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  1. YES YES this is what we need Namoo! she is like sooooo damn glowy in the photoshoots for more photos: http://naver.me/FYJHzRRd Master of Magazine shoot!!! (credit namooent) Love you too Rachel !
  2. my reaction of her ig post for today: awww mommy~ that's a beautiful piece of melody~ She always working on important day haha. its okay. tomorrow or later can still celebrate it. hehe thanks for celebrating Valentine Day with us , PPC heart for you, heart for me~
  3. #teamsameday update too And I'm agree with this! It feel just perfect seeing PPC in a same day tomorrow 14th Feb is such a wonderful day too. I hope these two update tomorrow. Or... are they aware enough what day is tomorrow? We just hv to wait and see then haha lovely 130220 !
  4. I love this relationship ! SHJ:#psj#itaewonclass#jtbc#frisat#prospers#itaewonclass#psjhwaiting#iloveyou^^ PSJ : Thanks to you sunbae-nim , (IC) received so much good energy from early phase. I love you SHJ : I'll see you soon~ take care~^^♡ (in aegyo sound) aegyo with PSJ is sooo cute I wish this cute relationship last long~
  5. @tali58 Well if it has great casts and they reach the anticipation of everyone for the series, why not? Haha. But of cos it will be hard for everyone to imagine the new version, new names, diff background, diff feels to it... sobsob And if money is not the case, I'm guessing there might be more explicit contents which wont get through korean broadcasts haha.
  6. @tali58 well it was said that many approached Bong director (including Netflix) for the parasite series and he chose to do with HBO. So he agreed to do it but yeah it is clearly will be complete english version with hollywood stars, since it was said that Hulk star,Mark Ruffalo was offered the main role. So... means that it will be complete new casts. Sobsob Well I was hoping korean industries themselves will do the drama vers. Or maybe Parasite 2 for further the behind story of the Parasite 1. Haha. Oh well.. too bad we could hv see more what PSJ can offer us through Minhyuk..
  7. Must be secret spicy relationship ho ho ho. I hope the Minhyuk in the movie will be the same person as Minhyuk in the HBO series. In short, I wish he is PSJ Lets go Hollywood PSJ!
  8. If this prisoner happens to escape from the prison, I.dont.mind.if.you.want.to.hide.in.my.house.cos.you.are.handsome !
  9. Lovely lady Idk why...she look diff...so beautiful And another HighCut bts and closeup the pictorial This is sooo freaking amazing!
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