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  1. I feel like the mc was trying to dig something from him lol lol lol Anw he didn't have much live interview about wwwsk (he wasn't present at the tvnfestival) so I'm happy to hear wwwsk got mentioned again
  2. Basically songs that he chose that suits for PMY ...I mean KMS... HAHA And she was sweet and encouraged enough for him to sing the lullaby song ... His selection of songs always have some meanings (wwwsk proposing song, lullaby song, currently fav song that was asked during jillstuart signevent, this vlive...) . All his songs selection are beautiful serenade
  3. SO MUCH FUN WATCHING HIS VLIVE! I'll spoil one. He was asked about the song he chose for the proposing scene in WWWSK. He was praised for singing it well. The rest.... wait till tomorrow for the re-broadcast
  4. FINALLY DVD IS COMING OUT FINALLY RACHEL SHOWN US THAT WE CAN STAY STRONG AS PPC SHIPPER (like I said my theory that she will update after he update so I'm going to play along with this theory for a while) (She looks like an amazing lawyer) AND HAPPY TO SEE PSJ TOO AND I'M A HAPPY PPC SHIPPER TODAY
  5. I'm a coward too but thinking that PSJ is going to beat and smack out those devils.. I'll go watch it
  6. Omg these two.... why are they getting younger and younger? When did he shoot for that Star1 August? wowww he surely busy doing his work... And I'm very amaze with his energy who seems never get tired from his non-stop work. He looks like a guy who just need a short nap to get energize back. Or ... do VitaMinyoung helps him wash away his tiredness? It's great to see his energy throughout the promotion.
  7. "Aahh..watermelon juice.....yup, watermelon juice. 'watermelon~' (chinese)" Luckily she didn't say who took it or when did she took it or wtv behind story to it.
  8. So that's way some PPC shipper went private for their acc? I don't follow them but some already went private so can't see anymore their profiles. Or did they become another shipper? haha
  9. Maybe it's too late, but I enjoyed so much his Saja showcase. Omg. That 4words game was really funny. Every person there loves him. Even the very senior AhnSungki also loves him. I cannot help seeing his sweet fatherly smile to PSJ. How can I not love seeing this guy too? (opss! sorry for my sudden confession Rachel lol) I wonder if she get jealous too when girls swooning over him... haha And there, he must had a good time together with SonHeungMin and of cos Simba
  10. She was excited but yeah she's basically spoiled some juices for us lol. But if she intentionally showing it, it's a great great news for PPC shipper haha. Especially we, who were so curious about Phuket lol. Or is it because they became a lot more closer after Seoul FM? hhmmm haha And again, she didn't show it at Seoul FM but she chose exposing it at Taiwan/Japan FM. She thought we never get to know about it but she failed haha
  11. What matters is that trust, mutual feelings and understanding for a healthy relationship. That's why I think they can go public but somehow fans are out of control and hard to be convince so be safe going secret for now. Sometimes affectionate can't be control because we want our other half to be appreciate,right? So if they accidently post something related to two of them, I can understand haha. And hoping that greedy may not be the end of good relationship. It is just timing to the right decision.
  12. plus "this looks safe to post" she doesn't know that fans could even try to figure out the road lol I believe more on 'purposely update' than 'coincidently update'. And add up she purposely update after PSJ update since TDF promotion. This one I have to see a bit more longer.
  13. Omg you are right. YOU ARE AN AMAZING DETECTIVE AND GOD BLESS YOUR EAGLE EYES PMY got surprised here lol this is a legit infos in here.
  14. OMG whoever took the video for her is super clever brilliant person haha. He/she being careful not to get caught on her shades... nice move..
  15. Omg guys big love for you guys. PPC story on the same day...I thought just PSJ's news only today but PMY updated too and everybody's detective mode on lol.... omg love it! Anw, PSJ really bring his own vibe. Full buttoned or one loosd button, he looked soooo fineeee damnnnn haha And PMY's latest ig post shown our queen execute sexy and cute vibe... and yes I believe that one is a late post. Gosh these two... can't help stand only for PPC
  16. I'm probably gonna freak out when I walk out from the toilet room and see my oppa was watching me lol!
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