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  1. He did seem surprised with the deep kiss I get it if most guys feel like they should be the bolder one when its about kisses but PMY is just... really know how to kiss him. Girl~we feel you got us all jealous. He finds you cute in that drunk scene...so you nailed it haha. It's deep peck kiss compare to all her other kisses haha. Even deep popo is heartfluttering Only ppc able to make it real... I mean make it look real haha
  2. The wwwsk ending was perfect but greedy me wish a longer version of the ending. I wish to see the webtoon version where VP prepare breakfast meal and Miso help tying VP's necktie and VP pull her closer and the kiss continue and wondering when will they go to work ... hahaha Another great morning and a sneek peek of the married cpl who knows... the hint of wwwsk season 2 .... ha ha ha Even having their kid will show how beautiful PPC together as a married couple. *innerme: we want season 2! Haha
  3. PMY : For two days, the eaten rice cake soup and pancake had carried away by the sharp wind of Kangwon-do. #happylunarnewyear So sad. Never stop working. So cold wind! At least we get this titanic pose haha. So Minyoung, happy new year too!
  4. Itaewon Class 5 mins highlights Looks super amazing Chemistry with all casts, the tension between the ladies and foremost the crying ParkSaeroy so much emotion seojun! And theres so many variety of emotions. I feel good abt this drama. 31st please be hurry!
  5. PSJ: D-7 Have a good holidays together with your family Happy New Year Wanna wish you a good time too but not sure if you are working on the holiday season too But still wishing you Happy New Year too
  6. yeah. It is not something to be surprise anymore but I'm still... surprised wonderful 210120 just happy to see them on a same day. I wish this will be everyday They just match with each other. So beautiful visual
  7. same day update She looks lovely been waiting for Compagna new release photoshoot. She looks beautiful even lying down..life seems...unfair seeing her beauty LMAO
  8. theres more sweetness in dvd Those moments you cant see her with other male costars ever. It always feel thrilling to watch their commentary.
  9. Yooo we should talk about psj latest ig. Wine color jacket? reminds me lyj who suits wine color reposting hehe
  10. I think most of you here think too much of PPC 3 years relationship. What matters now is the present. Hmm I would say right after wwwsk ended, they keep dropping hints and even clearer hints last half year. Lets enjoy the present
  11. she is comfortable with all her male costars. what I see that she had to live up the atmosphere there. and of cos she stick a lot with her costar. She is romcom queen and her costar had his first romcom. She was like him during wwwsk too when she had first romcom During wwwsk, i see more psj doing the fun atmosphere job. Then they found comfort between them, and they easily accept each other jokes. He made jokes, then she also made jokes. Then everyone around them had fun too, including the staffs. Even pyoyejin said she had good time during wwwsk and wish to be like ppc who always make the work atmosphere comfortable and fun. As long as you feel happy doing your job. I bet you guys gonna feel mad to psj too if you guys see him giggling with his lady costars. mybe patting their head...
  12. @ryuxurinahh i dont want to talk abt hpl anymore. everyone agreed also here. all past...done many talks already. whats there in ig stays there in ig. I am already gearing up for her new drama. just to calm you..bcs you have such a big heart for ppc (same with us that time), its hard to see them with other costars. I understand. But then you find it that your OTP is what you truly love It is what you will go through next next drama. PPC always the best
  13. @ryuxuri not badmouthing haha. Its good they have good mood doing their works. I bet PMY with PJJ and ABH also had fun moments but they dont release it much.I love the trio sooo much. PMY is VitaMinyoung anw. Despite the packed schedule and long filming, she managed to go through it with happy smiles and always make everyone around her feels good. But you will see the difference when you look back at wwwsk bts. #nospace team got more fire.
  14. even during hpl promotion, they uploaded after she had the drama press conference. My guess namoo ent only upload their own footages and photos. Guess that IFY team still dont have one. And my guess IFY didnt have the poster official individual photoshoot yet.
  15. IC script reading I think it was released few days ago but I dont know why jtbc drama youtube just uploaded it. My guess .... Its good picture to put it side by side The PPC power haha
  16. IFY script reading the atmosphere is really gloomy(?).. Or I would say down tone. Well I thought already something like Spring Night drama + Forest movie. It will be a heartwarming
  17. Uuu the promotion is no joke tho? wow famous Korean chefs gave shout out to Danbam. Park Saeroy is gonna be soooo busy
  18. It is like seeing your first love... very thrilling seeing them looking at each other... *myheartneedabreak
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