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  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to this thread. I recently started watching this drama and finally just caught up. The last few episodes made me decide to join in on commenting because it was pretty frustrating to watch. AJ is so willing to forgive all the crap that RJ did but so harsh and unforgiving towards ODO. RJ deleted her critical text message and phone call to ODO, which also in a way caused her to decide to raise her child by herself. Why be mad at ODO but not at RJ? RJ hurt HN more than ODO ever did. The fake news that came out was caused by the conflict between RJ and his agency. RJ was hiding from HN for a whlie and caused her anger and hurt. And what right does RJ have to be so upset with ODO? He's the one that deleted the text and phone call sent to ODO's phone from AJ. And what a fake person, he stayed friends with him for 14 years and not telling him this critical information while he watched ODO be lonely and sad while hating on AJ. RJ is also a coward. When he thought HN may be his kid, he initially was hiding from her. At least ODO didn't do that. Seriously, all the characters are flawed and were in the wrong. Why does ODO have to be made to apologize all the time? And he tries so hard for a second chance and to spend time with his kid, both AJ keeps denying him of. And their lack of chemistry doesn't help either. And I can't see how 4 men ended up liking AJ as she's not really a likable character and her poor handling of life situations also doesn't help either. There are 3 episodes left so I hope the characters redeem themselves. I really like the casting of HN as that was perfect. And it's nice to see the actress who plays AJ's mom. She was also in another drama playing a single mom that just ended recently and I liked her in both dramas. I enjoyed watching the 2 kids, their dog, and the bar lady. The gangster dad is also pretty interesting. PE teacher, I am also okay with. Don't really care much for the scenes with him and his mom. I'm rooting for ODO's happiness and to be able to spend time with HN, although I don't really care much for AJ. RJ can go to fall in his own poo again.
  2. Wow that's definitely one way to end an episode. Wish they gave us another minute of that scene before ending it. That deer better not interrupt again, even though it's funny to hear the deer mentioned again and that Sang In almost hit a deer. At least the deer is okay. Maybe it'll come back to interrupt Sang In and Juri as revenge. There are a lot of scenes I really love in this episode. Seeing KT and MY do a role reversal was something I mentioned that I hoped and expected to see. One is finally able to selflessly let go for the betterment of the other while the one that used to bottle his feelings can now freely express that he loves someone and is adamant about staying by her side no matter what. It's hilarious to see KT bombarding MY with his hysterical I love yous while following her. And it's hilarious the same music came on at the same time. I broke the repeat button. ST sitting at the staircase waiting for MY was so endearing and seeing him show her the picture he drew of KT smiling in his sleep is just such a beautiful scene. ST's character development is just incredible. I liked that the writers made Juri's mom the person who ultimately was able to make MY finally eat. Juri's mom is such a warm character and she's been a mom figure for all of them. So I thought it was nice she played a major role in getting her to ultimately eat. As one mom is the one that is emptying her, another mom is helping her fill up again. And seeing Sang In express genuine concern for MY while knowing her so well to understand that MY's fairy tales are her way of communicating with the world is really sweet. That exchange between Director and head nurse was also satisfying and meaningful. I have to say that the one thing still bothering me is it looks like the drama is really going with head nurse being the mom. Step aside Subway, plastic surgery really did become the ultimate PPL. Not only can they change faces beyond recognition, voices can be changed too. Along with fingers and teeth. Part of me is still hoping for a plot twist that they find out at the police station that she's really someone else. That her finger prints show who she really is and then we will hear a background story. I hope episode 16 will change my mind but I can't help but feel that head nurse being MY's mom would just be a plot device. Her character is also pretty 2 dimensional. There is just a lot that wouldn't make sense with her being MY's mom and it's not like head nurse being someone suspicious would surprise anyone. She was suspicious many episodes back. I do see good character development for MY if the mom she feared came back. It would be the ultimate cutting of the leash if she confronted her. But I'm hoping it's cutting of the leash having to confront this mom figure but that this isn't her real mom. And maybe they'll find DHJ's body at the bottom of the river and this fake mom is a serial killer with dissociative identity disorder. I can't believe we are down to one more episode. It's been such a fun time watching this drama. I'm both looking forward to the last episode and sad that it means the drama is over.
