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    5 hours ago, twoparkcouple said:


    after watching kor and jp ver dvd, i felt ppc thought that "my body is yours and your body is mine." :joy: you know what i mean..:rolleyes: their skinship is tooo natural...ppc do not care where they touch each other's body..not surprised at all and just accept it naturally..even ppc staff also were not surprised at all.


    and what ppl who watched bts in dvd say in common is that.."before watching dvd, i thought psj was more into pmy. but after watching dvd, i felt pmy was more into psj." ..:sweat_smile::lol: I think ones who watched dvd can understand what i mean....:D


    So true :D oh gosh their skinship...It just not normal if it's just work colleagues, right? And PPC knew that there will be dvd to be release, and they kinda admit their bed scene was too hot and might be include in the dvd, and still they are behaving so sweet to each other till filming ended....


    Dont need to desribe more what else than favoring each others' necks :lol: like you said haha. Naturally... yes 'natural' is the right word to describe their comfort. What naturally two people liking each other do.


    I dont care what others wanna think abt what Im saying, they might think Im lying or I made up story  cos PPC are freaking into each other !! For real!!:lol::lol:


    I'm totally agree that I see pmy more into psj haha. And of cos I can see the sparkling love gaze between PPC;)

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  2. 1 hour ago, twoparkcouple said:

    wow~pmy is sooo smart in busted season2. especially ep.10. i understand why busted members all said pmy was the smartest.:thumbsup:


    Im gonna slowwwly watch from 1st ep 2nd season haha. Actually, I already finished two eps. PMY definitely the brain of the team. :smiley::thumbsup: 


    If me, I might the same level as the maknae line hahaha. Wow. She can get the hints and answers so quick. Amazing!

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  3. 14 minutes ago, luffie said:

    @quietobserver You mentioned that PMY moved into a new place... Is she still PSJ?’s neighbour?


    No no. :sweatingbullets: Im not saying pmy was the one who moved into new place. I was referring to PSJ's makeup artist ig story that was mentioned by @Flowerone96 above. The one with the wwwsk clock. 


    Pmy still lives in her current house, yes still psj's neighbour.;)

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    1 hour ago, Flowerone96 said:

    I  want that clock too! Haha.. I bet they all got one inc PPC:P Btw, can someone translete it? 


    "Finally can make use of this clock."


    Looks like she (psj's wwwsk makeup artist) just moved into new place.:D congrats to her for her new home.


    My question is .... why showing the WWWSK gifted clock?:rolleyes: HAHA

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  5. I'm wondering what her caption means.


    Was she just promoting her new drama or..

    She miss her Beans and hope to see everyone soon or...

    She miss the trip and hope to go there again when the weather is nice ...


    :lol: so many!


    Anw, she looks sooo gorgeous:love: And her new drama filming place is so beautiful with autumn scenery. :heart:Cant wait to fall in love with Haewon in fall season theme!


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  6. :relaxed: yahhh...

    The beauty of The Drunken Scene...


    Yes @zashi23 he definitely love her cuteness and that was definitely his genuine reaction to her. 


    I still rmb PSJ said he was kinda sad that the drunken icecream scene wasn't broadcast. He said he found it so cute. And he likes her natural acting. PSJ was all smiley talking abt it.:P 

    -psj's commentary


    And after I see that drunk kiss scene, I've noticed that PPC peck kisses is just not peck kiss, it is always full-covered-lips-peck-chapp! kiss :lol:  . Oh okay... smack kiss :joy:

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  7. Lets just .... dont bother with other shippers. (seems like there are no probs with other shippers than that only specific one lol).


    It's always the way to keep ship sailing. You will see many kind of delulus from pmy's drama shippers, even some that makes you scratching your head :sweatingbullets: . Gotta do anything to make otp together.


    We just stick to ours. We have our own code of sharing and spreading the fun abt PPC.(eventho I see some looks like familiar to what pps always do hmmm haha wtv). Even surprise to see they do come lurking here checking us :joy:

    (So they saw we talk abt montblanc,LA,dog bdcake,neighbour, etc hahahahaha)


    They talk bad abt us? Pftt. Dont bother. They dont have any other else to do. We got plenty things to say abt PPC. I like it when PPC are busy. They are doing great. We get a lot from them. We can see them everyday. PPS posts also increasing. And let us reach the 2000 pages too! More to go with PPC! 


    Lets smile always!


    bgm: Can~ you feel~ the love~ tonight~:lol:


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  8. 1 hour ago, Flowerone96 said:


    Is that sth like interactive game? You can choose your own story path game or is it a fighting game? (i used to play samurai warrior back then:sweatingbullets:)So the one where she wore kim miso outfit is also a part of it? 


    I think it is like a storyline game in historical background. 




    No idea of why Kim Biso appearance:joy: but I guess it is just for the cf. Just have to wait it release next week.:blush:

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  9. Bcs the bed scene and added bed scene were sooo hott that the whole world gonna be so shocked seeing it :joy:  I just hope my fellow pps wouldnt get heart attack thats why should refrain from showing it:sweat_smile:

    Thats the real thing, ppl will wonder if it's really just acting or not haha.


    It's the power when the King of Kiss and Queen of Kiss met up and boooom! HAHA


    Let me add up. No awkwardness, smiled till ears, so much comfort during that ep 13 kiss shot. Haha. 

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  10. 33 minutes ago, Matilda_Anne said:

    @zashi23 owh dear i think we are not talking about the same issue hehe.. what i meant is, i saw on ig that one of HPL shippers was using our names to intimidate one of PPS saying how we hated her(i think both of them hv some issues).. i mean i dont like what this PPS did bfore but i dont hate her. i dont even know her.. but y this person tried to drag this forum’s PPS into their personal fights..  so childish tsk tsk 


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    Lol even if I see this, I dont hate my fellow PPS. I'll welcome fellow pps igs owners if u guys want to post here. :kiss_wink:


    With remind.... no spreading hates:D

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