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  1. @Berou yes it was me..id be happy with anything ....it is so frustating... i barely speak english and i dont think i can learn korean too.... i was looking for pics of his fm so there wasn't any phototime ...
  2. hii guys i was a silent lurker for months.since my school is closed these days i will try to be more active.anyways that lightstick is and does anyone know where to watch cultwo show [ ep which ysh appeared] with eng sub 2nd slide tho...perfect for ysh
  3. guysss....does anyone know how to watch cultwo show (which bo a and seung ho appeared) with eng sub ...or are their anyone who can translate it ???? plsss I'm dying for it
  4. hiii yoopies , does anyone know how to watch cultwo show (ep which seung ho appeared) with eng sub...plss let me know
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