  3. Can we clap our hands for the superb acting of this amazing cast? And that particular scene where ST was feeding MY had me crying buckets. Wow are the writers really going there? MY's mom is the head nurse? Sure, she's been suspicious and being MY's mom has been one of the possibilities, but I'm hoping that's not the case. I'm wondering if there is a plot twist to this in which she is not actually MY's mom. Because with just two episodes left, if her mom actually comes back, that would be a lot to cover. I hope to see all lose ends tied neatly and a good ending that isn't rushed. My theory is that she has multiple personality disorder/dissociative identity disorder and she's not actually MY's mom but someone familiar with the cursed castle and family dynamics. Perhaps she was their previous housekeeper since the Moon brothers' mom was their new housekeeper. Perhaps she is a sister since Sang-In brought up the fact that MY's mom comes from a family of doctors. Whatever the case, I'm waiting for some kind of twist to this. It has been shown through out the drama that memories are not always accurate. So maybe MY's mom was not actually thrown into the lake like her father remembered. But MY did say there was so much blood coming out from her head. Her dad may not remember it correctly due to his brain tumor but what about MY? So how does she survive cracking her skull, come back with her brain fully intact? Also, I feel like these two episodes had some things that doesn't make sense to me: KT is a meticulous person. In a previous episode, the other caregiver couldn't find all the things patients were not allowed to have but were hiding so the head nurse told KT to go find them. KT found a bunch of things, if not all of it. How is it possible that he had to ask someone about a patient that's been there for quite a while? Dissociative identity disorder is no minor disorder either. And maybe this is just me but I find it strange that head nurse has short hair if she's actually MY's mom. MY's mom had long hair and forbid MY to cut her hair. Long hair was a big deal. And also, how was she there during that knife scene in episode 1? MY and KT were both in Seoul during that episode, did she take a day off from work? And that suicide dad who tried to kill his daughter had to be at a different hospital in Seoul, how did she get in to put that knife under his pillow? And what for? He was strapped to his bed. And she said she's always careful because of surveillance cameras. So did the room of that suicidal dad not have cameras so she could just go in and slip a knife under there? Anyways, can't believe there are only 2 episodes left. I want to see how it ends but I also don't want the drama to end.
  4. And here we go with the roller coaster of emotions again! Funny that it already feels like the calm before a storm with yesterday's episode. And indeed, here comes a thundercrapstorm heading towards KT and MY again. The drama has a way of taking us through the highs and lows with the characters and really feel their emotions. On the bright side, episode 12 has some really cute, funny, and touching moments before the intense and sad realization by KT. It's nice to know JS is now team MY! That scene at JS's pizza restaurant between JS, MY, and KT was hilarious. We've got some really good character development for ST this episode. So proud of him for being able to confront his fears, talk about what he remembers from that night his mom was murdered, and help a patient on the bus by comforting him. How exciting to see MY and ST finally get started working on MY's next book. And like KT, I too hope it will be a happy ending. It should be a happy ending and it better be a happy ending. I also enjoyed that little moment between MY and ST right before taking photos about being the real ST. This new ST is the real ST. Poor KT, what a mess of emotions to go through. It's sad to see him lash out at MY the way that he did. It can be so hurtful for MY. But on the other hand, MY is also the only person he can just let his emotions leak out. It's great that he did ultimately show up for the family portrait. Although I have to say, when he showed up, it felt like KSH making a cameo in the drama instead of KT showing up LOL. Maybe it's because I also just watched them play Jenga where KSH was wearing a suit and his hair was styled the same way. It seems with the preview of the next episode, someone wearing the butterfly pin is going to show up. Is it really going to be a character revealing themselves to be MY's mom? Some relative showing up? Or is Park Ok Ran returning wearing MY mom's clothes? Since the drama has a way with twists and turns, the answer usually isn't the most obvious one. I think it's possible that MY's mom may not have murdered the Moon brothers' mom. It's been shown that ST has a good memory but his memory of traumatic events has been half correct. Like with the falling into the water situation, KT saved him and ST was the one that walked away but he didn't remember that part. I'm wondering if the writers are going to make ST's memory of that night as only half of the story and it's missing the other half. Since Park Ok Ran brought over the envelope with the butterfly, are the writers going with Park Ok Ran being potentially the one that killed the Moon brother's mom? Maybe MY's mom came to talk to KT & ST's mom and then left. And then crazy fan Park Ok Ran heard their conversation and then came out to kill. Or was there something about it in the last book MY's mom wrote? I'm still curious about that book since the title indicates murder. And the head nurse is still suspicious. Will say, if MY's mom is out for revenge, one way is certainly to work at the hospital her dad is at and torture him endlessly with his memories. Looking forwards to see where the writers are going with this. Can't believe there are only 4 episodes left. Just something I do want to see in the upcoming episodes: MY walking away from KT for his own good and KT fighting to be with her no matter what. I just want to see that dynamic happen because it's always been MY chasing after KT, needing him, and saying she would never let him go. I do want to see her in a selfless act of letting him go for his own good. And then finally KT stepping up, chasing her, and fighting to be with her. Even if it's one episode, I would like to see the dynamics change.
