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  1. Is shk still in Korea right now?or she already back to US to take her course?
  2. Even though I want to see her in an event,but I believe this is the best thing to do due respect for Sulli.. My condolences for Sulli,family n friends who love her
  3. I've seen Korean Drama Award nominees for this year n I can't believe that either Kyo or her co star n Encounter not being nominated at all..they give very stellar performance in there..not saying that other nominees not good but at least she can be one of the list I'm just disappointed
  4. @Lã Hà I don't know if what you are thinking right or not,but for me I do believe there is no such thing like Dior ignore her.. I don't know anything about fashion business n how it works, especially how a celebrity could be invited in fashion show,but maybe they specially invited those who match their theme or character for that show (I hope u are understand what I mean)
  5. @ahdrianaa jang ki young n Kyo's photoshoot would be Daebak!! Maybe if it just for work, Kyo would consider it..or not but let we try leave a comment on their IG
  6. @ahdrianaa they told u to pay? its become like business.. I've seen Suecommba bonnie IG new post n Jang Ki Young become their model,is it means that he become other ambassador?
  7. So basically it's weird that UAA not notice it, or maybe becz its Kyo's personal IG they don't think it will effect her work whatsoever.. N I feel quiet bothered by the fact Kyo's not updating anything for her latest CF .. considering her habit to update at least once to promote her new CF
  8. @ahdrianaa how about hyebaragi korea?why don't we tell them about this?maybe with the help from korean fans,UAA will notice it
  9. I would love to see her in Chanel,Dior or Ellie Saab.. About the rumour she will taking class in New York,I think I already heard it before..long time ago don't know when..
  10. Why those people want to do that?n why they have to drag her into their political game?
  11. I really hope Kyo could be the cast for the newest marvel movie called Sang Chi,it would be great becz Tony Leung will be in it too..but we know about her character to choose a project,she likely will turn it down
  12. @ahdrianaa I notice it too..I wonder why this happened to her IG..
  13. Wanna laugh so freaking loud ..those haters n basher reap what u sow,byeee.. I don't know about law in korea,but anybody know those haters could be put in jail?or they just pay fine?
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