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  1. So I watched the highlight.... I couldn't understand a thing.... I don't need the subtitle for the highlight.. I want the whole 18 episodes in ENGSUB. That interesting for me, especially our four characters. I hope it won't fail my hopes cos I love the PD and the writer/s are promising too.
  2. Relationship Chart for PART 1. Still part 1. there are still three chapters so we dont know yet (re: my Togon x Tanya ship haha)
  3. Re: Kim Ji Won: Really amazing to see how she is now as an actress from a nobody rookie back in To The Beautiful You. I am so excited to watch her in a lead role. My last drama of her was The Heirs. .
  4. So based from the special episode, its Eunseom x Tanya and Tagon x Taeilha. Noooo.. I want TanYa x Tagon too . Hope there's a twist hehe
  5. I'm supposed to support this relationship but I realized Jung In's best friend is right: It's also cheating. I can't wait for them to get caught haha I am with the boyfriend but I also love what they are. TORN.
  6. No Direction and Is It You by Rachael Yamagata Spring Rain by Osear Dunbar
  7. Haven't seen yet because weekends are for KDrama and I want to savor the story (lol). But I have seen interest because I am into love triangles, etc. Also, one question, what is the title of the song? thank you
  8. @Chellsee: So there is really a love triangle? Any straight source? Coz I am excited too! Team Second Lead haha
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