  5. Wow Kang-Tae, talk about taking positive reinforcement to a whole new level. He always told MY to count to 3, I bet she will love counting to 3 even more now. After the heaviness of last episode, I love that episode 11 gave us so many happy, lovely, and adorable moments. I'm glad the episode went the direction I had hoped, slowly forming one big happy family. It's nice to see more character development from KT, ST, and MY this episode. For KT, he learned to express himself more, whether it is a real passionate kiss with MY or fighting back with ST. There is such satisfactory to see KT talk back and fight back and letting ST realize how much it hurts to get hit and that he should act like a big brother if he says he is one. I had hoped to see a more balanced real fight between them because that is more of what siblings do and how they sometimes resolve conflicts. They got closer after the fight, something I had hoped to see. For ST, he finally learned to share. He learned to share his food, the people in his life, and the money he had saved. It is a huge step for someone who had always been doing the taking and owning. It is great to finally see KT take a step back and ST take a step forward, finally creating a more balanced sibling relationship between them. MY learned to control her temper, express herself better when she is hurt, and also learned to ask people to be in her life. I think all of this is huge for all 3 characters. That scene where KT and ST were eating at the restaurant was such a sweet and adorable moment. I enjoyed it almost as much as KT and MY's kissing scene. ALMOST. ST as a character has given me a roller coaster of emotions because it is understandable why he acted the way that he did before. But on the other hand, it is also so abusive and unfair for KT. Yet, it is also partially KT's issue since he created this for himself. So I'm happy to see this getting resolved at episode 11. JR and SI going on a date was very cute. Have to say I was kind of surprised she agreed to go. JR's mom is so adorable pulling out that lipstick and putting it on her. And JS is hilarious, easily bought by MY with an order of a dozen pizzas lol. This is such a lovely episode but I do feel like this is the calm before a storm. MY's mom has a butterfly pin and ST saw a lady with a butterfly pin kill their mom. It could totally be a plot twist but seems like the drama is going in that direction of MY's mom killed KT & ST's mom. That scene in the basement showed a woman with short hair so I don't think it's Park Ok Ran breaking into cursed castle, unless she cut her hair. I wonder if Park Ok Ran might show up as a dead body suddenly. And the head nurse has done too many suspicious things so far. It could be another twist but the drama could be running with this story. Looking forward to tomorrow's episode. I want to see more KT and MY couple moments lol
  6. I think the Dooly story being brought up isn't about a birth secret but more that you can still be a family even if you are not related by blood. And as the drama progresses, it already seems like one big family is slowly forming. JR's mom is already taking on the role of mom for KT, ST, JS, slowly for Sang In and Seung Jae, and in the most recent episode, she cooked birthday seaweed soup for MY. And for MY, she could've had her steak dinner offered by Sang In but instead showed up to JR's house for a home cooked meal by JR's mom. And isn't birthday seaweed soup often cooked by one's parent growing up. Sang In is acting more like a big brother to MY. JS has previously mentioned in another episode he wished to be KT's brother but since KT already has ST and really needs a friend more, he became his friend. And based on the preview for next episode, MY wants ST to be her brother too. And it's funny it was brought up that the hospital president used to have a crush on JR's mom. I thought that was cute and I really like these two characters. I hope he still has a chance lol. One seems like a quirky but genius dad figure who resolve conflicts through blackmail and the other is a kind mom figure who gives good advice and cooks delicious food . It's nice to see Kim Chang Wan in a drama with Kim Soo Hyun again. They were awesome together in My Love From The Stars and they are awesome here.
