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  1. Gosh love all the similarities Her last week's vlog also have this on makeup table shot, and him being dorky. Love them
  2. Well I don't mind what his contents. Eventho he wasn't being talkative and show more of bts on his works, ppl still watch it and boom.. 1st ever actor received Golden Button. Just saying everyone still loves it He try to do things eventho he's introvert than what we usually see him on screen. He is a fun guy but he's more like a reserve, calm, relax approach kinda guy. I'm happy he's willing to show more than usual. But no worries, I guess he will show more. Who knows, he might feel the challenge from neighbour lol jk
  3. bless your day sorry I just went a little WILD HAHA How can I not post this magnificent creation hahaha
  4. gotta admit, her dress is beautiful. She looks like an angel I feel like...she prepare a lot for her vlog from her intro and iv, yeah we gonna get a lot yayy
  5. Magazine post, check. Comzia prepost, check. Mirror selfie, check. Haha I'm having fun as much as I can. Similar post is fun!
  6. I'm getting kill by his hotness today On my way being the soccer player, YoonHongDae. PSJ, we do really enjoy a full video of you exercising. We don't mind
  7. Yup. He got a coffee truck and he was wearing white shirt. Well..we leave the mystery between just the people there during the scene lol I gotta feeling there must be heart fluttering moments when this scene filmed (gosh based on dvd photo book there's another vers that ppc were a lot more closer). But I'm sure they had fun filmed it Anw, welcome newbies! Have fun here
  8. Actually it is still questionable.. Whether the shirt really Seojun's or she bought new one...then maybe he wore after that.. Lol Who knows...or else they won't have this kinda conversation. He even knew the size.. HAHA I wish the bts for this scene was release... Must be TOO HOT haha She was kinda dissapointed when he said Young joon has a lot other shirts
  9. Wow so excited Blue lovely lady so much happy vibe there And yes! both have pineapple post hahaha
  10. maybe...her friend's husband is a fanboy to psj lol I don't know how many times things related to psj got mentioned in the blog, since midnight runners? and now this condition drinks... Can pmy get away from psj? No way.
  11. Well.. I love seeing him eating He can just stay still and I'm still having fun haha. Less talkative psj and very talkative pmy, still attractive and fun to watch
  12. PSJ, take this on note. She loves flower (the happiest when she receive it), she loves shiny stuff, and she is talkative.
  13. She is indeed TALKATIVE Her editor must be having hard time. She has lengthy words, hard to edit out haha. Thank you photoshoot queen for posing tips! And yeah I've noticed this ppc vlogs style quite similar too. Maybe...the vlog editor recommended by captain? Anyway, I love how bright and lovely her ytb channel. We gonna have so much fun with lively Rachel! I think psj team is being naughty uploaded his Golden Button vid today. lol
  14. Yup. All Korean medias saying the same thing. So yeah... Tomorrow morning officially the 1st release of Just Park Min Young!
  15. I'm actually quite afraid if she share too much in her contents, but I bet we definitely gonna get hints. Haha But yes she is so talented in so many way, cooking, mybe drawing and many more...so I'm looking forward her lively bright ytb channel I love seeing her bright twinkly eyes looks like she is sooo excited for it. Reminds me PSJ mesmerised by her starry eyes during wwwsk wedding day. And very very happy we have this! Yayyy
  16. PMY also resembles Gabie Kook, a vlogger and wife to English Man youtuber, Josh Another sweet cpl that I admire. Love the way Josh so adore his wife
  17. Thank you for your kind word @SparksflyThat's so sweet of you Thank you everyone for always be here, sincerely for PMY and PSJ. It's always fun and amusing here. Here is the place fore truly pps that always support PMY and PSJ. I'm happy that wwwsk still be love all around the world. Go tell your family and friends to watch wwwsk if they nvr heard abt it
  18. From ep 1, the reason got me stuck to watch it till the end. " I'm LYJ, will marry you" And also...
  19. Amazing gifts by wwwsk_cnfans! Very lovely and indeed a memorable one. Oh dear~ you can light it up. Must be really beautiful when it light up in dark Thank you everyone. wwwsk forever~ And also by wwwsk_krfans Oh dear, mystery box hehe. But definitely filled with amazing gifts!
  20. This day, same day, watched wwwsk ep 1 together. So much fun seeing all of them together laughed and enjoyed it. I rmb how pmy was so happy seeing overwhelming feedback by wwwsk fans. That she said she happy teary eyes under her blanket The day where the fun begin
  21. I don't know what else should I feel. Today feel so amazing! PSJ nominated for Baeksang was already a big deal, and PMY here showing us her appreciation for the WWWSK 2nd Anniversary. And of cos, eventho PSJ rarely show gifts given by fans, we know he received one too and he definitely love it. And PMY decorate her home table with the flowers PPC both asked us before to keep loving WWWSK, remember KMS & LYJ (How can I forget? It was so beautiful )... Yes, we all still love wwwsk till today and forever! They had fun filming wwwsk, we still having fun watching it That's why people all around the world love What's Wrong With Secretary Kim. Keep loving wwwsk, keep loving PPC, and thanks everyone. Let's celebrate more tomorrow❤️ Let's be together forever!
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