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  1. I wanna see her playing antagonist. For once, I wanna hate her haha. She's so adorable and gorgeous that I just need something to hate her lol. She can play rude chaebol or selfish sister. btw @jingjaja i love your gifs
  2. I'm sure she's kinda sad too cuz she couldn't attend KKY's wedding. She worked with him two times. And she can meet up with other wwwsk team too. Unfortunately, work is work.
  3. she sure dont stop working. We love seeing you working hard but hope you dont push urself okay. Stay healthy!
  4. Well we surely can see her happiness with wwwsk team. She was still in a big smile with sad heart to say goodbye to Miso. I remember she never feel stress as Miso and always had fun at wwwsk set. She even stayed late until 5am wwwsk party. And she had sign event few days later too but still we can feel her happiness. They even had wwwsk team reunion dinner. She's happy with wwwsk team in every way.
  5. she must felt a lot of pressure. hpl is basically a drama that all focus on sdm. I can even notice her makeup is getting lesser throughout the end. Must be really tiring.
  6. ohh really ? then what could be PSJ's next project after TDF? I dont mind if it still movie..He could win at Baeksang Award... or he may got nomination for it this year.. wahh.. Hope The Divine Fury will hit big this year!
  7. I suddenly wanna see him playing baseball. They have football's celebrities team. I wonder if they have baseball team..
  8. He will open his official fan cafe on 3th June. awesome_ent was asking what do you guys think PSJ is doing right now?
  9. nahh it may got awkward between psj-pmy in bed scene, I think the staffs staying far away from them eventho they were monitoring them on screen lol. Of cos they could be even more embarassed cuz they were so into it. lol I think psj also embarassed to be half naked infront of her eventho he shown a lot of his abs
  10. I do understand being staffs especially in romcom. Just funny to see sometimes when they wear masks, maybe they are avoiding themselves from showing cringy facial expressions lol. But whoever watch hpl, there's many so-called-adlibs lovey dovey scene (if anybody knows). so I just wondering what could be even her staffs' reaction to it when I personally think they are ParkPark Shipper like us LOL. This drama is a lot more cringy PDA kinda drama. haha. oh well just wondering
  11. haha i personally dont like the drama @zashi23 . I'm just supporting pmy's character. Overall, sdm is a cute girl. How can she be lovable girlfriend? My thoughts always saying she learn from experience with who we know so well , of cos our captain.Which the staffs saying she's basically being herself in hpl. like i said, just anyone who wants to enjoy romantic lovey dovey scene, go ahead watch hpl. The fact that the directing was bad. It is not my thing. So I can see where's the point that hpl fans so crazy for this drama. Just wanna congrats pmy for the love she got as sdm. We cant blame her totally for the low ranking. And again said, i dont like hpl. lol.
  12. talk about the staffs, I was always wonder didn't they feel too cringy on her latest drama? they were on the set watching that nonstop lovey dovey straight...urgghh I might just walk away...
  13. Anw, Have a nice good rest Rachel. Gain back your energy and hope to see your smile again later when Busted 2 come out.
  14. I think it's very cliche that every drama ends with kiss. Oh well. One way of showing it is a happy ending. Glad that her drama wrap up well. sugohesso deukmi~
  15. Specially to all who remain silent/loyal lurkers/secret pps here, Promoting again whoever wants to buy it! This WWWSK drama has real made DVD that will be release soon. Whoever wants to own kdrama dvd you can get this this is a real thing! Specially made wedding photo album are given too! (It's her first drama that she gets to wear this beaùtiful wedding dress. She loves it )
  16. Not entirely like it but still gotta promote PMY's drama cuz she's the best in doing her job. Whatever flaws in her drama, there must be something that makes people remind her as her character. That means she nailed it.
  17. Its okay. They already turned blinded by the main characters romance. Their chemistry are amazing. Proof as our queen is Chemistry Queen.
  18. just gather the rabit couple romance. I mean the whole kiss scenes and lovey dovey scenes.That is what most hpl fans love about the hpl drama. Their on screen chemistry. Not the main purpose of the storyline. No no no. My ultimate SOLID STORY is definitely WWWSK. forever! Perfect with the main storyline, perfect casts, perfect romance, perfect chemistry not only ppc but with all the characters too, perfect execution,perfect ending... Its ULTIMATE PERFECT.
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