  7. Best patient at OK hospital award goes to... Joo Jung Tae! The use of that fire extinguisher to put out the big nasty gossipy fire was so satisfying to watch. And for him to bite that caregiver, Cha Yong, was equally satisfying since he started the gossip. It's nice he defended KT and put a stop to what could otherwise be some seriously horrifying rumors. I feel like this episode is all about clearing the air and reconciliation. The reconciliation between KT and ST and between MY and JR. And even clearing the air between KT and JR. Although the reconciliation between KT and ST is not fully satisfying, it will have to do at the current episode. There is definitely more progress to be made as this relationship between KT and ST as it is right now is really toxic and abusive. ST is special, he does have a disorder, his way of perceiving the world is different, and he probably has a fear of abandonment, but it doesn't change the fact that what he is doing to KT is really unhealthy and unfair. ST belongs to ST and KT also belongs to ST? I look forward to next episode when KT looks like he is finally feeling a sense of freedom and when MY corrects ST that KT belongs to KT. And I hope this confrontation and apology helps relieve some of KT's guilt over what happened. It seems he has been treating himself unfairly and letting ST hit him, insult him, and also claim him as he has been feeling guilty and perhaps needed this as redemption for what happened. I know people need to have more understanding of those that are special but this drama also brings to light that we need to have more understanding of the guardians of those that are special. People are quick to judge guardians like in the beginning with MY and her father. People were saying negative things about MY without understanding that her father had tried to kill her. Even after him choking her, the nurses and caregivers went to her father to take care of him. Who asked MY if she was okay as she laid on the floor crying? Did anyone check on her after she walked away from the hospital? It was only KT that came for her in the rain and only the president of the hospital who asked if she was okay. And here, they have seen how KT is with ST for some time now and suddenly with one thing that ST says, and it's not even the truth, makes people initially gossip about KT like he's evil and abusive. Good thing Jung Tae put a stop to it, otherwise it would be so hard for KT to be around anyone at the hospital. Once again, I really like JR's mom for being a mom to all of them. Taking in these hurt and hungry children and feeding them good food. Sang In has gotten more wise and mature with each episode, showing more of how much he is like a big brother to MY and how much he does understand her. Jae Su and Sang In fighting is always hilarious. JR had redeemed herself a bit this episode for comforting KT and drinking with MY. I like drunk JR. Sober JR just never grew on me as a character but drunk JR is honest and a match for MY. It's interesting how MY and KT both dealt with their situations. When MY got choked by her father, she went walking on the side of the road. When ST had his horrifying outburst, KT also went walking on the side of the road. That's quite interesting how they both choose to deal with things this way. I was kind of thinking it is bad for MY to be alone at the cursed castle. Especially when last episode the hospital president asked KT to look after MY and protect her while they were eating at Subway. I'm still curious about the last book the mother wrote as it is about murder. Need someone in the drama to read it! It is still unclear if Park Oh Ran is really the mother or a fan of the mother's work. A part of me thinks it's most likely not. I guess we shall find out in 6 days. The wait is such a torture but I look forward to the next episode as it looks like there will be good progress made.
