it ?? may be cause he is very private person and, dont use social media enough..? :(

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  3. 7 hours ago, Lawyerh said:


    LOL yeah we definetly need to be able to pay for internet subscription fee to continue watch our KJH.



    Yes beside KJH as main atrraction :lol:, the storyline and other character was great too. I watched many procedural crime drama, and this one is as good as Signal and Voice. 



    Hes definetely suitable to become lady killer hahaha... I think he said now he like modest, polite girl. And prefer thin, fair, pretty, tall type. About the last part tall girl, i found him have more chemistry with the girl that is not that tall actually. Maybe its just my preference. 

    haha exactly btw here what he said to allkpop

    if I see a pretty female celebrity on articles, I capture it. When you get a call, the photo pops up. It gets annoying if I keep getting calls from the same person like my manager and there's times I get frustrated so I captured the scene of Kim Soo Hyun (Claudia Kim, formerly known as Yoo Ri El) on 'Avengers 2' which I saw in an article for my stylist's photo and I also [captured] Krystal and the Jung sisters' airport fashion photo and it is now the photo for my manager's [phone number]."

    but then there is this …….:love:



    7 hours ago, Lawyerh said:


    Btw @angiedramadive you mentioned KJH taking care of his skin well.  I think hes really doing that religiously. I wonder whats his secret, i watched his 2007 drama and compare to FGTD in 2018 his skin look even much better now. I dont know overall the guy just look so awesome now. Muahahaha....

    Yep he seems to have healthy lifestyle, btw korean have good skin care products i use their face masks and they are the best !!!



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  4. @Lawyerh  thanks for the welcome yes i heard about his new drama, i was planning to start this Week end i usually prefer binge Watching rather than waiting every Week, i cant handle the wait  i got stressed but i will join the thread for sure.


    @angiedramadive thank you, yes coffee house is my number 2 favourite KJH tv shows, i have lost count of how many times i' ve watched this show, i thought the writting was very good and the plot unpredictable, left you wondering till the last moment how he really feel and who he will end up with, and definitely FGTD and Children of lesser God  are on my watchlist, the trailer children of lesser God  is terrific   + KJH look is just  :love:


    @nohamahamoud2002  @littlerain thanks guys  you are really nice,  i need to learn how to post video and pics i have some of them and cant wait to share with you, i hope you wont mind my  grammar mistakes, you have probably noticed i am not english native speaker.



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  5. 8 hours ago, angiedramadive said:

    @Lawyerh hahaha, you are such a drama killer :joy: 

    i’ll definitely watch COALG now!

    How about Hong Gil Dong? Many recommended it and KJH was partnered with Sung Yuri, whom he got a crush on some time in real life, lol (and they acted together in 2 other projects: Runway Cop and Monster). 

    KJH used to say Hong Gil Dong is the closest to his real life personality also :D


    Or maybe change to variety show? Like Real men 300? 

    Ok may be he said he is the closest to his real life in the way ppl tend to misunderstands his real personality,  HGD was portrayed as selfish and brutal marginal turns out he was a hero, romantic and caring person, in the same way KJH is perceived as lady-killer who makes heads turn when he walks in the room a confirmed bachelor who enjoy his single life like free bird but deep down he’s soft and desperately romantic guy who is looking for true love ( i know the level of delusion is insane but my guess is that he cant heal from his cruch on you know who ;) !!! )

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  6. Hi everyone I just found out about Kang Ji Hwan months ago accidentally thanks to Netflix and LTM and I can’t believe I missed this talented and versatile artist all this time… his charisma and acting has kept me hooked since then i have been binge watching his tv shows, my absolute favorite is Hong Gil Dong such heart - warming and well written tv show, for me one of the best Korean drama of all the time. His pairing with KHN  (my gf is an agent, 90 days of love ) and HEY (LTM) was great but his chemistry with SYR is just breathtaking :love:.... in fact they are one of my 5 favourite OTP rn, u can feel strong connection between them and sweet friendship and may be more (living in my la la land… :P ) KJH have always nice words for her and they have such sweet exchanges off screen, actually there is so many vids out there i was hoping to found here with English sub but i was disappointed there is absolutely zero topics for them in the shippers thread !!! I loved coffee house a lot, his character was so original and unexpected and the show was really funny and ofc  LTM AND C.S, he was great in incarnation of money and monster although the show was too long and the writing was a bit repetitive, I know he needs some rest but I hope he will still working on new shows hopefully with  SYR with some strong storyline dealing with social issues like divorce, adultery, sexual deprivation and not always those revolving around money revenge big company... etc.

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