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  1. I know, right? I think this is my first time seeing her this bold and lead the kisses. It looks natural as if she is with someone now. (of cos we know who ) Mont blanc gift is something we gonna remember for a longggg timeee yessss.
  2. Well the love scene in HPL looks good. It does look like how normal couple usually do when they are together. Almost everytime they want to kiss and cuddle and so on.
  3. hmm I think thats a bad idea. Cos I see Kim Miso now not SDM thats the prob. haha. PPS heart here. I was hoping she roll back her hair tho. When she smile with her hair down like that, I see Miso. She can let her hair down but should keep it middle hair. That's SDM style.
  4. I think PMY now is doing her best to have good atmosphere among HPL casts and staffs too. She was so so so happy with WWWSK team and I bet she wants to have good feelings too with her new drama team. She bought dinner and watched HPL 1st ep together..I can see she was so excited from the beginning. Like she said during at the end of WWWSK she was so happy and pretty sad that WWWSK had ended. But unfortunately, what I see now, I don't know if she was tired or what, she seems not smiling that much. From what I see from bts HPL tho. I hope she managed to film well till the end.
  5. Gosh! I watched it back too! I've finished She Was Pretty and omg.. I love his stare...the only stare for his only love...I was fluttered too... Tho it was only acting, I doubt PMY wouldn't fall for that kind of stares... he stares at her while she tying his necktie and also during cue.. I wonder if she heard his heart pounding or not..beautiful woman in front of him, it would be weird if he's not HAHA
  6. Do k-reporters always ask celebrities about possibilities in love relationship? They ask PMY as if they knew about them way back before Q47D... Okay thx guys for correcting me. Wow. All those time firmly 'NO' answers with other co-stars...what can I say...a way to slowly tell everyone that they are together? So we'll have to wait for her answer with her current co-star now..I'm sure the reporters will ask...haha I still cant find proof PMY with PSJ before wwwsk but surely she likes PSJ after wwwsk since there are so many accidental liking and following PPS igs and they posting at the sams time...
  7. About their so-called-3years relationship, like I said, after PSJ's interview at the end of 2016, I do feel like he has someone in mind. I wouldn't be surprised if PMY was the one who he was checking out ( considering all the coincidences up until wwwsk). But I can't predict PMY. She said that she did dated someone secretly but she mentioned that person was not PSJ. According to an anonymous person who tagged PSJ at her ig in 2016, I think that's where everything started. Probably PSJ had a crush on her first. But I dont know PMY because she probably dated someone that time. Who knows. Or....probably already broke up. So probably in 2017 they getting to know each other but not officially a couple, you know, maybe just exchanging short conversation (considering rumors that someone said they dated in salon). This is what I think considering their constant denial of their dating rumor. What do you guys think? But how can reporters already got their dating information before wwwsk? Was it THEY ARE DATING or someone spread rumors they like each other?
  8. Plus, the kakaotalk live interview. I watched it around ep4? Really fishy because I've never seen PMY smiling so brightly that time. And seeing PSJ teasing her.
  9. That times she was in 20s...Now she's in her 30s and of course we can say she's in her peak of popularity now. Or we can call it her comeback. Things going so so so well for her now. Btw, #hydron #mima what product is it? I've searched for mima but it came out as baby stroller LMAO.
  10. I love PMY. And I love PSJ. The kiss is good. She did well. Actors act based on the script right? Then it's their job to make the characters alive. So far, she did well. She acted the same as the way I'm fangirling, her variety of expression is fun to watch, I cried too when she cry. I did enjoy and laughed at some comical scenein HPL. Just the direction of the story seems to be scattering. And the camera works sometimes a bit off. And the BGM too. Just an opinion by a korean drama fan.
  11. She was even too tired to cover the brand Poor all the actors and staffs. Must be really tiring. I just read knetz comments on the hpl ep 9-10 bts scenes, they still hoping for the long vers bts of the kiss and also realised that they look really tired. Hope she manage to finish it with smiles.
  12. I think he got a lot of others' dramas scripts too. Maybe he's still reading the others. And who knows, maybe he's been shooting for cfs right now. Just like PMY, tho she confirmed HPL earlier, the shooting still takes months later. Now he's going to appear on song heung min's variety show then the divine fury movie ( i think this movie will have a long promotion. Maybe appearance in RM etc.) So probably he will announce it by end of his movie promotion? I think he's having a long rest after long year of 2018. And if he's staying low to let his girl to shine... that's the sweetest thing ever!
  13. That one PSJ and PMY free to touch each other's is a good news and we allow that as much as you want.
  14. Yeah. Some of my friend said that EG is being too bossy and thought that he is the only one who knows her well but I think I understand that because she is the only one he always see and she always depend on him. I ship these two more. And them with the bulding owner's daughter.
  15. Omg same thought! Dont wanna say it but cant help it huhu. Maybe she shouldn't move her hands much and just let him do it probably then your friends (and also me) wouldn't have thought like that.
  16. I am so into this kinda guy. May God bless me with someone like him! (My bf is gonna be pissed off if he knew this lol)
  17. I read the Esquire May 2019 vol. for PSJ. Omg. A man with a full vision and hardworking, strieving for the best and always want to show different characters in his works and future works, always think about the others' perspective and very kind to all the crews and staffs that he' been working with. He even remember their names. He is such a daring and caring and omg whatever he wish for, I think everything will go well for him. Go captain. We will always support you!
  18. That's why when PMY strongly denied it I'm kinda believe it because everything seems like PSJ following what she does. And yeah I believe PSJ has strong feeling for her starting end of 2016. Like @Flowerone96 listed, the PSJ 2016's interview strongly show something fishy. Captain made all the move. I don't recall any move made by PMY.
  19. Thanks @Flowerone96 ! Yeah I'm in the team who believes something fishy happened around end of 2016. Maybe they were in 'some' mode. And I got a feeling that PMY already receive the wwwsk scripts before or maybe around AAA 2017. She might be still considering during that period. Why? Because she was not so skinny during QF7D. Then suddenly she works out. And she did say it takes time for her to prepare her slim figure for Miso character.
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