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  1. Quick one line summary: About multiple individuals at court struggling physically and emotionally to find power, love or both and more. It is more than just cheating. Took from the above post by Maltida_Anne: It has omedy, thriller, sex, angst, betrayal, murder..also revenge, mysteries.. Talking about cheating. Hmmm..Wonder if they were going to portray Sunny as a traditional female where she would have to constantly battle with the developing feeling toward WS since she was not only a married woman but aat the same time an empress (people's person) as well?
  2. Thank you. Wonder if anyone is going to sub this, wanted to understand the words/lyric. I am addicted to the beats/rhythm for now. It gives out a dark, intensed vibe.
  3. Anyone thinks Sunny will not like (if not dislike) Wang Sik at first? The way she looks at him makes me think so. I mean the guy has basically witnessed her every embarrassing/horrible moments so far. They leaving her hanging to die, her husband making up an excuse with works on their wedding night, and her husband violently pushing her aside. Haizz...if she doesnt learn by now that her husband doesnt love her, may God bless her.
  4. I expected that they would consummate their marriage eventually. But darn, for him to go to bed with his wife after he slept with his lover really made me feel bad for his wife.
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