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  1. new IC posters! looks amazing~ it's like anticipating for a movie haha. Now we see that we have a full casts of amazing actors and actresses. That's why so much anticipation for IC *clapclap Looking forward to it!
  2. Beautiful person with warm heart So nice of her, a great gifts early year for her drama team. Oh hey there I see Miso cooking for Haewon's team~ owh she's good now and she is sooo witty with the acrostic poem. so cutee A great new year start for IFYOBD! -anw, what initial should we use for her new drama? The official english title is I'll Find You On Beautiful Day, IFYOBD or IFY?
  3. A bit late but... Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020, everyone! I always have faith in both PPC Both individually amazing and definitely good things be with them. Wish pps here always be happy and have a great year!
  4. Who is Haewon and who is Rachel? she makes me curious! I also loveeee PPC sporty wear to work love some little matching looks hehe. And always love same day update
  5. PSJ is dating an "idol" (why not being extra cute.) Happy to see her works loved by US viewers. I bet IC and IGFY will also be loved WWWSK is always a win! Block buster couple,PPC,the best! And another heartwarming visit by Domino Pizza.
  6. Hello handsome He is sooooo good looking kyahh Why covered your sexy lips,man? haha it's believable to say that looking at nice visual makes your day wonderful Anw, I want that cover case too! Rooting for IC
  7. yeah. Work in a same building. (picture tells it all) Neighbours at home, neighbours at work nothing's wrong on supporting each others' works. And support trucks keep coming and coming definitely a heartwarming supports for PPC who are busy on hard filming during winter. Anw keep warm and healthy,PPC!
  8. He was like replying to her deleted post of Hardworking MY the other day haha. Yes everyone have hard time in the morning. PPC, himnae! so cute to see sleepy captain
  9. He looks amazing Maybe we can get to see PMY's still cut too next week? both IC and IGTY script reading footages too, please~ And I saw this...maybe this is how the wooga gang had party at captain's home LOL Both PMY and PSJ working hard towards the year end. Rooting for Haewon and Saeroy! She is soo lovely~
  10. Merry Christmas everyone! Lovely to see him smiling The wooga gang must had sleepover at his home. This is definitely a late post haha. Anyone notice a dog at the tree? where is real Simba~~ So hardworking Cow Minyoung on Christmas Eve Haewon, rooting for you! She sounds like she sent message to PSJ who was smiling happily with gloomy haewon cos she had to work lol Just go and give her Christmas present then she will be happy They will exchange presents, right? Hello~ neighbour~ knock knock~ Hope both get to celebrate New Year holiday , at least for Rachel
  11. I love that PPC's dramas already on promotions, even on jtbc ig highlights. So much anticipation for both PPC. Their couple power definitely bring the best! Anw everyone have a blast holiday!
  12. Daebak! The teaser looks amazing! No one can stop you running towards your dream, Park Saeroy! the beauty of youth~ and we also Phew~ and glad to see Record Parks Sounds like they had prepared for more amazing clips!
  13. unnie, hyung, and maknae? I wouldnt be surprised if both girls had conversation about 'unnie' ... anw love to see the girls having fun relax time and short reunion in the middle of filming period... or maybe they will have short break for Christmas..who knows...
  14. I knew it. She read my mind Lets keep up same day update ,PPC! She look so beautiful even from far away....
  15. Beautiful wedding moment So beautiful PMY...even dir was shocked to see her beauty...And all the guys will feel the same way~ like PSJ said. And I do listen to this LYJ version sooo many time. It's a lovely lullaby hehe Aww her touched look ahh too bad they skipped his singing part in dvd commentary. PMY was surprised, ready to compliment his singing more but they skipped..hehe Oh well overall she loves the proposal scene
  16. okay guys lets not be questionable about dvd anymore. Whoever own it, it is their right what to do with it, their happiness. Those who dont, God thankful there are kind people willing to share happy moments of wwwsk. Be thankful. Dont question it. This is about wwwsk, we all here are fans of that amazing blockbuster drama and blockbuster couple. Yes everybody here are adult enough to think about the dvd contents. Everyone who came to this forum also read about the dvd contents. we all share about dvd, regardless which platform used. Maybe some here mad becos some use it like their own(when the real owner said No Repost). Maybe some here just mad there are over sexual description abt the scene(which is not..to be honest). gosh, PPC both have other bed scene in their other dramas too and their fans have their own wild imaginations of it too lol. PPC dont bother. But keep in mind, woman hurts more than man. As PMY said in dvd, there are other more fun to see than just bed scene. The whole wwwsk dvds are freaking fun and adorable #nospace #happy #flirting #ppclooksreal #laughable collections. PMY and PSJ are happy too. okay everyone. I hope my last post will be the end of dvd discussion okay. Hate it, tell their agency. Love it, keep it yourselves. Or ... we can discuss the fun here ^^ just discuss. Only good fun vibe here. (thats why so many times I told you guys to buy one~ see? you miss the whole fun! but still can buy the japanese dvd..well I can say it cos I own one lol)
  17. why suddenly the issue of dvd? Of course the bts bed scene it is nothing compare to US series whatsoever...like @twoparkcouple said.. this probably happen that people hope no release of the bts bed scene. Keep wtv thoughts to yourselves if you saw the clip already. Even the wall kiss scene gone crazy in weibo .. lol No worries . PPC level of #nospace is beyond haha. thats all matters to us,right? Keep up the fun vibe here
  18. how cool it is that the word cosmos and the wiping nose sound can be put into a single word. Creative! Aww PMY so adorable. She's always adorable I know but she's more adorable whenever things relate to PSJ, relate to wwwsk... like her cuteness went all out. I love seeing how she always have fun.. love her smile, lovely
  19. awww these two can she not be more obvious? (pmy, you can keep on doing it.We love it ) Reminiscing this moment of lyj.. Why dont she just put this one of LYJ instead? It will be a great wallpaper hehe (this lyj photo was posted by tvn forreal)
  20. we are going to get more updates of them in jtbc! kyahhh I like side by side posts JTBC! Get ready to get all the likes!
  21. awww same day update yayy! PSJ looks energetic after not feeling well. I guess he rested well, had a blast birthday party too. I wonder if his neighbour wish him birthday haha. Happy to see him happy ~ And PMY wow she glows! Looks like she hinted the possibilities of Busted 3
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