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  1. Wow @gigivillaceran it will be a good news for us I heard My love from another star PD will direct Hyena..
  2. Hii @dukesa1122 hope your vaca enjoyable one Coffee prince with gong yo n YEH as the main cast?yes,I've seen it before but not finish but here in my country its become one of many korean drama that very famous.. Yes,I believe its true..one of main factor for drama or movie to be a successful one is the script..not only in korea but also other countries..if the script not good enough to deliver the story to the audience its the same as failure although the actors n actresses is an A list..In my opinion,mostly if the actors/actresses play in a bad script,their portrayal for the role will be judge by the bad script, although he or she given a stellar performance in the drama or movie..
  3. I have this hunch that she will receive an offer this year..don't know she will accept Hyena or not, but she will accept an offer certainly..maybe after Asdal finish its season, we will hear news from her..we know very well that everything about her will become news everywhere n become number one search in every portal..just my hunch guys..
  4. She really is ninja.. always found a way to go her way without notice..hope there will be a good news about her newest project,can't wait
  5. Thanks for your reply @Craniata ..I never know about this though..I hope it will not bring any damage for the agency n the artist
  6. I'm sorry may I know what rumor about UAA?if I'm not mistaken mrs park is one of the executive of UAA?or I assumed it wrong just read it somewhere long ago
  7. Hi guys..its been a while for me not to log in here.. I hope shk will accept the role,it will be our dream come true to see her so often in drama do u guys know who the writer is?
  8. Hi guys...its been a while since the last time I visit this thread.. wow,last night SHK is sooooo beautiful, she's like madame vampire,no trace of aging About her signing at WKW production,I think SHK already gave us a hint in interview with Elle,but I'm a little bit concern becz WKW is quite famous for making a movie for such a long time, correct me if I'm wrong..I hope for this time his not taking to much time for filming.. But what ever it is I'm still looking forward for her comeback movie..I want her more shining n recognized for her talent both in dramas n movies.. FIGHTING!!!!!!
  9. Wow it's been a while for me to comment in here again..miss u guys..n of course miss our Lady Song too I'm very glad saw her very happy in her recent IG n she's become much younger each days.. I'm rarely see any comments in IG I'm more focus at the picture n caption so I don't really know if there is rude comments on her friends IG..n I can guess those people just a moron that doesn't have life,please
  10. I'm hanged around IG yesterday to saw her event.. she's so pretty (obviously ) n her fans that saw her up close really lucky..so envious.. Although we already presume that she will take rest,not to take any projects but still I get a little disappoint,cz I wanna see her more on screen (I'm such greedy fan )..but,hope to see her more in her photoshoot for her endorsement.. Song Hye Kyo Unnie fighting!!!!
  11. I think not only fans will be there but also reporters..hope there will be many beautiful pictures of her..finger crossed
  12. There is a war too on Twitter?I thought only on IG..those people really never tired to bashed her,why won't they just stop..why I feel want to cry right now
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