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  1. I think both can do well in career and love as long as the mutual feelings still strong. Tho she or he is busy, as long as they can make even for a short time for each other, anything can go well. Like they said in kakaotalk live, make some times, watching movie or anything to get to know each other more. Stay in that feeling.. Yeah. I think it is better if they don't reveal that they are dating now because it is still too noisy right now haha. I just hope I get updated with them showing at some events still talking at each other( cuz my shipping heart keen to see them).
  2. I think the entertainment industry knows well PSJ's talent. He must be going through many scripts up till now. I just hope he can challenge more on intense scripts or something he never did before. That will help putting him on higher spot in the industry.
  3. More ridiculous when the fans themselves can date and get married but why not him? Some of the reasons why Korean actors delaying their desire to get marry is to make sure they can always make spot in the entertainment. But I think PSJ made a spot already cos everyone knows him now. He's everywhere. He's really good at acting too. But some fans think that he can go further that's why they thought even dating scandal should not happen.
  4. Oh is it really because of the haters' comments? I thought she deleted it cos it doesn't look pretty on ig feed. Well, I do sometimes delete my ig posts if I look back at my ig feed and overall doesn't look that pretty, I will delete some of it instantly. Maybe some of you do that too. But if that's the case... To online monsters:
  5. Same same same. She always has good chemistry with her partner. I dont know why but I just feel like they suit for each other PSJ-PMY. Like they are meant to be.
  6. I think I can count on KimJaewook-PMY chemistry in this new drama cuz both really focus on their character. KJW is actually kinda fun person tho he usually a quiet type guy. You guys can check him out on bts scenes from Temperature Love drama (if you want to). Well based on the webtoon, the boss is super sexy I guess thats why he was offered the role. He got that killing sexy eyes too. PMY can help him out tho it is his first romcom just like PSJ helps her. But never gonna beat the chemistry between out captain PSJ-PMY. My ship got some holes on it but I manage to close it after watching back the WWWSK bts scenes. And I keep telling myself that they constantly contact each other to maintain their heart whatever storms coming. ( they might be laughing out if they knew about so-called-PSJ on day light photo..haha).
  7. We can say that person might be someone who looks like him. Well, there's some idols and artists that claimed to look similar like him. I believe on that . Haha.
  8. But this kinda act is basically want to show off their relationship publicly obviously whoever these two are. Come on, on daylight? Wow.
  9. I dont buy this. If it's true why should he cover himself? He never cover his face when it comes for business. This kinda act only happens if they come out with really close person like relatives. (and lovers) but nahhh. If his lover, she would cover her face too. And why on earth the woman called out him alone? If he sane enough, he will come with his boss or manager. Afraid losing business in china? He can find some one else. Everyone wants to work with him tho. Eventually she might bring worse case for his popularity in china. If and only if... it was them.... he would come out alone...maybe after she left. Come on, ninja PSJ must figure it out already. So basically I dont believe this.
  10. What I think is if they knew their fanbases are growing means that there are so many people supporting their relationship, wouldn't it be easy for them to admit to their relationship? I think one of them missed out the timing to ask out. So I went through their schedule right after WWWSK. You see, PSJ is super busy with movie filming and all his brand ads so on but still..he made time to meet his friends right? I mean even for a quick dinner, I would be happy to meet my love one. But my head keeps telling me that he did not meet her after WWWSK finished until the cosmo event. I believed they were awkward with each other at cosmo event AT FIRST. Thats why maybe PMY accidently likes the weibo about his attendance I guess haha. Cuz she excited. But then I cant guess what happen between them after cosmo. But it seems so empty as if they dont have specific relationship. Yes, they do like each other I guess but no real statement. And now...PMY is going to be super busy and playing another love role. Then people started to ship her with someone else( maybe I will). What I can see is a dim light between these two. So fade. I don't know. The only evidence I believed was the cosmo event. The bts scenes? It was all in past. People's heart start to fade away when they dont have constant contact. But still.... I think they are meant for each other help my shipping heart, guys.
  11. I think PMY-PSJ gonna be in the state of jealousy just like how LYJ-KMS started dating secretly . I can imagine already how will PSJ's face looks like. Maybe soon we can use WWWSK scenes as memes for reactions to her new drama
  12. Omg casting confirmed for her new drama. I think her new drama is going to be interesting because she always choose good script and so do the lead actor. I think I need to get ready. My ship is going to sail on a very strong waves soon.
  13. I think she wants to tell how she loves the blue sea and the blue sky thats why the heart is blue. Delulu mode: love for him.
  14. Two person usually missing each other so much and dearly if they have less time to meet. Once they meet.... omg my delulu mode. Haha.
  15. Did Kimjaewook say yes as lead actor? PMY's new drama should start filming by Feb if they want to release it on April.
  16. She probably didnt wear any makeup maybe just lipstick right thats why she's covering her face with hat right? But why she still looks BEAUTIFUL? I'm hit by her beauty.
  17. PSJ really shown himself as a perfect guy. He's very gentleman, care about others, bought stuffs for staffs, allowed actresses to film first, and humorous. Not to mention his amazing figure, his killing smile, his sexy jaws. Wow. He may not be one of the super handsome korean guys but his manners and his commitment to his work makes him the most handsome guy I've ever known. Makes him look sexy too. Oh I wish I could find a guy like him. If I were PMY, I will never let this guy go. He seems to be a loyal person.
  18. Well I think PSJ dont have specific schedule now so maybe he can show up at PMY's Japan FM. But I guess he wants his girl to have fun with her fans. Then...they can have fun in Japan. Delulu mode!
  19. No one even saw him including his fans. Well like Japan, it is pretty obvious too there. But I guess not so as BTS themselves are like super stars and they usually have their private schedule there and no one bother their privacies. They rarely wear masks when they wander around Japan. I guess Japanese fans really respect their own spaces.
  20. Surprisingly , PSJ and friends like super ninjas. No one knows they were in Japan few days ago. Means that PSJ can be a really super ninja about his private life. No one knew his private schedule.
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