  8. LOL that deer... is the deer version of MY. I was wondering if the deer will make another appearance. I'm glad the deer is indeed still around. That scene was hilarious. I kind of didn't want to see their first kiss to be in the cursed castle, it was better that it happened during their trip. So it was a good save by the deer. I think the patients' love story is kind of also what is happening to KT and MY and what is going to happen to KT and MY. Jung-Tae and A-Reum were about to run away together. In the end, he decided not to because it wasn't right. They separate so they can become better and truly be together later on. MY and KT's conversation in the car about it and MY saying she is different because she would never let KT go makes me think that at some point, she would let him go for his sake. MY: Is he a fool? Why let her go if he loves her? KT: Because he loves her a lot. Sometimes, that's why you must let someone go. MY: So they broke up because they love each other? That's complete BS. I will never let you go. From the beginning, she was always chasing after him, needing him, lusting after him, and calling him her safety pin. It's good right now they are helping each other become better and heal but it's not good to always be needing him and chasing after him. The conversation between Sang In and JR is nice. I actually really like Sang In as a character, yes he's funny but his attitude towards what life throws at him is really positive. And what he says about MY shows he does care and know a lot about her. I don't think JR deserves SI at this point but maybe her character gets better. i'm still indifferent towards her as a character. I still think there are answers in the last book MY's mother wrote. And eyebrow twitching from the head nurse is making the drama head in that direction. But the drama is full of twist and turns so It'll be interesting to see if it's really the direction they are going. This episode threw a curve ball at the end. Although it can be seen coming since last episode that ST would lash out at KT, just the way it happened was totally unexpected. There a lot of parallels in this episode. MY and JR's childhood story is kind of what's happening to ST and KT here. MY and JR were friends for a while, and because JR starts hanging out with other kids, MY wanted to go back to being her only friend. So she does it by isolating her from kids and making them not want to be around her. ST wants to keep KT to himself so he starts screaming to everyone that KT tried to kill him and wished him dead. And that event at the lake that day does need to be resolved. Because from the drama so far, ST actually has a really good memory. Next episode seems like it'll be a really sad one. I hope through it, there will be breakthroughs for ST and KT. The rain before the rainbow. There are a lot of raining scenes in this drama, so I hope to see a rainbow soon.
  9. OMG hahaha I can see that. The Moon brothers have turned into such gangsters because of MY. But ST, how could you?! Aren't you guys the 3 brothers? And he used to eat your nightmares for you.
  10. Great catch about The King with Donkey ears being mentioned in MY's first class and being the title of the next episode. Poor Mang Tae, he got beheaded in episode 8. And from the looks of it, he will be executed by hanging in the next episode. Hopefully he will be okay and no sewing/mending is required. Just a guess, something happened after they happily left the hospital and MY got mad at KT. So MY hangs a rope around Mang Tae's head that night as she's fuming mad and KT is frustrated while laying in bed and saying he's out of his mind. And maybe it gets resolved and MY is happily tossing and turning in bed and holding on to Mang Tae again. Or there is a kissing scene in epi 9 and it makes MY happy as she's tossing and turning in bed while KT is laying in his bed saying he's out of his mind. Either way, I'm all for a kissing scene lol
  11. Yes, I agree. I also mentioned this from back in episode 6 when ST had that outburst about ST owning ST, KT doesn't own ST. It's about his independence and identity, despite his disorder. We will see more character development from ST in the coming episodes, which I think is about time as everyone else had more character development. And the relationship starting from this point on between KT and ST will change. In episode 8, there is this conversation between MY and KT after MY's fight with ST when she asked KT how he's able to bottle up his feelings so well when she couldn't: KT: If I just suck it up, nothing will happen. If I let my emotions get the better of me without thinking about the consequences, ST and I wouldn't have this kind of relationship. Keeping it all inside and enduring it, is the only way I can protect ST. Now that KT punched AR's abusive ex-husband because of MY and let his emotions out, didn't care about the consequence (his suspension), this will be the beginning of change in the relationship between KT and ST. I actually see MY and ST as more like siblings and their interactions are fun to watch. They play together, ST shared his rice with MY, bicker over KT's love and attention, and fight over toys (even if MT is really doll KT). There is more fair ground between them. KT is really the mother figure here. He cooks, he cleans, he sews, he cuts hair, he is a provider and a giver...unconditionally. Now that this is halfway of this drama, it would be nice to see KT start to experience the childhood he missed out on and for ST to experience more of what being an adult is like. Because really, if it's not for ST's disorder, a lot of how he treats KT is pretty abusive. How is beating the crap out of KT acceptable? And he did it more than once.
