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  1. Your favourite color? PSJ: Yellow If you have to wear same clothes for a week? PSJ: (thinking) I need to prepare 7 same t-shirt then I like yellow now
  2. Yeah shipping in your own world thinking abt your favs only should be fun.. But not include the fun shaming other ppl. Those ppl really...they don't hv contents to post LMAO. Which is why their other 'fun' things to do is bashing, shaming and make fun/talk bad abt others They encourage more ppl to hate their ship and their fav stars for behaving like this. Then again, let's just click report for bad acc and comments.
  3. Of course you guys feel some kinda ring bells... Bcs it's their wedding anniversary! So far how was the married life ? I believe they already have alkkongdalkkong baby SEASON 2 PLEASE. SHOW US THE MARRIED LIFE!
  4. Most comments in the @tvn.asia post on ideal height difference couple voted PPC as the best couple! I believe tvn already saw tons of comments by fans wishing WWWSK season 2
  5. Spring Day is indeed a great song. I still do listen to it And here is Spring Miso I want to lay beside him... (I need her permission to do so, right? ) Love that we get to see PPC on the same day !!
  6. Bcs she was too busy gaming? Some things that she mentioned in her vlog today : - Almost 90% of her pretty photos taken by her mom - she feel depress as she couldn't travel overseas, so she started doing other thing :gaming! - she also workout and looking for next project - she likes to roam around, bought car since young age since she debut early and live with her family (need time alone, I guess) - MYfm soon after corona end~ (can't wait for that day Rachel!) - been listened to YJS's unit (Ssak3) song Other than that, let's enjoy her singing and enjoying music while driving I'm just too lazy to translate all so just few points mentioned
  7. I rmb somewhere around 2019 June when she finished her drama and we did not get her ig updates.. and at the same time... PSJ also was silent... Both were long silent.. That time also PSJ also getting busy for other promotion... I got the same feeling when ppc didn't update their ig before haha
  8. @zashi23 wow the posting numbers pretty much the same during wwwsk Anyway guys.... When will her c-dramas will be release? Will it be bury forever?? Gosh her hardworks
  9. I'm late but H A P P Y 9 T H Y E A R D E B U T A N N I V E R S A R Y! to awesome great dashing Park Seo Joon! You deserve all the love! Muahhhhhh
  10. Nahh no need to tell them hints or so.. solid fans mostly know. They are well-known having more infos ahead than what we know.. But usually they don't comment here on ship world... hoho
  11. It's been 2 years... 2 years.. 2 years has passed on... 2 years with still 'destiny' playing around PPC.. 2 years with so many 'destiny' that even myself find it too obvious to called it just coincidence... Ha ha ha My reaction to all these past posts Mind your space. This is PPC space. S.H.I.P.P.I.N.G.P.A.R.A.D.I.S.E.F.O.R.U.M But thank you to those who supporting PPC, of course individually PSJ and PMY also
  12. IT SHOULD BE LONG TIME AGO I can't really accept you as part of pps. PPS that care about PPC wouldn't do this. What's with the bold word? Gosh stop it already. If I see your name again talking such things again I will just ask admin to delete your acc. Go else where to talk then. I'm so annoying right now.
  13. Omg dear congrats! Great news! Well I'm expecting more hotness for IONTBO ep 16 kiss scene beside just them laying on the bed at the end..but somehow happy it also listed in Tvn hot bed scenes (not to compare with wwwsk cos I love the drama too. But still wwwsk cant be beat) Tvn should be really thankful to all these couples haha
  14. @Smwhrnthrth PMY running a cafe should be a news that she will tell her fans just like how she reveal that she owns a studio and show it to us in her vlog. Till then there is no proof that saying she owns a cafe. Till then we just hv to wait for her words Well I'm happy to see PMY taking some times off from celeb world and focus to herself, some sharing through her vlog. She's been busy for past years, hope she can rest well and choose the best next project
  15. Anyway... 100M views?! Now it is 102M?!! celebrating the awesomeness! Wow wow really why....hahaa what could be the reason?
  16. @endensiaHaha I feel the same. At least every week is PPC week. Or mybe they did plan to post on same week...like same week ytb upload... Hahaha
  17. Hi @Hanyeoun!

    Thank you and best luck to your future! Stay awesome! :gangnamstyle:

  18. I loveeeee his delicate stares (credit ig:parkpark_couple_luv_owner) Thank you for sharing Did anyone notice her hand? Gosh so far the only lady that can touch him with ease haha
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