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  1. I loveeee it! I have been wanting to have a dark melodrama in my list in every batch of ongoing drama I have and I'm so glad that this drama whose cast are my favorite chameleons in Korea is the one which suits my cup of tea.
  2. Not all. Her works also touches healing melodrama like Thank You (which is one of my top favorite, a drama about HIV), Innocent Man (revenge), Wonderful Days(family drama). So I am hopeful that this one will be more of family reconciliation and rekindling romance.
  3. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think I just finished one the best KDrama in history. Hm.
  4. This is one of the most interesting in the introduction for me. Faith and Love.... the lovebirds.... how will it reflect on their married life.. Also, I feel Ji Eun's husband is quite childish.... or was it seems like a forced marriage? Just like the new neighbors perhaps.. Speaking of new neighbors, quite fascinating that Publisher Husband is going to be working with Artist Lover. So many issues yet on the first episode.. To see how they will resolve it or pile more conflicts is what interests me. That goes the same with my other infidelity dramas. Just DRAMAS hah.
  5. Soo Bin is Ms. Studious due to parents' pressure. Can Joon Woo's appearance break her shell?
  6. Hello everyone. We're all struggling on this "no-sub" kdrama we all are eager to watch. So I suggest maybe.... we.... can.... scream some requests in this site? I remembered they also do they subtitle of their Korean Dramas and I like it better.. Thank you Let's tweet to them. or DM.
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