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  1. @parkparkloveu Rather than calling it coincidence, I would say SongSong couple case would be their appearance together in public, came out in the same car for award attendance, came for partner's FM, Japan secret date etc. , that can even cheer up their shippers' hearts. Shipper becomes super shipper with such events happen even drama ends. Eventho they seems cool, clearly can see SJK was head over heel to SHK. They end up married, it is a huge news for their shipper. Just these days shipper tend to make everything looks true. (psstt. we in difference case, I'm glad some of us knows which is delulu and facts) These days shippers hope their stars end in marriage thats what I see thats why people cant accept it when Hyeri and Ryujunyeol dating. lol. see. a problem being a shipper.
  2. haha just let them be. Since song-song couple and park-park couple always cheer up shippers' hearts ( of cos we have many reliable evidences..thats why), many fans got more delulus and that delulu for them is not just delulu. Still it is just been a few weeks it ended, the drama still consider fresh. Many fans try to make it as true as possible their off screen chemistry. Let them enjoy the delulus. psstt. we got evidence a guy saw PSJ in LA, same place as her. Which evidence are more solid? We won haha
  3. we cant blame blogger for what he seen there (man...means that our captain is so famous..or maybe that blogger watched Sonsational? who knows) . We do have some celebrities who looks like PSJ haha. Even if he dont know PSJ, he went trip with his friends. Maybe his friends told him. But I do hope also this matter wont go so big..it just...I love the little secrets we have here haha
  4. One thing for sure PMY didnt update her vacation trip during the trip unlike her other vacation trips. As if she was too busy with someone else or because she was with someone else that special she couldn't update to avoid getting busted by detective like us. haha.
  5. this is super interesting .. ohh my ship heart is so happy right now.. tell me it is just a delulu but I'm gonna put this on the list with the Mont Blanc gift haha
  6. Omg...I was keeping myself that him going to meet her in L.A was just a delulu but wooooo thiss... do other fans discuss about this? Any other platform except here? We should keep it ourselves hahaha thx for this big shocking news @twoparkcouple
  7. I guess for those magazines in Korea, whether it's for the actors/actresses comeback (SJK-huge actor,HanJimin-nonstop drama etc.) or endorsements ( LDW-Chanel,Jennie-Hera/Chanel,Sulli-EsteeLauder etc..super brand there) or young idols... I guess they choose based on their looks or their hugeee popularity ..my personal P.O.V. Like @Cheryl295 had listed, those celebrities have countless endorsements and super popular too. So I hope this baby steps photorial shoot may lead to someday where she can be a cover girl. Like PSJ himself. Please please dear magazine editor, our Rachel is so damn gorgeous too you know...
  8. I dont think she turn down any good opportunity coming to her. Even if being a cover girl. So far, most cover girls are young idols and actresses in 20s(mostly) so if she was offered ( if I am PMY) God Bless thanks for giving me such opportunity! Usually magazine companies they compile or frame the front pages cover so she would be super proud if that happens. If she didnt get such opportunity in Korea (theres so many beautiful and handsome Korean celebrities goshh) , I hope she gets more in China or Taiwan. And I hope she gets more popularity in Japan. I saw a lot Japan magazine cover girls are BP members (for foreign celebrities). I think she wasn't exposing herself fully yet (of cos we know her trauma being in public in her 20s). So I'm happy that she grabbed more chances now such as photorial magazine, taking CF offers.. It's never too late to try anything..
  9. HighCut interview right? I think the genre related to webtoon? There would be a lot webtoon-turned-drama in the future so before people get used to character like LYJ (secretary's boss and narcissism esp.), he wants to do first. And he was smart. People already compare with wwwsk.
  10. That's why PMY said if she don't try this (some sort) character, she wouldn't have another chance since she is ageing. Thats why she want to try. Although I believe it was a very very very very risky decision she made.
  11. @mimi8592 yeah it's the marketing thing. I read about dpc then suddenly few days later came out cell return's news about their new model is PSJ. haha just remembered the wwwsk scene where Yumyung Group was going to open their new art center but had to make it earlier bcos other company trying to launch their art centre ahead too. Yeah we got that scene where LYJ said KMS is beautiful for the first time. And congrats that you become upgraded member in PSJ's fan cafe. I need to work hard cos I've been not visiting there for a while lol
  12. If I were the executives,asking who's the buzzworthy celebrities these days, I would say both of them of cos. Their popularity from wwwsk still in talk until now..I've just read a model-turn-actress's recent interview said she wants to play romance role with PSJ cos she loves wwwsk so much. Using their popularity? I would say yes and it gives more benefit to both of them too despite the dating rumor. I dont know about the model selection, but I would say cellreturn trying to be ahead since dpc announced that KSH will be their guy model. It's more on the market strategy. But who cares, as long our PPC can get more CF offers. But sometimes kinda sad to think it does look competitive.
  13. Veeeeeery influence to each other. Now whenever pps collaged their photos together, especially when each of them represent their CFs ( led mask, clothes, cosmetic etc.) , I feel like as if they promote it together. Like PPC themselves presenting a same product together. Thanking also compagna and ziozia for updating on the same day haha
  14. she made the chemistry believable so I cant fully blame all shippers how they act haha. fell in love with the co-star? haha sounds familiar...someone said that before until he truly fell deep in love...
  15. wow super detective my fellow friends! Even her latest ig post said #backtoreality which means now she's going back to work. And I'm still amazed that she chose the place where the least people expect her to go, Las Vegas...huge place indeed...
  16. this is a lot more suspicious with PSJ not around... haha oh is he still on his way back to korea? it is a longggg tripppp tho
  17. the big mistake of being ninja is not updating their igs. lol. at least they could update their CFs in igs. ok PSJ did it in weibo and PMY was basically being off radar after her photoshoot. Vacation mode on. But I bet she check her sns. There's so many ig posts asking where were they lol
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