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  1. uuu nice weather to enjoy...I think she enjoys more at hot summer place.. Hope she has good time with her family... sleep as much as you want girll oh yeah. He went there before right? better checkout where's her hotel lol
  2. PSJ : "You've been away just for 2 days..I miss you already" *PMY with family* PMY : *smiling PSJ: PMY: PSJ : PMY:... ....never ending love shoot haha!
  3. tiredness or nervousness or not feeling well.. and his VitaMyoung went away for vacation... huhu haha Be strong captain!
  4. nahhh haha I think he was just nervous. At the beginning he was a bit off but after that he seems relax and smile. If he was having a bad day, he wouldn't wave to his fans after the event.
  5. Like he said, he is someone else when he's off screen. His real personality who's quiet and brusque, then suddenly being in public again ... but yeah yesterday he does look a bit more quiet than usual... like he has somekind of worries.. Hope that it was just nervousness... (there's so many going on my mind but I wont say it lol) btw his flawless skin getting more flawless than ever..I had to admit as a woman, I gotta hate him for having smooth skin at that age LOL
  6. I think he's just nervous being in such public event after a long hiatus. He's gonna be a lot more excited for the whole TDF promotion. He said he will be busy the whole July so maybe we can see him more..maybe appearance in variety show...I'm so excited!
  7. hey guys what do guys think about PMY's latest ig post? It was for yesterday's shoot right? And it was for an advertisement? What kinda ads with that sexy outfit?
  8. Namoo artists must be among most celebrities who got numerous false statements and bad comments etc. It even become a highlight celebrity news on Naver. Must be a big issue.
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