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  1. Thank you for your kind word @SparksflyThat's so sweet of you Thank you everyone for always be here, sincerely for PMY and PSJ. It's always fun and amusing here. Here is the place fore truly pps that always support PMY and PSJ. I'm happy that wwwsk still be love all around the world. Go tell your family and friends to watch wwwsk if they nvr heard abt it
  2. From ep 1, the reason got me stuck to watch it till the end. " I'm LYJ, will marry you" And also...
  3. Amazing gifts by wwwsk_cnfans! Very lovely and indeed a memorable one. Oh dear~ you can light it up. Must be really beautiful when it light up in dark Thank you everyone. wwwsk forever~ And also by wwwsk_krfans Oh dear, mystery box hehe. But definitely filled with amazing gifts!
  4. This day, same day, watched wwwsk ep 1 together. So much fun seeing all of them together laughed and enjoyed it. I rmb how pmy was so happy seeing overwhelming feedback by wwwsk fans. That she said she happy teary eyes under her blanket The day where the fun begin
  5. I don't know what else should I feel. Today feel so amazing! PSJ nominated for Baeksang was already a big deal, and PMY here showing us her appreciation for the WWWSK 2nd Anniversary. And of cos, eventho PSJ rarely show gifts given by fans, we know he received one too and he definitely love it. And PMY decorate her home table with the flowers PPC both asked us before to keep loving WWWSK, remember KMS & LYJ (How can I forget? It was so beautiful )... Yes, we all still love wwwsk till today and forever! They had fun filming wwwsk, we still having fun watching i
  6. So many amazing dramas, movies, TV programs and theatres nominated. All are truly amazing and even myself hard to choose which one is the best. I am so happy and proud that PARK Seo Joon were also nominated among all amazing actors. Till next time, I wish him for his next success. Happy to see him in dashing suit. And I saw teary PSJ hihi. Yeah the young kids sang such a lovely and touching song, all attendees had teary eyes. It was a cute and overwhelming performances. Hope the k-entertainment industries can be strong, and also everyone here t
  7. I like also how she had changes in her fashion and daily style. Comfort Street style... How much more similar things are ppc possessing now?
  8. Just noticed that PPC two last posts are so related eventho it is not same day updates. ComZia & magazine cover
  9. Her post caption was ' 헷= Het' like a happy cute hehe sound. I don't know what makes her happy today. I'm also happy to see her so let's Het!
  10. I'm going crazy seeing white shirt Seojun. So many wwwsk scenes swirling in my mind now. lol I shall return to angel me for tonight HAHA
  11. Welcome to all our new PPS and old PPS who recently joined the forum. I believe you came here, joining us with lots of love for Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young. Sincerely from me.. Welcome welcome! Lets keep update about our PPC. Our couple are very active and always there to entertain their fans. Fun 'destiny' and same day updates. really fun to see all amazing detectives here. (tq!) Let's keep the fun goin! (share tidbits) Thanks for loving PPC
  12. Okay see... This is just an example question. #justexample What is the different between: 1. Guys, did pmy have a new pension far from her current home? What for? and... 2. Guys, did pmy bought a new pension far from her current home? Why? What happen? Did something bad happen between her and psj? Did they broke up? Psj is a bad guy! He left her! My answer for question #1: Explanation on the fact. My answer for question #2: 'should I answer or not' So please always make sure you deliver the right questi
  13. I'm begging everyone. We are not here to always provide previous infos. Please back read the forum based on the date of event. If you feel like there are no infos on what you want to know, then you can ask. But with proper manners and don't jump into high assumption. We pps also don't want to be label by others as those who made up stories. We all don't like it here. We all here willing to share correct proper infos but please do get notes on things that are delulus. What I can see here, new pps keep on asking questions with broken hearts, wrong infos, bashing ppc It made me sad e
  14. Chill @Haumea. Okay sorry if you felt that our responses pretty straight. Dating can be anywhere. Do you only date at home? Boring. Celebs can go dating anywhere. Dating at home is actually very common between k-celebs, that medias always target their homes. Medias even willing to rent an expensive car so that they can park in the apartment area as if they are part of the luxury ppl. There are many dating spot such as han river, restaurant with closed room etc. See, just to correct you. Being neighbours doesn't mean k-celebs always dating at home. Why pmy h
  15. Talk about PMY CeCi June 2020 Cover, she is absolutely gorgeous Love love love her look. Bold, sexy and elegant. All the aura of charismatic lady! Hard to pick which one my fav!
  16. Theres no issues in his magazine iv nor his Record Park's live. Calm down @selma sel. Forget all these heartbreaking feelings, come back and love PPC after a while. Still you made mistakes for judging his life, himself. No one can even accept that. Even the same case if PMY being talk this way.
  17. He let all the fame and love for wwwsk to PMY that's why. Some people thought the fame becos he's a RomCom King but he didn't put credit on that. He trusted PMY's capability as an actress and praised her in wwwsk dvd and wwwsk Japan iv. Many fans love KMS thanks to PMY, bcs she really was amazing as KMS. And one more... Why should he being judge as a man or boy for not mentioning wwwsk or pmy? That's really funny.
  18. Chill @selma sel. It is too controversial to talk about pmy publicly. If only one sec he mentioned her name, things going to be out of control You know ppc had a dating rumor, right? He had one also with BJH and since then he nvr mentioned her. PSJ usually don't mention abt his role unless fans mentioned it. Obviously he mentioned IC, it is his latest work. It is better to distance himself with pmy publicly. Too much noises. But tbh, he always secretly show hints in his ig posts. Lol. I won't compare psj with any guys that worked with pmy I thin
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