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  1. I am sooooo happy that this half year end till next year we can see more of PPC on screen - Busted 2 - PSJ appearance in 3 Meals A Day - PMY attendance for AAA 2019 (who knows if we can see PPC at other year end awards) - Itaewon Class - If The Weather Is Nice, I'll Come To You I'm happy they get to do what they love to do and support each other
  2. @twoparkcouple it seems like her character is heartbroken but not sure what the cause so she went to the countryside..as if she was running away from the city. And she met the male lead there in the countryside... Is it the same storyline from the novel? Except the fact they change the female lead's job
  3. awww this is very nice PMY will totally kill that hairstyle . And maybe she will make pigtails hairstyle or maybe her famous bun hair hehe I'm imagine the background place would be something like Little Forest movie or Be With You movie. The mood is so calm and warming...But of course with a lot of snow~ So beautiful~
  4. If she has bangs, she will definitely kill the look. awww she will look cute just like the early 20 kimmiso hehe
  5. Leon mommy really good at making all sort of kimchi and just loveee cooking She looks beautiful and cute when she eat. Iamwell 's best muse! Lets have chicken ads next Rachel RACHEL AND LEON
  6. Hey everyone! Looks like captain is super busy (holidaying or filming ... not sure) . Just missing him so much! Since he will be appear in 3MealsADay, just happen to rmb him in TvN Youn's Kitchen 2 so... here's white shirty dandy dashing smart looking captain to fill up your day! Everybody just LOVEEE him One girl is very good at cooking, here one guy who can also help and cook. Just a perfect couple
  7. Kpopmap likes to exaggerate Only some are true. that was wayyy back before. Just one thing, he said everytime he get the question about ideal woman, it's always changing. (he seems not certain with his ideal women yet that time). What didnt change and he certain about his ideal women is they have the same conversation code and woman with pretty smile. This nvr change throughout all his ivs. kpopmap always takes part that they want,not really reliable.
  8. It is exactly as it stated about the possibility with PMY. But this media missed the part where he said people are unpredictable, so he can't say anything about possibilities with PMY and it's a matter that takes a lot of time but he do has good feeling about her. Maybe you can read again about their statement after dating rumor posted by Soompi.
  9. LOL I was checking banso's appearance in MR yesterday. Suddenly she post this morning watching it. haha. Maybe it is dark in the club scene, I dont recognise her if no one tells that was Banso haha.
  10. Welcome back @jingjaja Our PPC couple must be enjoying their chuseok holidays. Hope they had fantastic time with families.
  11. we always welcome PPC supporter welcome! and for those who've been waiting for this ( oh gosh it's me LOL), here he is! The handsome man
  12. I think they had so much fun with PSJ that they even upload him in their igs. (bcos I heard there are more male celebrities came) And of cos feeling sad to think it is the last filming for 3 Meals.
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