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  1. @twoparkcouple that is my most fav scene that I've been waiting to know the bts kyahh. Is there any bts psj carrying her? I like that scene.
  2. I think that 77minutes is tooo juicyyyy. I bet PPC were too into each other. Or probably they dont realise that they were too close that whoever see it would say they definitely dating for sure. Especially PMY who said was she behaving too close too him that people thought they are actually dating. This statement clearly will against her behaviours during filming. Why bother to delete that 77mins saying it is to protect their CF contract agreement then,right? And I'm very suspicious with the ori 7mins watching ep4 scenes together that were cut to 2mins only. What are they trying to hide behind that 5mins?
  3. Seems like Rachel is staying low for now. Wish that Busted2 can be release as soon as possible. It is pretty late compare to the Season 1. Really keen to see her solving cases becos she said the Busted team prepared a lot and became more clever in solving cases. Can't wait to see her detective mode. And I bet she's checking out PSJ haha. Since she said most of her free time she use phone and of cos her ig and there's a lot PPC igs that keep updating PSJ's promotion. So I bet she saw already his vlog. hehe. Rachel, I wish you can share using your own vlog. Cooking, playing with leon, vacations...totally fine!
  4. OHMYGOSHH RACHEL UPDATED HAHA girlllllll yes girlllll talk about Leon, did Leon got shaved? Because Simba got shaved so even my delulu feels happy if Leon got shaved too lol Yes we have a great mom and dad to Simba and Leon hihi. I wonder if their babies got chance to meet and play together? Since they are neighbours, I just wonder if their babies get send to the same dog hotel or not haha. If thats true, thats totally some share secret between PSJ and PMY. Anyway saying hye to fellow new and quiet PPC shippers here. Welcome welcome! lets enjoy and post anything about PPC. Feel free to express but do note that we shall try to avoid our PPC with their costars as most here love PPC. Welcome again and enjoy!
  5. OMG his very own YT wow wow wow These days many actors/actresses do vlogs so I'm glad he do it too. Means he's gonna share a lot kyahh Ohhh thank you so much PSJ!
  6. An Ideal Man, Park Seo Joon "어디에 붙어도 찰떡이다 (Probably a proverb describing he can fit anywhere or perfect). From a guy friend with a lot of excitement to a young guy who never stop moving forward. A narcissism but without knowing also a lovely rich guy (describing LYJ). If (you) had to pick an ideal person,without any doubt that person is PSJ." Uuuuu he surely an ideal type that all girls dream of. Still waiting for the full interview to be shared by fans.
  7. @minmangfan I feel like PSJ really fond of her but I still could not figure out PMY... Tho PMY said she will go public if she's in relationship but I think PSJ would not allowed her to do that bcos the haters. About proposal, I think PSJ might go for private moment with her maybe far from Korea, maybe candle light dinner (gosh she's gorgeous in dress) of cos he wants to look dashing too,right? Somewhere quiet cos I think he likes more on quiet moment with her. hiii what a lovely delulu I think PSJ is a type of guy who will give his all to his woman.
  8. true, we saw nothing yet. jeez. not fair its ok @bb_pp_66 you just wanna share good things with us. Anw I think we can share something really secret ( like links etc) through dm maybe...
  9. kyahhhhhh even ask when did he/she fell for each other during their project together? haha gosh my delulu feels real lol
  10. Do you guys think PPC purchased it? LOL probably they'll get it free. If they are not a couple yet, I bet if they see their actions in the bts again, they probably think they do have some real things going on in real life haha It probably arrived already to their house so Rachel probably busy watching it with beer and snacks LOL Oh my hope that they realise how they are made for each other
  11. I dont know. It said they will open for general sales and BD team ask to wait for any update in the BD cafe. They didnt tell will they sell it full package or just the DVD.
  12. BD probably gonna sell the DVD again (refering the BD cafe) so maybe that's why they dont allow to share it. And maybe not full package as the preorder one so probably a lot more cheaper. finger cross. but oh well probably after few months the content gonna be share anw lol
  13. I'm on holiday back in my country too so going back to Korea at the end of Aug. It safely arrived my roommate said but I can't watch it yet LOL
  14. PPC bragging about them being magazine cover... I love this power beautiful couple! And gosh thx so much. It feels like Taiwan Vogue read our forum that we wish PMY to be cover girl and I bet she's gonna kill the front page cover! Our wish and probably her wish came true
  15. OMG VOGUE TAIWAN is truly BIG FAN OF PPC heheh no need coincidence, sometimes we just need love cupid haha LOVE YOU VOGUE TAIWAN!!!
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