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  1. Not entirely like it but still gotta promote PMY's drama cuz she's the best in doing her job. Whatever flaws in her drama, there must be something that makes people remind her as her character. That means she nailed it.
  2. Its okay. They already turned blinded by the main characters romance. Their chemistry are amazing. Proof as our queen is Chemistry Queen.
  3. just gather the rabit couple romance. I mean the whole kiss scenes and lovey dovey scenes.That is what most hpl fans love about the hpl drama. Their on screen chemistry. Not the main purpose of the storyline. No no no. My ultimate SOLID STORY is definitely WWWSK. forever! Perfect with the main storyline, perfect casts, perfect romance, perfect chemistry not only ppc but with all the characters too, perfect execution,perfect ending... Its ULTIMATE PERFECT.
  4. For me, wwwsk and hpl are both so so story. More funny when the so so overlapped. That so so ideas that makes writer write in the same guidelines. Childhood connection, some romance ideas, trauma ideas, etc. We watched wwwsk first thats why. I can keep the pace with hpl up until the characters started dating. Then, everything too focus on the main characters romance that I feel sorry to every other characters. Even rg's mother short appearance gave a lot more impact than the others. If you came across watching wwwsk with comparing mindset, then there's the problem. because both are so so. I even can't compare Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim with The Secret Life of My Secretary. lol.
  5. No worries we got many other things to talk here. We have Busted 2 , The Divine Fury, their new CFs, their everyday updating sns, soon PSJ new drama... and the most close topic is WWWSK DVD OMG this forum will get cover up to another 1000+ pages haha! So much fun! I can't wait to celebrate WWWSK 1st anniversary ! So yeah! So much excitement!
  6. I get her/his point. Going through every forums when only arguments/comparisons/shittytalks appears a lot. she/he may be just a kdrama fan who goes to every forum just to read beautiful shipping/memorable scenes. Things cant stop in forum. Mostly discuss/state/share infos/ news and of cos the most beautiful thing is shipping. But maybe the best way is to just dont come and read that forum if you feel unpleasant. Like I said before, there's guideline when writing in here. We can talk and advise each other thats all. Please guys lets not spread hates among us too I believe everyone here loves PMY and PSJ. There's time when we feel happy for them, sad for them, feeling down for them or even we might feel disagree of them. But we always wish for the best for them. PMY and PSJ are amazing human being we can possibly knew.
  7. There's always some dramas which you will get frustrated with the storyline or the ending was bad and dissapointed (for ex. Alhambra huhu). But this time I feel like a stack of frustration especially the overlapping storyline. I did try to turn blind from being ppc shipper just to focus on the main characters in her current drama. Not just overlapping story but the fact it was acted by the same actress... I dont know how to feel. Dissapointment to the writer or be sad on behalf of her that it turns out this way. today is the last day to feel that way fyuhhh
  8. do romcom needs to end with marriage? People assume she woke up again on his bed as his wife. "anyeong husband"? If today's episode ends with marriage, I will assume it is totally overlap with wwwsk from beginning to end. I wonder what other wwwsk casts will think about this overlapping? It is too obvious eventho they try to portray it different way.
  9. oh HHAHA. I guess hpl writer read my comments since I went to k-portal and sent numerous comments asking he/she to make sure sdm-rg to date outside. FINALLY. I'm bored seeing only their houses.
  10. I assumed that twitter ppl involving those people who obviously watched wwwsk (and claimed didnt) or watched only the wwwsk kiss scenes to make comparison obviously. I think WWWSK will become a romcom drama that every drama will use as references. It has that kinda huge impact itself..not even involve the offscreen chemistry of PMY-PSJ or their dating rumor.
  11. I would like to grand her Popo Queen. Comeon media. Go on talk about that. And seeing the last ep preview, I assumed the drama got no more ideas left so let their romance flow till the end. (but where the heck is the exhibition?lol) Oh somehow I'm glad her birthday present was Sian. There goes fangirling heart.
  12. for pmy's drama? hmm. Dont you think it is too sudden? lol. Or is it because they didnt meet for years? thats cliche. And resembles to wwwsk. try to do so. let see everyone's reaction. If they like it like that, tell them to go watch wwwsk tomorrow. lol. lets make big promotion for wwwsk. haha. then people can go buy the readily made wwwsk dvd.
  13. So an interview ahead before the last 2 eps of hpl. An Interview about Best Scene selected by PMY and KJW. PMY chose Fake Dating Photo Scene in ep 4 as memorable scene as it was the starting point of 'fake love', full of tension between sdm-rg that shook the viewer's hearts and Shadow Drawing Scene in ep 14 as it was heartwarming that the fact that rg could not draw was a heartache to sdm and helped him slowly open his heart and helped him go through the trauma. kjw chose Anyeong Scene in ep 5 and Crying Scene in ep 11. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003422856
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