  12. Omo KT feeling jealous because of Daniel. Omo writer MY and fan#1 ST had such an intense fight. Omo they beheaded Mang Tae. Omo KT realizes he has feelings for MY. Omo KT removed his safety pin and punched that alcoholic ex-husband for MY. Ahhh he looks so happy getting suspended and wants to go on a trip with her! Today's episode was such a delight to watch. I'm really enjoying this change in pace as a lot has happened in this episode but it's not as intense as previous episodes. Yeah it's going to be torture to wait another 6 days to watch the next episode. KT and MY really helped each other change. KT jokes around more, smiles more, expresses his feelings more, and doesn't restrain himself as much. MY's "thug" tendencies (lol) even rubbed off on him since KT threatened the hospital president to bring back MY's class and punched AR's alcoholic ex-husband because of MY. MY smiles more, cuts her hair, wears brighter clothing, and learns to empathize more. When KT talks about why he made Mang Tae, MY had tears in her eyes and she valued the doll he made more. When they went to eat jjamppong, she tried to enjoy it after hearing that this is the place KT and ST used to go with their mom. Once again, I really like JR's mom for taking in the publisher CEO. I feel like he needs someone taking his side. He has been the emotional punching bag for almost everyone. It may all be really funny but he needs a break too. I wonder if MY has read her mother's last book because I think the title shows it's about murder. That patient Park Oh Ran does have such strange behaviors. Is she humming the song really because she is who they are implying that she could be or is it because she read all those books written by MY's mom and maybe that song is in it? Okay, I really want to rant about ST: Yes, ST has a disorder and it's also to be expected that he would feel jealous about KT and MY. But I still want to rant about how unfair, selfish, and hypocritical he is being. His fight with MY is pretty funny but then it's also kind of not. It's only been 8 episodes and how many times has he beat up on someone? Mostly KT and now MY got her hair pulled and a nosebleed? Was his reasoning to beat people fair? Yet he reprimands KT at the end of the episode for punching a guy who hit MY? So ST thinks he's allowed to express his anger and punch others but KT is not? ST keeps emphasizing he's the hyung and yet KT needs to be the responsible adult who is not allowed to show his anger or get in trouble? And he got so mad at KT for ripping up his contract that he pushed him out of the cursed castle and beats him up screaming ST owns ST, KT doesn't own ST. So why would he say here that MY can have doll MT but she can't have KT. And ST made KT agree to that. Shouldn't KT own KT, no one else owns him either? And he emphasizes he is his own independent person by signing a contract with MY to be an illustrator and moving in to the cursed castle without consulting KT, tells the publishing CEO and assistant that he can take care of himself no problem. Yet KT can't do the same and be his own independent self and make his own decisions? KT gives so much of his time, energy, money to ST. Yet ST has that money box which he doesn't want to show KT. Although yes, he wants to save up for a camping car because his brother doesn't like to move. But isn't a camping car just on the move permanently? When KT used to ask ST who he likes more, MY or him, ST always either hangs up the phone on him or doesn't answer that question. So in the next episode, he's going to ask that questions? What answer is he expecting? The actor who plays ST is super talented. ST as a character has his cute moments and his wise moments. I really like what he said about the body is honest but the heart is a liar. But still, that's a lot of inappropriate actions, hypocrisy, and selfishness.
  13. We now know that KT really likes jjamppong as a kid. It's nice to know more about what he likes, just purely what he likes for himself and unrelated to ST. He's a great caregiver and does seem sincere about his job and helping people, but being a caregiver is somewhat related to ST. When MY was staying at his place, she asked him why he became a caregiver instead of an actor since he's so good at acting, he said because of ST. Because ST keeps looking at his facial expressions. And not liking spring because that's when they would have to move again due to ST and the butterflies.
