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  1. 60 MILLIONS guys 60 MILLIONS Suddenly jumped up so high Okay aiming for 100Ms.. I'll assume...next year definitely happen
  2. I wonder too And she even shown what she got in her gallery to him. Sharing is caring : he mentioned in wwwsk end iv that he and pmy still contact each other eventho they are rumored together.haha.
  3. Oh gosh Park Saeroy and dad scene If someone can really just gather Saeroy and dad moments only, that whole vid gonna make me cry out real bad.
  4. True! Same. As much as I love seeing PSJ and PMY having fun 'flirting' on set, ppc team's reactions are precious! Haha! Everyone love seeing them together So tight hugging!
  5. @Matilda_Anne But I see a bit different from PPC when they totally not in rehearsal or waiting for filming. When they had casual conversations or cut after filming. I really like seeing him having conversations with PMY and her team. They were like had so much fun having him around. I mean...PPC can have the fun filming while having secret crush on each other haha. Having two people with the same conversation and humor code... Im happy seeing them happy @zashi23 PSJ already like a real oppa to her. Masculine man. Sangnamja
  6. PSJ and PMY is different. He pat her waist after propose scene? Not in the script. His hand on her waist after last filming for goodbye shot? Not in the script.
  7. Look at her smile when he praise and admiring her.. Park Miso " women are the most beautiful when they wear wedding dress" When can we see it for REAL, Rachel? It's okay I don't need to imagine it. This is like the most perfect shot ever!!
  8. I just saw this. Ohmyy dearrr Rachelllll So far my most fav Sooryehan looks Elegant and lovely!
  9. Wow her speciality. Chillie Kimchi This much, should I start a business? Wow she made a lot! I saw Sejong got one from her too. So sweet. That's pretty a lot Rachel... Mr Neighbour got one too, right?
  10. 'I'll marry you' really is a heart-fluttering words hihi. Added up with Miso cuteness...your choice, little Miso or... Rachel? You like it huh PSJ? Another same reaction from him during dvd bts after sofa kiss
  11. His voice is.... But I guess the feeling of emptiness after a project end is not as lonely as before I believe
  12. We need longer clip Wkorea! My Tod's Closet Selection Wkorea TODSxPark Min Young Closet Collection And hello Rachel GLAMOUROUS SECRETARY KIM
  13. PSJ:Hi five Min Young! PMY: *hi five and hold hand* PSJ: *hold hand* *opps on camera* (play cool)
  14. @snitchdream08 This clip really...Okay he always tease her but I can see on this day he tease her so much. Is it bcs she looks beautiful that day wearing one piece dress or bcs there's another guy a.k.a LTH haha.. I'll assume maybe he just so happy on that day (psstt cos she's beautiful lol) They are so cute kyahhh I would love to get tease like this everyday too haha. (I love seeing her stylist's reaction too hihi)
  15. @zashi23 funny everytime she said she has someone loving her for long time (in drama), I was thinking abt PSJ too and swoon over it. Lol Really break the romance imagination of the characters
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