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  1. Wowww Almost the end of 2019, and still in 2019, WWWSK received tremendous love. Congrats for the 1st spot!
  2. I just loveee seeing ppc showing their new hairstyles Delulumode: And it feels like seeing them video calling, showing her hairstyle to him hehe Missing them together... Happy Sunday fellow pps!
  3. He was filming till dawn and the weather was so cold.... and its first snow... must be really cold filming outdoor huhu. Winter Fall~ And soon his birthday yayy~ Stay warm always PSJ!
  4. He must be enjoying the Nice Weather... So many ig posts of him. Love that we can see him update his ig! Looks good!
  5. The weather looks nice... He looks nice... Should I go and find him? LOL Love seeing his killing smile
  6. That 77 mins must be a legendary mindblowing footage that we can nvr see Even with the released dvd, I'm already shook with their closeness.... I might get heart attack if I see that 77mins footage LOL
  7. So true oh gosh their skinship...It just not normal if it's just work colleagues, right? And PPC knew that there will be dvd to be release, and they kinda admit their bed scene was too hot and might be include in the dvd, and still they are behaving so sweet to each other till filming ended.... Dont need to desribe more what else than favoring each others' necks like you said haha. Naturally... yes 'natural' is the right word to describe their comfort. What naturally two people liking each other do. I dont care what others wanna think abt what Im saying, they might think Im lying or I made up story cos PPC are freaking into each other !! For real!! I'm totally agree that I see pmy more into psj haha. And of cos I can see the sparkling love gaze between PPC
  8. I miss their dorky moments too! Of cos in dvd, they always have fun teasing, smiling, hitting and all. I feel happy seeing them happy. Good happy vibes. I love this song... "wanna be your girlfriend yeah~" hihi
  9. How does it feels like being so close to psj's neck? Kyahhh Yeah neck probably is a thing for them already haha. Holding neck, sniffing neck, neck with moles, neck tie, brushing neck...
  10. Im gonna slowwwly watch from 1st ep 2nd season haha. Actually, I already finished two eps. PMY definitely the brain of the team. If me, I might the same level as the maknae line hahaha. Wow. She can get the hints and answers so quick. Amazing!
  11. She look super classy and elegant. Really glamorous with black and gold I like the hair style. It gave some kinda sophisticated glamour look. Now she's good at running a live show and really good at talking. Who knows, maybe one day we can see her very own show, PMY as an emcee gonna be so awesome! Gonna go watch Netflix Season 2!
  12. No no. Im not saying pmy was the one who moved into new place. I was referring to PSJ's makeup artist ig story that was mentioned by @Flowerone96 above. The one with the wwwsk clock. Pmy still lives in her current house, yes still psj's neighbour.
  13. "Finally can make use of this clock." Looks like she (psj's wwwsk makeup artist) just moved into new place. congrats to her for her new home. My question is .... why showing the WWWSK gifted clock? HAHA
  14. I'm wondering what her caption means. Was she just promoting her new drama or.. She miss her Beans and hope to see everyone soon or... She miss the trip and hope to go there again when the weather is nice ... so many! Anw, she looks sooo gorgeous And her new drama filming place is so beautiful with autumn scenery. Cant wait to fall in love with Haewon in fall season theme!
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