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  1. Yup. This is her house. https://youtu.be/bvkpUH2jCoc You guys are amazing detectives with eagle eyes
  2. Ahah... Wearing wwwsk presscon suit for manager's wedding.. It is like telling us, especially wwwsk followers '' hey guys, just telling, if you guys can notice from my suit..try to guess". HAHA We know, captain. We know what was on 30th May (so dashing... I miss MC Seojun) Did his stylist chose it for him (naughty lady haha) or does he own the suit? If he owns it, what.are.you.trying.to.show.captain? Anyway, this is still the best love pose by PPC. Still love how beautifully match the look. Sending love signal!
  3. I'm still waiting for the headline, 'Dating for 3 Years, This Time Parkpark Couple is Real' which....probably around next year Still, with everything happened in K-industry now, I wish they keep their relationship low profile, have a secret lovey-dovey wt being disturb by the media and fans. (but keep us updated with their relationship hihi)
  4. why am I the one heart fluttering over this? Yeah and the angle shot different than his usual. Who's asking who to capture it? I wonder....haha
  5. @Flowerone96 great job! So much to say abt your post! Yup indeed PMY paid dinner for drama crew and watch 1st ep together seems like a same pattern we all knew so well..after getting inspired by captain haha. As far as I know, she nvr did that before. I personally believe PMY was the one captured PSJ enjoying the icecream it sure was her while the other team waiting behind the wall. And clearly can hear PPC's laugh while they watching the ep 8 kissing scene haha. Cosmo cosmo cosmo... Best event ever! We can see their interaction even after the dating rumors. I mean...she was excited having him there.. accidently liked his appearance post in weibo haha. And hotpot dinner? Stay mystery whether ppc joined their bosses or not haha... Thailand reward trip. What I can say, with PSJ and PMY came back smiling after the trip, they sure had great healing moments.....I still enjoying my delulu abt the trip haha. PPC sure had many time spent together outside working hours...although their teams were present haha I've been missing the whole wwwsk crew and staff. Their bonding are so strong. Wish to see all the casts together again!
  6. She frequently delete her posts She can just edit the caption if she feels like she give spoiler. Well..it depends on her anw haha Guys let's vote for PARK Seo Joon for popularity at tiktok! Show some love!
  7. Oh I loveeeee it when they have pretty same way of selfie. "Hey mirror, yup, a selfie won't hurt" Boom! Both did and still have high number of likes. Crazy visual PPC One emoticon tells everything I guess... PPC kinda style...haha
  8. Ohhh myyyyyy Park Seo Jun! I mean... MY's lol Omygosh finally selfie of himself! So good looking Yes this hairstyle of him is the perfect one! Wavy perm hair seojun I miss you! I'll keep this pic for my wallpaper for a while hii
  9. So gorgeous Rachel! What's the occasion? (cos she's so dress up at home haha) She should have release it on 6th June. That would be perfecto haha Anyway it's ytb release date, right? Can't wait! She release it and the next day would be Record Park day hahaha
  10. That's why I guess he's been asking his fans for the contents. He usually not being shareable with people but he's willing to do so for his fans. In case for more spoiler/hint/anything related to PPC... I would say I am more anticipating for PMY ytb
  11. Well I think she never really put too much care on the meaning of emoticons. She simply choose an emoticon following her color clothes, or her lips or her current feelings in the photo. I personally loveee this My edge lips please lift down!
  12. I feel like.... There's secret behind the 'Free Pass' line...maybe there was a joke that only both know about it Their reaction is just different haha Anw, I still loveee this interview. So much eyes and body interactions.
  13. I'm sooo happy to see him. freaking missing him oh gosh! New cover yayy! I was like sooooo sad there's no Record's Park update
  14. Actually there are many secret places or places that rarely people visit. If anyone watch ABH's I Live Alone ep where he went for a camping with Sehun, such places are definitely the best for secret dating. Usually koreans go for camping with enough food carried, they can just lock themselves up in pension for few days wt going out And PPC homes are just few blocks so a few mins is enough to secretly sneak out
  15. Oh goshhhh I love seeing them like two koalas stuck together It feels like hugging puffy bear, so comfortable! Wow can see here how they got closer and closer and deeper kisses I envy PMY, and also envy PSJ hihi I just feel like wanna tell them how lucky they are...got more closer from just working colleagues.. Haha
  16. For wwwsk team, only one PSJ manager that still work with him till now. And only keunmin and PMY's manager still working with PMY. But looks like keunmin really loves the wwwsk team. Even now they still meet up. They probably have PSJ/PMY updates between them. Only they know (I'm sure on this lol)
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