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  1. I can not stand the sight of him turning back to plain black clothes and starting to clean his hands furiously. My heart feels like breaking when seeing him close his eyes when his car collided with the truck as if he has no reason to live anymore. It's an accident but he welcomed it because it's too hard for him now. @thoattm yes, you are right. It's fortunate to us because we only need to wait for 24 hours for the next ep. We need to unite to raise our voices toward JTBC, demanding BTS of kissing scenes to sooth our weak hearts after this trip on Emotion-roller-coaster.
  2. That preview is the reason I want to freeze the time, to live in that sweet memory of kissing scene untainted by tear forever.
  3. For me, ep 13 was a great episode. I like the way SK literally made OS be near him 24h (the way she sat before the bathroom door playing with those slippers was way too cute). I remembered someone's comment on Youtube under the clip cut of kissing scene in ep 12 where they OS promised SK to be with him 24h: "How about when they need to go to the bathroom?". And there it was, we had the answer right away. I like the small talk at the table, how OS straightly asked SK why he liked her and how SK answered it honestly and earnestly. I like the bus trip and the group of ahjummas representing us - SolKyul shippers . I like their little walk after the bus trip where SK timidly reached for OS's hand while she was still being a little angry. I like the hugging-under-the-sunset scene. It was intimate and cozy. I like how Noh PD showed his annoyance through Ju Yeon's dialogue about his drama being canceled for the third time . The interaction between CG and SK was fun and I like how mature CG can be under those immature actions. The oppa scene was super cute. And of course, the kissing fest. I literally choked up on water (shouldn't drink anything while watching this drama). All the pecks and playful giggles, sweet kiss and yearning hug, I felt I could die without regret after watching that scene. And finally, the ep 14 preview really made me want to die now to avoid the angst storm and stay forever in those sweet moments.
  4. I have never felt such happiness like this just watching a drama and I don't think I would experience the same feeling again. Even with another romantic drama with these two beautiful creatures of God as leads, I think the first time will always be the most memorable, most beautiful, most perfect moment. So happy I could cry...
  5. Never in my life, I feel so related to the song "Right here waiting for you" like this. JTBC-sama, I'm dying for new bts clip, preview or the ost...
  6. can we still consider the "couch scene" as an Eskimo kiss? They look like a traditional newly-wed couple with a little shyness toward each other, some conflicts in lifestyles here and there but trying to accept each other, trying to make the other feel comfortable. Cuteness and sweetness are overloaded. Oh my God, I might be diagnosed with diabetes after watching this drama. Though the Grandfather ruined the mood (I guess he forbids OS to have a romantic relationship with SG), I think I can forgive him for now because he is the one who arranged all this sweet housekeeper-thing.
  7. @cantbreathe Your analysis of the grandfather was great. I also wonder whether the grandfather knows the identity of SK's father. Among all the men whom the mother has dated, there's this one man of whom she wants to keep his child. Is there anything special about him or she just thought it's fun to have a child? Will this detail be developed further? Anyway, seeing the umbrella scene, I had butterflies in my stomach because of the sweetness. Suddenly, I think of a reason why OS should choose our CEO. In the relationship with SK, they are on the same level, you know, they have already shown off to each other their imperfect side, their embarrassing moment. Having someone relying on you makes you feel stronger (frankly said, the maternal instinct of a woman will kick in, making that woman want to stay by the side and protect that someone). Meanwhile, CG now appears before her as a successful doctor, a good and understanding man, a perfect man who wants to protect her but at the same time can make her feel inferior. In my opinion, CG confessed at the wrong time. Telling her about his feeling right after she found out about his identity, he made things seemed less truthful. In her shoes, I would think "oh dear, why did he hide us about himself all the time? Would he lie about his feeling just like his job?". (Also inner me: "oh yes, you wish you were in her shoes." ) However, today's episode had a lot of flashbacks, making it a little slow for my taste. And the final scene about their childhood, is that girl small OS? Can anyone confirm for me? The little girl did appear in early news as the young version of KYJ. But I don't want to believe that they are at the same age. I prefer the image of a late-twenty CEO with a 22-23 years old OS than a same-age-couple. Almost forgot about our savage Secretary Kwon. I love her sentence: "He is really clumsy about dating. He doesn't watch drama, does he?". It feels like she is speaking for us: boys and men out there, if you want to understand us, women, you should watch more drama, especially rom com like this one. Can't wait for tomorrow episode.>"<
