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  1. huge promotion! Must be the most anticipated drama for 2020! Amazing *clapclap I heard PSJ is having a cold. Hope he's doing good. Stay healthy and warm, PSJ!
  2. Ohoo then both can learn how to play piano together then she can ask him the arrangement of the proposal song..hehe And....he can sing while she play the piano... perrrfecto! Yes Minyoung, "his sincere feeling was really good" ... really good... I feel the love~ Just how you got immersed to it and cried to the touching proposal, we all feel the same way ...
  3. He definitely will be the best dad to his future kids He's already prepare to be one haha. Look at the lovely appa eyes he got. His nieces are so lucky. I rmb during Youn's Kitchen, all his sweet lovely gaze to kids.... kyahh
  4. I also like PMY's twinkly eyes during the WWWSK wedding scene. She was soo beautiful. She looked like she was sent down from the heaven . And those promises that both made before they walk on the aisle, feels so reallll They are perfect together The best wedding you can ever see! And I wish to see it again! For real!
  5. MC, host , presenter .... what else? Multitalented couple I miss the time when PSJ was the Music Bank host. He was sooo good
  6. Recap PSJ at MMA 2019 : And this actor who was standing together with Lee Hyun Woo is...!! The MMA host of the day Park Seo Joon, the actor who's responsible for the opening and the closing!! Didn't he looked like he exuded the 'olgul chonje' appearance ??? (olgul chonje=term used to described good looking man and beautiful woman) This is it, this is.. It's the end just by looking at his side profile His standby look was handsome too S--mile Our chestnuty's back side head is handsome too (cry) Can you stay still and not giving any heart??? source:https://1boon.kakao.com/actorlovers/mmabehind
  7. I was craving icecream, went to BR, and first thing I saw was Mint Choco icecream. Haha. Oh I rmb someone ate mint choco. So I got one, yummy, tho it has super strong mint taste to it (I felt like eating toothbrush lol). Haha...it was really good actually. Tho I thought he like mint choco too but fans asked him and he said no. So why did you mentioned it in Vlive? Just happen to rmb someone in your mind? It's okay. We all know. Guess she's always in your mind,captain
  8. For her, 'Her favourite character' question = 'the character that she feel similar and related to her' question. She would had given the same answer to both. Only those who watch WWWSK can see how attractive KMS is. In my opinion, the only difference between KMS and SDM is the fangirling. That is why she said the different score between two is 1%. I like SDM. She's funny. She's also a great career woman who has so much care to her workers and very heartwarming too. Ohh..almost the same as KMS...But I like KMS more because she is such a great charisma woman, she did so many things by herself (despite being incapable as a secretary at the first place) and she carried the burden as like she is the head family, eventho she is the youngest. She is perfect. I can never be able to be like KMS. She is totally a wannabe woman. Maybe SDM is a bit clumsy so... Dont they get it that PMY said she is KMS+SDM? If they are mad about she chose KMS over SDM, they should put the blame on the interviewer for such questions. Cos she does value all her roles. Actually if hpl fans like SDM, that means they like KMS too.. haha Scripted answers? LMAO I can just laugh... Totally agree
  9. They do use same phone type, right? Omgggg Park Seo Joon, your home is a dream home! so beautiful view!
  10. The book store located centre at nowhere haha It does have that Little Forest movie vibe. Oh wow the whole winter vibe looks amazing. Looking forward to it How can anyone forget KMS? She is such a perfect character. If there's in the world for such living person, she is definitely a great person. Oh wait...PMY do has this characteristics. PMY is great! So people should understand why we love KMS. She's great career woman, a great unnie and a great lover! Wow PMY shown all these KMS's characteristics these days.. haha
  11. The only Korean celebrities, ParkPark Couple Oh there's a couple for cover magazine here. I wish they were PPC hehe
  12. I heard she's a fan of Youn's Kitchen too so she definitely saw Youn's Kitchen 2. Guess she is a big fan of all Na PD's shows haha. anw hope she gets to be in his show someday.. Maybe in Park's Kitchen, she can invite Mr. Park to come and help ? hahaha. I wish. Im kinda wish to see them in a dog show too. Having fun with their babies...
  13. Can I wish for another WWWSK team reunion? Everyone seems to be doing good this year. There must so many things to talk about. Hope to see them catching up with each other.
  14. Can I get younger like her if I buy Klug too? She's in 20s!! Haewon will be so cute ... the bun tied with bang
  15. PMY already preparing for Christmas. Is she preparing for someone's birthday too? Nice view from her home
  16. No word can describe.... Look at that broad shoulder kyahh And Im still mesmerize by her... Flip it girl..flip it! I love PPC stay warm!
  17. Omg PSJ at MMA... Open act and finale ... He is sooo freaking smart dashing good looking guy !! Wooga gang all so handsome too tonight. And when he left the award show, the way he walk.... oh goshh that super long leg... Admiring him so much!!
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