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  1. okay maybe some here (even me sorry) might being too rude to some extent. Yeah. We should really write here with only pleasant words. Its okay to discuss. Lets not make the delulus going too beyond. Me myself my delulu now saying "they are spending some quality time together". It can means they are going out for dinner or walk along the street so on... lets keep what our imagination related to 'room/bed/hotel' to ourselves. So why not our loyal visitors here help us updating your fav scenes in wwwsk or what makes you love about PPC (strictly only PPC...considering shippers' feeling) or whatever you find suitable to be post here. Lets hear from you then.
  2. here we go again.. I guess we can stop talking about HPL now. once and for all. Everyone seems displeasant since hpl been mentioned here. I wanna restrain from talking about the bed scene but soon and verrryyyy soon dvd will be release and people here is going to talk about it again I even cant stop anyone for now haha sorry
  3. I just happened to know where did the wwwsk team stayed in Phuket and OMG the place is hugeeeee if I was PSJ I wouldn't want to waste the chance for the vacay reward haha. So sad that the other casts couldn't make it to the vacay reward. Maybe we can get the whole casts' photos having fun there.
  4. oh gosh. But at least Jessica love to update sns. So I guess PMY wasn't with Jessica because Jessica in NY while PMY in LA. But who knows..maybe bestie can fly over... but bestie Jessica herself is a busy business woman... oh well... here comes PSJ in mind lol
  5. ohhh I thought about PMY's appearance in Jung sisters reality show too. thx for saying that @kitkatrmjung . . . Shall we go investigate Jessica now? haha
  6. Because they said goodbye their fans still can't say goodbye...may hpl stay in hpl fans' hearts forever.. it's okay...we also still got our wwwsk fever until now... Because I miss them so much currently I'm watching wwwsk ep 6 lmao that pushing chair kiss still funny to watch lol! And I still got flustered over LYJ's line saying that he wants to keep shaking KMS's heart... kyahh
  7. Funny and amusing also to think that people lurking here to see proof of our PPC relationship actually (despite calling themselves fans of them). Yeah we discuss here about their relationship. There's facts, there's delulus...depends on how far you have your own facts about it and how far to believe it. And their everyday news...what else can we talk about...of course their current work... thats why this thread still counting.. We always discuss how their responses toward each other. PSJ to PMY and PMY to PSJ. So far PSJ had been asked a lot about love while there's not much from PMY's side. That's why we can't help talk a lot about PSJ towards PMY. And thanks to CF he keeps on updating and I am glad that now PMY is a CF queen. So we hope we can talk a lot more about that (other than hpl...geez people got irks about it too I guess). She also spilled some juice since after wwwsk and thanks to current proof Mont Blanc gift. It is a very rare luxury brand in Korea tho. Discomfort? Just pass throught that post. Just read about our discussion about PSJ-PMY relationship. This is what this thread made for. It's all about PMY and PSJ.
  8. Well I dont even like ffmw and hwarang had such great line up actors but considered a flop. I might not pretend to be happy for PSJ too if his next project is bad. She was great with KJW. The chemistry was awesome. Thumbs up. They are great actors.
  9. yeah of cos. I was surprised with PSJ's appearance at the airport too. There were no news saying he will go for the trip. That phuket trip must be really special. And of cos to think that the whole trip include not only the actors but the whole drama team. Thats a whole freakin money for just the trip. And I would say actor/actress popularity+popularity of drama+high ratings make it possible for such vacay reward if we look back to other drama that also went for vacay reward. Its okay. Any actors can go to their own vacay for reward after their hard work. Our queen PMY also love travelling she has her own reward now.
  10. If you are in relationship for real, what love skill do you want to use? He answered: "When in long distance relationship or being away from girlfriend, suddenly appear infront of her."
  11. ohh she's dangerous. She can make any man fall for her without her realising it. be careful captain hoho
  12. Well it depends on how the public gonna accept such relationship. Some accept, some don't. I think they slowly wanna show their real relationship. Both such a big star...both have such huge fanbase..see how people wanna see their sincerity..even high school kids can date why can't them? Of course they are under big spotlight now and it is safe to think carefully about revealing such relationship.. I think they know what they are doing... And like PSJ said the time will tell and PMY said love is timing.. we just have to wait a good news about them..and I really hope it's a good news because they are meant for each other..
  13. I mean the time she updated before her latest drama. We talked about it a lot before.. well now her ig is something I dont really believe much now... well some pps still delulus when they wore same pink color outfit which I found those two cute too .... it depends..
  14. So funny to think that she denied it but PSJ opened possibilities between them publicly. So far that's the only thing that PSJ did while PMY keeps on giving us so many hints since that interview ( her accidently following and liking pps igs, her phuket trip photos, more interviews after wwwsk, same time updating igs, shisagae coupon gift, the latest mont blanc gift). Her mouth keeps on denying but her heart keeps on 'accidently' proofing it. lol.
  15. When both have plenty of time, why not spend the time together? People are so quiet about them now ( well..not us lol). Before they get busy again for Busted 2 and The Divine Fury... Really amaze how ninja they are... haha
  16. do we have to wait for her next FM to see the photos she took from her holidays? lol how long till we have to wait then
  17. they have been away from each other for months (if her drama filming counts) ... so how long will they be hiatus? lol
  18. If only DPC approach PSJ first...Boom! We got the powerful PPC as their model haha. Damn. They make them rival now..
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