  8. @blademan : I feel sympathy for both of them. About SK's harsh words refusing OS, he's not wrong (understandable or he has a reason for that) but not right either (not cool and quite selfish). Struggling with life and poverty, OS is still inexperienced about feeling and love. Same with SK. But she is the one that's STRONGER, in my opinion. Thanks to her good-hearted mother (remember what her mother told her about the workers at the construction site) and father. And as we see in the preview, she will protect herself, stand tall and strong before him. In his case, well, because people criticize him a lot about that heartbreaking scene, I feel like I want to defend him more. She was refused but as @thoattm said earlier, she hasn't developed her feeling for him yet, the feeling is embarrassed, not that much of heartbroken. Even if life goes on and they can not come to each other, she should be fine and could have a better life than him. He needs her much more than she needs him, I think. Maybe that's why, in the webtoon, as someone said earlier (sorry I don't remember who) when their love bloomed, he is the one who seeks for physical closeness, always clings to her. I just really hope that people will stick to the main ship SK-OS and not say harsh words to poor SK. Anyway, JTBC knows how to "heal" the audience. Right after that scene, we received that sweet sweet sweet BTS to be able to support our ship. Awwww. The chemistry is just so good that it can melt people's heart.
  9. @philosophie I noticed that too. That's the challenge for our leads to come to their final happiness. not only his condition. Maybe one of the reasons OS giving up track and field is because her mother died trying to get her medal out of falling houses. And she has blamed herself for 6 years. Now she might transfer the guilty feeling to SK and after knowing of the truth, he might even push her away harder. No, no, this is a rom com, not a melo, it would be brighter. >"< I should stop for the sake of my heart.
  10. Oh my God. My heart is aching for this drama. <<Spoiler alert>> I think his condition has a deep root and it's not easy to just get over it and become stronger enough to face his own feeling. He really needs her help, her healing power. A kid who yearned for affection and only received it from his nanny grew up to be an unstable man. He wants to be treated normally, to be loved but also afraid of being close to someone and then that someone can hurt him like his own mother and grandfather. They treat him like a freak and that just makes his condition worse. When OS told him that she believed he has his own reason to be like that, she touched his heart, gave him a helping hand to pull him out of his shell. Ah, but the shell is still too thick. BTW, I saw the dilemma for our second leads, CG. Now he has to choose between helping his patient - SK to cure his condition with love and fighting for his long-time-love. Fulfill the role of a doctor or listening to the heart. Hope that he can be healed too. Sorry for the long post. I need to express my thoughts so that I can sleep tonight... :">
  11. I don't understand Korean but it seemed like he rejected her after fighting with his mother. Maybe the mother said some hurtful things as always ... well, let's wait till tomorrow for the sub... and a whole week for the next ep
  12. @Jillia: Ah yes, I was just worried that you might found OS's character or PD nim's script being unreasonable for not defending herself. In another case, I think OS would fight back but oh dear, her mind was on our CEO. About the mother, she is childish and selfish, typical spoiled rich kid. Though she regrets the past (at least she regrets, not like the grandfather) and trying to come back into her son's life, she has no idea what she should do and what she shouldn't. But the drama has healing content, their mother-and-son relationship might become better.
  13. Hello, first time sign up for soompi account to support this drama. Please be kind to me. Dear @Jillia, about the scene with SK's mother, I thought that OS looked down because she felt sorry for SK being offended by his own mother like that. And SK paid more attention to the word "nobody" toward her than his own condition. And because both of them acted more concerning toward each other than themselves, I actually found that scene kind of sweet. Maybe, I am just being delusional about that but I have enjoyed every moment of the drama and extract sweetness from every scene. <3<3<3
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