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  1. Nahh no need to tell them hints or so.. solid fans mostly know. They are well-known having more infos ahead than what we know.. But usually they don't comment here on ship world... hoho
  2. It's been 2 years... 2 years.. 2 years has passed on... 2 years with still 'destiny' playing around PPC.. 2 years with so many 'destiny' that even myself find it too obvious to called it just coincidence... Ha ha ha My reaction to all these past posts Mind your space. This is PPC space. S.H.I.P.P.I.N.G.P.A.R.A.D.I.S.E.F.O.R.U.M But thank you to those who supporting PPC, of course individually PSJ and PMY also
  3. IT SHOULD BE LONG TIME AGO I can't really accept you as part of pps. PPS that care about PPC wouldn't do this. What's with the bold word? Gosh stop it already. If I see your name again talking such things again I will just ask admin to delete your acc. Go else where to talk then. I'm so annoying right now.
  4. Omg dear congrats! Great news! Well I'm expecting more hotness for IONTBO ep 16 kiss scene beside just them laying on the bed at the end..but somehow happy it also listed in Tvn hot bed scenes (not to compare with wwwsk cos I love the drama too. But still wwwsk cant be beat) Tvn should be really thankful to all these couples haha
  5. @Smwhrnthrth PMY running a cafe should be a news that she will tell her fans just like how she reveal that she owns a studio and show it to us in her vlog. Till then there is no proof that saying she owns a cafe. Till then we just hv to wait for her words Well I'm happy to see PMY taking some times off from celeb world and focus to herself, some sharing through her vlog. She's been busy for past years, hope she can rest well and choose the best next project
  6. Anyway... 100M views?! Now it is 102M?!! celebrating the awesomeness! Wow wow really why....hahaa what could be the reason?
  7. @endensiaHaha I feel the same. At least every week is PPC week. Or mybe they did plan to post on same week...like same week ytb upload... Hahaha
  8. Hi @Hanyeoun!

    Thank you and best luck to your future! Stay awesome! :gangnamstyle:

  9. I loveeeee his delicate stares (credit ig:parkpark_couple_luv_owner) Thank you for sharing Did anyone notice her hand? Gosh so far the only lady that can touch him with ease haha
  10. Everytime new kdrama kisses been discussed and someone recommend to watch wwwsk ep 13 kiss scene, at least 1M views will contribute to the youtube number views. For that, I would like to say thank you, big gratitude and God bless you! Not just the kiss, people will end up watching the whole drama. And they will love PPC too, and pps family became bigger!
  11. That post for the last few hours ago... I can only laugh abt it. LMAO I've been in silence mode for a while..kinda crazy to see such assumption.. Well such assumption happens to lmh and kge also so... Haha same same (it happens to other couples too) But then again pls, this is PPC forum. Let's keep the happy vibe Ulala~ 80M! Beat up most kpop MVs (shook!) This is really a legend to TvN. Until that day when suddenly TvN wanted to make a special award, event, TvN should give special awards to PPC for Most Loved Couple, The Greatest Kiss, The Best RomCom and more more more!
  12. So cute!! I'm glad ppc soompi forum came back alive (so glad!) and with this new look. I might cry out so bad if we lost all the great memories here. I like this better! Kudos to admins and dev team!
  13. Their "MUSIC IS MY LIFE" is my MUSIC!! Let the DESTINY continues!!! (I just find this cute lmao)
  14. Hey guys I forgot that Monday, 6th July was a very important day.. Anw.. H A P P Y B E L A T E D I N T E R N A T I O N A L D A Y!! (Wall Kiss Naver unrated Version) ulala~ we should never let this masterpiece buried. Oh my hot hot! All your kissing dream relies in this gif... HAHAHA
  15. So cute Anyway she added caption lol Well we are okay with just the blue love emoticon haha Happy to see her update! I'm sad no Record Park. I couldn't wait until another week! But still.. Who is more cuter?
  16. Park Seo Joon nominated as 100 Sexiest Men In The World 2020 Let's go for Top10!! Vote at instagram @entertainment_awards
  17. Wow milestones! Her followers number increasing.. Her vlog view numbers increasing.. More people get interest in her.. For a vlog beginner, she reached such a great achievements. kudos to PMY! For more milestones achievement!
  18. That...her face woke up in morning? Wayyyy different than me I'm totally a mess when I woke up HAHA (if anyone here read True Beauty webtoon, you'll understand haha. I still have eye brows..not that bad lol) I saw many boxes of chilli Kimchi she made. She gave to her close friends and colleagues. I mean ppc admit they are close colleagues too so.. neighbour also can get one, right? Why not.. Anyway, her chillie Kimchi looks more tempting in this vid than in MYlog. Yummy...but I wonder how spicy it is. She really can handle the heat wow Respect!
  19. It feels great to know that PPC both have same taste in food. I need to make compilation them eating haha
  20. Style that we won't be able to see in the magazine I must say kudos to her vlog editor cos the bts footages from cosmo photoshoot looks great. As if this editor works for magazine footages!
  21. Let's enjoy new story! What if YDH came as a new recruit fell in love with his sunbae, KMS and clueless her didn't notice his feelings and he quit and came back as....! "Am I too young for you?" *heart attack HAHA Well I like Seojun in this drama cos he looks like oppa next door I'm seeing this story as PSJ and PMY take this young guy heart ~
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