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  1. [55th Baeksang Prize] "100 Candidates Only" All-time Attendance Rate and Fairness Improvement (Excerpt) Source: http://isplus.live.joins.com/news/article/article.asp?total_id=23454691&cloc= [...] Thirty-eight of the 40 candidates for the TV segment will attend. Attendance is the highest. First, 'SKY Castle' actors who shine at No. 1 in non-terrestrial ratings will gather in one place. Yum Jung-ah, Kim Seo-hyung, male supporting actor nominee Kim Byung-chul, female supporting actress nominee Yoon Se-ah and female rookie actress nominee Kim Hye-yoon will be on hand. Lee Byung-hun, Yoo Yeon-seok, Kim Min-jung, and Lee Sun-kyun, Lee Ji-eun and Oh Na-ra, will also greet each other at the Baeksang Arts Awards for the first time in a long time. Kim Hye-ja, who led the show, also happily confirmed her attendance. He is expected to meet with Son Ho-joon and Lee Jung-eun, both candidates for the best supporting actor award, as well as Han Ji-min and Nam Joo-hyuk, who are nominated for the best supporting actress award in the film category, again to complete the moment. All the candidates for the best actor award have also decided to attend. Hyun Bin, the "Memoir of the Alhambra Palace," will take part in the ceremony for the first time in about a decade, and will also compete with his seniors, including "Hot Blood Priest" Kim Nam-gil and "The Man Who Became the King." Bae Sung-woo, the nominee for the best supporting actor award, and Lee Da-hee, the nominee for best supporting actress, also enjoy the award ceremony. All 10 candidates for the Rookie of the Year award confirmed their attendance early in order to hold the trophy, which can only be awarded once in their lifetime. Park Sung-hoon, the only actor nominee, Park Hoon, "Memories of the Palace of Alhambra," Son Suk-koo, "The Romance Is the Best Divorce," Wi Ha-joon, "Come here," Jang Ki-yong, the female rookie actor nominee, Kwon Na-ra, Kim Seul-yoon, Park Se-il, and Park Se-il-gul. Entertainment celebrities also coordinated their busy schedules. All 10 candidates for the men's and women's TV entertainment awards, including Moon Se-yoon, Shin Dong-yup, Yang Se-hyung, Yoo Byung-jae, Jeon Hyun-moo, Kim Min-kyung, Kim Sook, Park Na-rae, Lee Young-ja and Jang Do-yeon, can meet. [...]
  2. [ARTICLE] "Rediscover Son Ho Jun: from Entertainment and Drama to Film, an all-around perfomance" (Sports Chosun)Source: http://naver.me/5EhtPJ7V (See translation of article in the post) [ARTICLE] Son Ho Jun, in talks for the main role in the movie, "Stella" [with] Kwon Soo Kyung [as] filming director Source: http://naver.me/xc5470yL (See post for translation of article)
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