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  1. Loving this drama more than ten miles peach blossom. Nini is beautiful
  2. The new BTS DW fighting scenes on weibo looks so nice aswell! He looks like he's giving it his all
  3. Yayyyyy we've moved onto season 2! Loving the pics on weibo of Dylan Wang he looks great and got that too cool for school look. SYYR looking great as usual!
  4. Oh I seen this on insta too! Somehow that woman doesn't look like MSS to me? Should be the same actress played by Yuan Bing Yuan but that doesn't look like her...... Hopefully not lol and her hairstyle seems to have changed to no bangs
  5. I've seen a few posts on weibo(not sure if official accounts) but MSS will also still be played by the samg actress. In another video found on YouTube it initially said she would be replaced. Makes me kind of worried if some of your predictions were right about her having such a sweet/overly long story with NQ because she's a bigger star than SYR? and they might demand more screen time for her
  6. You're right on point! As much as YHY is bad richard simmons everytime I saw her interaction with NQ I had to roll my eyes.. Was the same when it was NQ MSS it looks like NQ is in love with all these pretty women and with SS during later eps he's always got a pissed off looking face on like his mind wasn't really there? ?
  7. https://m.weibo.cn/search?containerid=100103type%3D1%26q%3D将夜#&gid=1&pid=2 If you click on the link and look through the posts you can see a Pic of Dylan Wang as NQ with a sword He's looking good
  8. OMG Thankyou for letting me know that. Was that in the novel? Do you know roughly which chapters so I can try and search it. If not that's okay I can only pray aunty will include that in S2 Update:found it just then myself through searching JunMo and SS in Chinese. And I'm dying at Google translate after SS touched Junmos face the translation was : "the vinegar was born and it was very angry" LOL literally Chinese to English translation of eating vinegar when jealous
  9. Now we have to wait another few months or a year to watch season 2 wish we didn't have to wait that long!!! Going to miss CFY as NQ aswell but also looking forward to Dylan wang as NQ and hoping he will fit the character! Also is there a place we can petition for SS to have a second male lead??? Lol it's always SS getting insecure or jealous I want NQ to feel the same in season 2 aswell
  10. Spoilers for ep 59-60 CFY acting in the last scene was really well done! I could feel the pain and loss if SS dies he looked like a helpless little puppy scared of losing his life
  11. I feel you! Same! My first show I watched of him was Tian Long Ba Bu 2003-classic amazing drama
  12. Haha from the stills it looks like Jun Mo and SS are matchy matchy in terms of clothing colour!
  13. Omg guys episode 55 so much NQ SS cheesy love!!! AMAZING and I'm so satisfied
  14. I've watched it and I love it! I watch it in between when I'm waiting for EN haha High production quality drama. 10/10 would recommend and they have it subbed on YouTube now
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