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  1. I always happy and admire their wedding scene. I'm glad fans got to see the special 60page wedding photobook. kyahh must be so beautiful!
  2. @Matilda_Anne I can't help LMAO to such brave statement. They dont even bother with their fav star's feeling.
  3. I forgot to tell my reason to this question. Well...this question probably can determine whether the 3 years dating true or not. And can predict how far they know about each other and their real relationship haha
  4. Anw, I'm pretty curious about this scene. Seeing the chair and wall, it looks like a scene together. I hope this deleted scene get included in the dvd. I hope all the deleted scenes can be concluded. Pretty curious about drunken KMS eating icecream scene Gosh they both looking so fine together.
  5. So sorry for asking such question. It is pretty disturbing to see such comments. If I feel this way, what about PPC then? There were no such kinda comments before wwwsk in both igs. Seems like everyone trying to make 'coincidence'. Just feel really sorry towards them when they update in their personal igs, people should just comment about them only, not trying to force pairing. If celebrity was asking how's everyone doing, it's fun to read something like " I'm not doing good, but now I'm up in the sky seeing you" haha something fun like this. Some pps done that too but I hope they dont do it again. But I guess I won't read their comments anymore haha.
  6. " Tell us three good things about him/her that fans wouldn't know about?" * and thanks to you too for keeping this forum alive with fun questions
  7. I am a person who just enjoys drama. It is truly amazing for an actor if he/she make their role believable. There are many famous onscreen couples but I just admire them for being adorable and did great in their acting. Even bigstar couple didn't make me a shipper. Just an admiration. Didn't even hope for more in real life. Honestly, I'm not even PSJ/PMY solid fans who knows everything about them. I just admire them because they are handsome/beautiful and very good at acting. When was the moments I became PPC shipper? I dont know which moments, or maybe I just enjoy seeing them goofy with each other in bts scenes but I would say after I watch e-facts that saying both didn't sound NO. LOL that moment I KNEW IT. THERE MUST BE SOMETHING BETWEEN THESE TWO. Well I dont really trust the 3years dating rumors cos that time I feel impossible. Then I became the quietobserver just to quietly observe them then gosh I became the member in this forum, digging the facts haha. And I thank you guys for always sharing the facts and news and delulus. I get to know PSJ and PMY better and know they really suit in real life.
  8. I like how slowly and step by step the development of feelings in wwwsk. Thats how I think it's 'naturally'... although it was an acting but naturally they got into the LYJ-KMS role that feels real. Having feelings for each other, staring at each other, holding hands, kissing, hugging, backhugging, sitting on lap hehe, side by side on bed .. ehem then ehem... then ask for marriage ... it was a complete romance and every heart fluttering moments that we like are there. So they must felt the fluttering and sweet moments together yeah we know eventho it was just acting haha. Even if interviewers ask them when did they got fluttered I bet they couldn't pick one
  9. no one dare to leave their phones which who knows what secret inside it haha. Yeah level of trust. probably if he totally forgot about it she would keep it for him. haha Yeah true lol..their comfortness.... ear to ear... even seeing this, I can feel the warmness of being comfort to each other..I'm fluttered too just seeing this
  10. uuuu that's a true man there You guys made me analysed back AAA2017 although I wasn't that convinced before. So I've gone through many AAA2017 fancams to see in different angle. I would say yes, PMY did purposely sat facing him. Most of people said PSJ purposely sat facing her but actually most celebrities sat the same angle as him. Most celebrities also chose to turn their seats to watch the stage but her position was almost opposite facing the stage/screen. I don't know if she want to use the table to cover her checking her phone, it could be. Or why should she watch from the opposite screen that was far away? She wasn't looking at it too instead she turned to look at the screen/stage at her right side. Complicated explaination,right? haha. Anw, stupid me. I've just realised it lol So somehow I've got convince that something fishy the way she acted there lol...my kinda P.O.V and maybe over analyse lol
  11. ohhh I forgot to mention them watching ep 4 together... ohhh I'm keen to know what was in that 5 mins deleted one.... misterious... maybe they were quietly holding hand behind sofa. lol. jk.
  12. 1) The one that PSJ nose blowing her while she close up her face to sniff his neck. The starting of "oh yeah, I can tease her more" . 2)The closet kiss. So cute when they got shy that director tease them. 3)SAME. The wall kiss. OMG. Naughty Minyoungie 4)The last day shoot, last hug. Ohh gosh the way they hugged so tight! 5)The goodbye speech during wedding. Omg. I swear seeing PMY smiling and dashing PSJ side by side. Match made from heaven No stress and sadly to say goodbye to wwwsk. We feel you too huuu. All the bts scenes are amazing gosh so hard to pick! Can you guys imagine we can get moreeee bts scenes after the dvd release kyahhhhh excitedddd
  13. She so damn gorgeoussss why Sooryehan didn't release more of her shoots? goshhh I believe he is a graphic designer and he release it personally at his ig. It is the old one.
  14. Yeah there were articles that she said "no comment" after knowing PSJ stated his possibility with her..and there were also articles that she said " We are 'no' for now" which I thought maybe she said this before knowing PSJ's statement. Which I think probably why e-facts saying PPC doesn't sound NO because they didn't get firm answer. I would say she didn't realise yet her real feelings to him that time. haha. There are many different answers of her for any same questions. But for now, I believe they are in good relationship. Wtv that 'good' may leads to.
  15. Sorry. Maybe not the word HATE. She frustrated over the dating issue, but not the fact she DOESN'T like him. 'Like' can be just good colleague/friend/person/guy. Pretty weird right if she hates him? They have good meal with their staff at phuket (and who knows what else happened there) and even have good nice conversation during cosmo event. So who knows her feelings now ? She might say NO after wwwsk ended but time flies ... That Mont Blanc gift is still the very best proof I can believe in haha.
  16. https://n.news.naver.com/entertain/article/076/0003295606 It said she knew about PSJ's statement about possibility and she said "no comment" . There's another article where she laughed first then she said "no comment" . I can't trace back that article. Maybe from 1st day wwwsk interview. Too many dating articles haha. There were two or three? days wwwsk interviews so I'm tired to find back. And I can sense her mood. Apparently last day interviews she seems to get too frustrated and sorry because most of it ask about the dating rumor. Maybe can check out my previous post.
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