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  1. this is my first time to write comment on online drama forum. But this drama is so awesome and I couldn let this pass just by reading the others comments. i wont review the actors performance because we all know that all senior actor is the best and even the child actor got so much praise from the audience. What triggers me the most was the writternim's idea to convey a drama about education system. Sky castle reflect how poisoned education system in south korea. I am not from SK but Ive seen many SK student life documentaries and its worried me to see student have to study from 07.30 am till 5 pm in public school and still have to continue their studies till 11 pm in private education. They do that because of tight competition to be accepted in prestigious universities SKY(Seoul National - Korea Uni and Yonsei) woow i just realize its just coincidence that the acronym of these univ same with our drama title or it is the writernim clever way to bring the satire even from the title ??? hohoho They believes if you got accepted in those univ, you guaranteed to have brilliant carrier in big company. its so sad that their bloody effort only dream to be employee. all this sickening happen because korean society judge people based from their job and look. Korean society circle be like this : studied hard ,got SKY universities, become employee in hyundai, samsung, LG, or other big companies, with this background you will get handsome/pretty partner and your mother in law will smilingly accept you. No wonder SK parents will push their child to be good at studies and they tend to forget to ask what their child actually wanna do. all this pressure is lead SK to be number 2 highest suicide rate in the world. I hope with an increase in the rating, it means more people in SK watch this drama and for those parents who watch this drama will become open minded with their child's dream. No matter what your neighbor said, what your in law thinking, your friends see, Your child happines is above anything ! https://youtu.be/TXswlCa7dug https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jYBWBlEd0U
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