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  1. That...her face woke up in morning? 

    Wayyyy different than me:sweatingbullets:

    I'm totally a mess when I woke up HAHA


    (if anyone here read True Beauty webtoon, you'll understand haha. I still have eye brows..not that bad lol) 


    I saw many boxes of chilli Kimchi she made. She gave to her close friends and colleagues. 

    I mean ppc admit they are close colleagues too so.. neighbour also can get one, right? Why not.. :P


    Anyway, her chillie Kimchi looks more tempting in this vid than in MYlog. Yummy...but I wonder how spicy it is. She really can handle the heat wow Respect! :omg:

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  2. Well I don't mind what his contents. Eventho he wasn't being talkative and show more of bts on his works, ppl still watch it and boom.. 1st ever actor received Golden Button. 

    Just saying everyone still loves it:D

    He try to do things eventho he's introvert than what we usually see him on screen. He is a fun guy but he's more like a reserve, calm, relax approach kinda guy. 

    I'm happy he's willing to show more than usual. 

    But no worries, I guess he will show more. Who knows, he might feel the challenge from neighbour lol jk


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