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  1. PSJ x Cellreturn new ads *heartattack PSJ only full version I can see his flawless skin even in dark red light. Suddenly Park Yonghu in mind
  2. ohoo...ParkPark~ similar daily life... similar gesture... similar expression... similar smile...
  3. alcohol day? black attire day? or telling her ... "girl, you need to drink conditiondrink when you go out for a drink" Okay PPC~ I get it~ enjoy your day~
  4. well hello there SAME DAY UPDATE caption: 33 years old PSJ. company dinner with staff today. Lets go till the end with this @conditiondrink hehehe I dont know what was actually his real purpose but I LOVE it!!! Love to see him update today too
  5. Old pic but she is SO G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S Rachel, we dont mind if it is old pic. You can just upload everything cos you are definitely beautiful in all of it! caption : Yeongwol's dongdongju (traditional liquor) than Rome wine. well...you can spoil a bit filming in yeongwol you know~ haha I'll just wait
  6. OMG! I've been hoping this week will be PMY week. Screaming out, waiting for IFY updates then boom! Hello there Haewon~! Life feels unfair.. How can she looks like a teenager when she's not in her teen age anymore? *hit myself Mignon looks really cute even from far away I loveeee Rachel in school uniform~ p/s : my wish to fill up my weekdays with IC and IFY together but sad that IFY will be release one month later huhu
  7. PSJ for Benchtm black and white background makes him look hot..and I like his pose whenever he touch his neck heee
  8. uuu woww their house wear pretty much the same as the webtoon I need a whole new movie for wwwsk 2!
  9. My heart just 'kyahhhhhhhh~~~' shimkung~ when he said saranghae. That gaze...And her smile was just.... his words sound so real kyahh
  10. I just need to repost again. haha she just wore tshirt and maybe jeans yet she glows I can see why guys really love seeing girls in casual look.. like someone Hearing her voice is just beautiful
  11. Finally change topic.. kindly continue in DM,mate Anyway, I'm not a person who know much about jewelry, eventho I see PSJ and PMY have so many beautiful collections. Some really looks like limited edition. wow Anyway I love it that I see that they have similar collection. Chain collection..haha Chain bracelet, chain necklace.. just happy to see it Chain couple
  12. One day business trip ~ OPPAAAAAAA Seeing how he walk fast, reminds me wwwsk ep 13 where LYJ got back from business trip and cant wait to see Miso haha
  13. she has the same hairstyle when she went for dpc event. Definitely a throwback photo. And she's in the middle of drama filming haha. She dont have time for holidays even in Korea
  14. If revealing relationship, next, people will ask about marriage. haha Its good to get marry but marriage can only be decided by them. But... people keep asking. haha Rather prefer for them to just have a quiet, unreveal relationship.
  15. kyahhhhhhh So goodlooking! *heartattack again His vibe telling 'Park Seo Joon~ coming thru~' . Maybe can add Come Thru bgm Safe flight back and forth..proceed on filming? Very cow Seojoon..fighting! ( psstt captain you can stop by anywhere buy soup and vitamin supplies...you know.. haha)
  16. uhuh neighbour wasn't being careful? LOL jkjk It is really freaking cold in korea now. Hope she can gain back energy and stay warmth and eat more vitamin to be VitaMinyoung back Leon, take care of your mommy!
  17. I got double heart attack today with their same day update (we are in love vibe lol) pmy:hey baby looking good there psj: ouch my heart. you're beautiful girl. wait till I get home with soup. (sorry just a little delulu mode hahaha) Oh goshhh their perfect visual , perfect figure, beautiful heart... I'm crying seeing this. They are just so beautiful together I just need some moment to get myself back *sniffsniff They came out at the right time when PPS missing them. Like...they can read us haha.
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