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  1. Is it me, or all of the family drama as of late have pathetic-weakling men as the head of the house hold (I'm referring to Cheong Ah's dad). The nine year time jump was too much. I think I will hold off watching this drama for awhile.
  2. I think any society has the right to set their standards and their cultural norms. I believed that societies have the right to have their own values and strongly disagree with anyone that opposes their values. Acceptance doesn't mean approval and the person doesn't have to accept or approve anybody's choice of what they want to do and who they are sexually attracted to. No one, rather it's America or Korea should be forced to believe what they don't want to. As a black woman, I think that this type of issue will always be a Hot Topic because they will be someone always trying to force their values on someone else in either direction and it's the people who pay the consequence. I live in an America that it is torn due to religious and political beliefs. Everyone blames the president, because they don't want to see themselves as the mess starters. I don't like anyone that does not know how to accept accountability for their own actions and their own thought process. If you live by fear you will create fear in others, therfore, you need to own it and stop blaming on everybody else so you can make yourself feel better that you're a good person. Families no longer speaking because they are being forced to approve of something they believe per biblical Old Testament and New Testament that it is a sin. Purely scientifically speaking it cannot be proved either because twin studies always undermines "the Born This Way Theory". And no one can really skate around that there is nothing in the Bible that approves of those type of relationships or the sexual acts involved. So I guess the question becomes why is it so important for anyone to force and make someone else believe the same as they do no matter what those core beliefs are? Doing things by force always produces extremes. Someone's values is going to win the day and someone's values are going to suffer to maintain them; that's the cost of conviction. And yes the Korean people will likely Revolt because they see what has happened in America and they in no way won't that the tear up their society there. The way I live is this, if you want to be understood then try to have an understanding. Empathy or validating does not mean that you approve or disapprove. And if you disapprove who I am whether it be genetic factors that I cannot control like my biological sex, my ethnicity, then that is your god-given right. I I work with people and treat people with different faiths and opinions all the time. There are times that I strongly agree with them there are times that I strongly disagree or softly disagree. I do not force myself upon them and if they try to force tried to force themselves upon me I'm going to put my boundary up. I do not draw unnecessary lines in the saying unless they really have to be drawn up. Even to the most hateful person, I do not believe that should lose their job on their lives because we cannot agree on morality. The writers of this drama likely knew what they were trying to provoke when they wrote the storyline so they're going to have to live with the outcome. The long term may go their way or not go their way but that's a decision they will have to live with knowing the society they live in. No matter what you trying to convince anyone of, you can't lead someone to the water you're trying to drink by breaking their legs at the same. If you are breaking someone's legs you are dragging them. Who likes to be dragged?
  3. This user habitually brags about intentionally delaying subtitles at Vicki and even went as far as saying for each complaint, she will take a one minute delay on subtitling. She said she would not give you cheese with your whine and suggested you learn Korean yourself. So if you wondering why there are certain titles that drags on Viki, literally every drama she's on has the same the the same issue.

    1. nohamahamoud2002


      Why is that? This is not nice :(

      I know very little Korean and do my best to help my friends. This is very sad

    2. foreverempress


      The following is what this person wrote:


      I am right now one of the subbers of Korean to English on a few current channels at viki. I've written 2000 lines on Graceful Family. I am a volunteer here. It seems to me the number of complainers about the speed of subtitles is increasing and it totally demotivates me.
      Starting with episode 12 I will first check the volume of complaints. For every complaint on-screen and here, I will wait one minute before I start to subtitle. For example, there were nearly 100 complaints about episode 11's subs so I would have waited nearly two hours before I started. Saying "please" in any language does not make me want to spend more time -- a complaint is a complaint no matter how it is worded.
      My suggestion is that you watch something else at viki which has every episode fully subbed or you learn Korean as I did. .As there are several thousand titles at viki, it's not hard to find something to fill your time.
      If there are any negative replies to this post, I will add another ½ hour of wait time.
      If other viewers take initiative to pm (don't write comments here) the offender(s) that would be very much appreciated."

    3. nohamahamoud2002


      My God, this is not nice. I usually watch without subtitles if I am curious, then I can watch later, even the next day. If it is on channels other than KBS, like SBS or OCN


      But usually I depend on KBS world on TV. No need to beg this subtitler. She is using her language skills to make others angry

  4. Welp, this has to be the shortest lived non-love triangle in kdrama history... No wonder he didn't mind being used. There's no way he's just a friend and he says he's just a friend oh baby you....
  5. Okay, I think I'm going to stop watching until episode 56 since they decided to stretch it out by 60 episodes. The most extension I would have been able to tolerate would have been four episodes to clear up and tie up the Loose Ends, but I'm no longer willing to watch Shanook in Sabina gets away with everything every week I am truly perturbed. I might would have stuck around if Eun Dong had 100% Clear Proof that she is the true Eun Dong and confronted everyone with new unnecessary extended episodes dealing with the fallout. You won't see me again to the week of October 26th. But to clear up any confusion, Eun Dong's was abandoned by her stepmother so her biological daughter Sabina could take her name and receive her inheritance. Sabina received the inheritance and spent it all. The day of the car crash after the Golden Garden, Sabina caused it because she was acting crazy because she was going to make her live with another relative. Her husband did not know about Sabina and she had just married Eun Dong's father. Shanook will have to pay Sabinas cause of the policeman's accident, identity theft, theft, false imprisonment (Eum Beom's dad), attempted murder (Eum Beom's dad and Eun Dong), falsification of documents, intimidation, extortion, etc.
  6. Okay...I ugly cried...SO WHAT...Don't judge me because that ugly wedding dress had me in tears.... No, I cried for the family...despite this drama's faults...this was beautifully done...Now for tomorrow, if we we can see Na Hye being dragged out by her hair 1996 "Jerry Springer" style for nostalgic purposes, this drama will end with a cherry on top!
  7. @stroppyse I think you and I are aligned in thinking...I like CS & CM although CM hurt her deeply. I think she will choose CS; she is over a thousand years old so it is time for her rest. She has more chemistry with CM, although chemistry is not everything she has an even shot either way.
  8. I actually love the deities because they represent real life. It is not man's life to be happy all the time and with happiness also comes pain, sadness, and suffering. Life is not life without the other things too and I'm glad these deities are showing her that. Her mocking them only reflects bad on her character. She gives as good as she gets and hopefully, her soul will change before she evaporates.
  9. I have reached my irritation limit with Mi Hye... she acts like such a child and it is not attractive. Her boyfriend should just go ahead and dump her especially after looking at the previews. I think I will stop watching this drama until the last week
  10. Chan must be the reincarnation, there is no other way...
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