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  1. Hey gorgeous! I definitely love seeing her tied her hair. Work it girl! even more gorgeous the moment she got closer
  2. well Hello there Rachel! She looks super excited for the fashion show got ready soo early~ Good morning too? haha. Good morning to you too Rachel definitely expected same day update hehe
  3. Good Morning daddy Daddy is waiting to see mummy rocking on the Tods fashion show I wonder if he's on break or took this pic before going to work...... anyway dont forget to check out Rachel ! haha oh wow IC 2nd presscon?? What? No idea why there will be 2nd presscon..
  4. Fascinating to see him excited for his 10M followers achievement Worldwide man~ Thank You to you too PSJ !
  5. Oh yeah~! new MYlog I m hoping it's her own channel of MYlog pleaseee cos it is hard to just wait for Namoo to update lol
  6. JTBC love Look at them. Aren't they so lovely together? Seeing them side by side is just....LOVE~ ❤❤❤ I like the presscon theme..sky blue.. same both hii~
  7. so beautiful seeing her this close she always taking care of other ppl from slipping off while capturing her photos. so sweet! 'Joshimhae!' sweet ppc she radiates sweet vibrant love this photo masternim! Thank you for her lovely photos today!
  8. So cute! she is so petite! such a lovely vibe for today. What style will she wear for the event? Cant wait to see her rocking the Milan fashion week
  9. His update for today! great food and great coffee for whole day filming! Cheer up for today's filming so sweet worldstar CWS. love their friendship
  10. I can watch this the whole day and repeat again! She is soooo freaking beautiful! She glows! Park Spring
  11. cant wait too! I've already feel the sadness and warmness through the 5 mins highlight, it definitely will be a good drama
  12. PMY looks so beautiful and lovely at the IFY presscon love evrything! ohoo missing this! only them do this
  13. I've just noticed her update today huu Yes dear you do believe the outcomes are great cant wait for IFY too!
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