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  1. Really really last chance to buy the limited edition dvd sale! due date: ~until the release date (until all the quantity sold out) blueray: 275,000₩ dvd : 154,000₩ for more information, please visit the cafe ! http://m.cafe.daum.net/secretaryKimDVD?nil=cafes
  2. Come on lets buy the whats wrong with secretary kim dvd! You know it is kinda okay to buy this eventho the lackness of korean language but its okay. While watching this we can learn korean too! It's limited edition and you guys can watch all the unreleased behind the scenes in HD! So lets support and buy it! Long live PPC!
  3. That's why I think she got used kissing PSJ starting from closet kiss scene. The wwwsk ep 8 kiss scene is consider pretty normal kiss (tho I like how PSJ hold her neck so that he can keep kissing her deeply. scream). I think she went totally heart fluttering over that closet kiss. Not just the kiss but her whole body is consider fully hugged by him. She can't even move in that state. And she can rest her arm on him. For me, the closet kiss scene is the most intense kiss among all kisses in wwwsk (eventho that ep 13 bed scene was superb.haha. they got to kiss more wuuu ). Not to mention PSJ. He got to hold her close and she was sitting on his lap and the kiss happened at that small space of the closet... Rather than holding her neck all the time, this time he gone further... Both lost control for sure.. even for that short mins...
  4. I knew I saw it somewhere she said her fav scene was the closet kiss scene. And then she keeps on changing her fav scene. Which I dunno she want to avoid people saying she likes the kiss scene more or just that almost all of wwwsk scenes are her fav. Well we know for sure her die hard love for wwwsk
  5. Awww his smooth talk and that smacking kiss sounds very amusing and sweet AWWW THAT DRUNKEN MISO SCENE IS STILL AN ADORABLE ONE AND FAN GAVE THEM THAT MEMORABLE SCENE. So cute I wish I have one too! But I was wondering if I can get that review book too hehe ohh I wish to see the inside contents
  6. Happy 1st Anniversary of Whats Wrong With Secretary Kim! I'm so happy that I get to know PMY and PSJ so much in wwwsk. Such a great chemistry between those two. I'm glad that PSJ as Lee Young Joon and PMY as Kim Miso. No other actors can be LYJ and KMS. Thank you again for such a great romcom drama! (always my fav pic) Keep smiling. Keep the faith in them. May PPC be forever!
  7. Aww they look so soft one of the best moments of VP who has secret heart to Miso. We all know for sure that every moment was her.
  8. haha I just has this thoughts about PMY.: 1. she once said (also PSJ) that their kisses are not as many as they think and usually in romcom there would be a lot of kisses ( yeah right, probably they used to kiss each other lol they didnt realise it. PSJ even a romcom king. His kisses with PMY are double the usual). So I'm basically think she dont mind how many kisses necessary for any role. BUT what makes it different is her KISSING STYLE now. She IMPROVED. And I glad she learnt from who...... k I'm jealous girl lol 2. If she very excited about something, she will talk about it A LOT. 3. Yeah she seems very comfy with her current costar in her latest drama which I also think usually when we are feeling comfy around guys when we have someone else special already in our mind which of cos I believe she's with PSJ now (whatever their relationship now). She's a lot more in ease now. Like there's some assurance. 4.What she aim now is her work. So she prioritize that first even tho she said she cant choose between work and love now. Just hope our captain can be patience and our PPS. Love is all about patience and passion LOL. 5. Whatever her slippery fingers liking igs, she do like wwwsk moments with PSJ. One thing for sure she LOVE EVERYTHING about WWWSK and all the people involve with the drama. 6. It is not easy to gain romcom queen just for two dramas. She learnt A LOT from WWWSK so I cant help thinking that she's doing what PSJ usually do in romcom. This does not mean anything bad. Its okay to learn from someone which I'm glad she learn from great guru of love HAHA. Not just learn in romance role but also be nice and happy vibe at the filming set. So I hope our PPC shippers' hearts wont sink that easily. It may shock us a bit but just assume she improves in her work. And patiencely wait for the bell to ring.
  9. there could be hpl interview a bit I think. It seems like a hint in her ig caption as if she will mention her hard work and effort for the fangirling role. She couldn't just stop talking about it right? It is still her work art. For me, it was not easy to play fangirling role in 30s and she goes crazy for young idol. But she killed it. And she was awesome. But more eager to see her magazine shoot. Hope she get more pages than before. Couldn't get enough her beauty
  10. They are missing their hpl otp and the drama because their otp totally shut off after it ended. No other news but them saying goodbye to the drama. Maybe thats why they have been lingering around finding any news maybe also lurking in here. So let them. It just a week so they still missing them. We are gonna enjoy our own cuz we are going to go crazy for wwwsk 1st anniversary yahoo!
  11. When both PSJ and PMY feels good with the bed scene outcome . No other bed scene can beat theirs. It filled with care, great desire and full of love. That stares of love still a win
  12. When Director ParkJunHwa asked his woman staffs some ideas for bedscene... "The kiss on the forehead,nose and lips (step by step) is heartwarming so it is heart fluttering" "I like interlocking the hand" THANK YOU DIRECTOR FOR THE MINDBLOWING BED SCENE https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=108&aid=0002717643 And when PMY feels proud for giving the idea for ribbon kiss... "Even I think the bed scene looks sexy" she said while she SMILE.(lol) "They said pulling the blouse's ribbon was sexy too. It was my idea" lol girl you're so proud for it haha. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=108&aid=0002717634
  13. seeing @jingjaja still cut; I cant help myself thinking that PMY may got used to kiss someone with sexy thick lips so she tend to kiss with open mouth now. She praised captain PSJ for making her comfortable for their kisses. And maybe she was waiting for more kisses during the wwwsk propose scene when PSJ only gave her lovable kiss lol
  14. I think there will be interview for the marie claire shoot but maybe not entirely about hpl.. or probably just questions about her future plans or something..or her effort for the role... cuz last time I remember PSJ was asked and he said it was not easy to be the narcissism VP. (dont remember which magazine for Jillstuart shoot) But somehow we will get ig updates from her cos she usually do that when she went abroad. And the period is pretty long so I think she will go straight for holiday too. Happy for her. Have fun Rachel! We are going to have fun too for the wwwsk 1st anniversary!
  15. wow its a nice name really. All about his work. At least he can keep his personal life that way. And it sounds cool and fabulous. We all know so well he's a VP. We can call him VP in there.
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