  14. Aww episode 7 has a lot of cute scenes between MY and KT and was so enjoyable to watch. There is more humor, smiling, lightheartedness, and understanding between them. And I feel like KT is now more comfortable showing a side of himself to MY that he doesn't show to others. I'm so looking forward to episode 8. Hoping there is a kiss next episode. There is so much of building up to it in this episode! It's nice to see more humor between them and he finally apologized for calling her an empty can. For someone who is such a good caregiver and considerate of others, that was very mean of him to say. But it was funny after apologizing, he said she's more like a thug instead. LOL. Fashionable queen thug. And MY waiting by the staircase for KT to come home was really cute. How he flicked her forehead shows how comfortable he is with her now. KT telling MY she did a good job by taking the shawl shows he's now more understanding of her actions. The ending of this episode was so beautiful. She finally cut her hair and that scene where she turns from the mirror and towards KT, eyes full of tears, is her cutting off her leash and also showing her vulnerable side. Once again, I really like JR's mom. She's helped KT last episode and this episode by giving him advice and to give a mother's perspective. KT's memories of his mom this episode brings to light that she did also love KT but had to be a certain way with KT due to ST and their circumstances. The story about MY's father and mother just keeps getting more interesting . There are so many possibilities and it's hard to say where the twist and turns would be. Especially what the father said to MY when she was walking away. I really like the honest dog story and if MY's books actually got published in real life, I would want to collect them all. I like the positive message of unleashing, unshackling, and unburdening in this episode. MY's long hair was very pretty but this short hair gives her a different look, very refreshing.
  15. It's finally the weekend! So looking forward to episode 7! The whole preview has me super excited. Are they finally going on a little trip? Are they going to have a little date? MY looks so good with that hair and wearing that black outfit. It's been a busy week and I feel super late to the episode 6 party. But even so, I want to comment on it since it was such a wonderful episode. I feel like episode 6 brought up a good discussion about identity, individuality, and codependent vs. interdependent relationships. Although codependent vs. interdependent relationships is mostly about romantic relationships, it can be also looked at in many ways. When KT ripped up ST and MY's contract at the cursed castle, ST's outburst was about him owning himself, that KT doesn't own him. I was surprised by this but it does make sense. This episode shows us that even ST wishes to be his own person, to be an individual, despite his disorder. Then when KT walked out of the cursed castle by himself, there is the flashback to when they were kids and little KT said KT owns KT. Both brothers desires to be their own individual self, but that line got blurred and it became unclear where one individual ends and where the other begins. Next we see this brought up again with the talk between KT and JR's mom at the rooftop. I'm starting to like JR's mom. She's like a mom to them all, gave him advice, and she was actually really nice about things even when JR had some hair pulled out and crying in bed. And then the identity and individuality part was brought up again when ST and the publishing CEO met and ST introduced himself to them as the new illustrator with his name, age, disorder, and said he is perfectly capable of taking care of himself. Next, we see it here about that camping car. ST made the decision to sign the contract, he wants to be an illustrator, but he also desires to have that camping car because of KT. I feel like that is showing slightly what an interdependent relationship between them can look like. Also, when MY asks what KT likes when the camping car was mentioned, he says nothing in particular. So far, we can see a lot of ST's interests and hobbies, he likes MY's books, drawing, and dinosaurs. But really, what does KT like and what are his interest and hobbies? And with KT moving in with MY at the cursed castle, there is even a reaction from KT's friend and MY's publisher. KT's friend screamed "come back to me!" from their rooftop and MY's publisher CEO says he is MY's publisher, mentor, brother, and man. One is doing the owning and the other is having an identity crisis. There is so much I like about this episode. The Bluebeard story, the possibility MY's father choked her because he had mistaken her for someone else, the pseudo mom that brought such an intense reaction from MY, and that ending. That episode ENDING was awesome. I have never seen a drama bring up sleep paralysis and depict how scary it is so well. And her telling him to run, to get out of here, despite her tightly grabbing his shirt and how scared she was. This really changes things for them. Before, she kept calling him a pretty thing, scrumptious, an object, showing an obsession. And even at the beginning of the episode when she wanted them to live together, she said she saved his life and that she would kill him for leaving. The reaction from KT was to loosen her grip. Finally when she tells him to run, even though she was so scared, did he finally say he will stay.
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