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  1. Oh dang...she is getting smarter, knowing how to use the modern technology to her advantage (taking photos with her phone)...you go girl.. I love her calm, firm, and cold tone when she has the talk with the empress dowager.
  2. Not so sure..since I can't read Korean nor do I understanding the rating system. I depend on google translate https://wiki.d-addicts.com/The_Last_Empress/Episode_Ratings If you look at this site, not sure if it is a reliable source, but so far, the ratings are quite accurate. The TNmS numbers are not that far behind when comparing to the Nielsen numbers. So the % for ep 13 should be around 8 and for ep 14 should be 11, which will be higher than the 6.8 and 9.1?? Date Episode TNmS (%) Nielsen Korea (%) Nationwide Nationwide Seoul 2018-11-21 01 7.4 7.2 (14th) 7.7 (12th) 2018-11-21 02 8.1 7.6 (11th) 8.6 (8th) 2018-11-22 03 8.0 7.6 (13th) 8.6 (9th) 2018-11-22 04 8.5 8.5 (9th) 9.3 (8th) 2018-11-28 05 5.9 5.7 (20th) 5.8 (17th) 2018-11-28 06 7.0 7.9 (10th) 8.4 (9th) 2018-11-29 07 7.2 7.6 (13th) 8.0 (11th) 2018-11-29 08 8.2 9.3 (7th) 9.9 (5th) 2018-12-05 09 6.8 6.1 (18th) 6.8 (13th) 2018-12-05 10 9.2 9.3 (7th) 10.1 (5th) 2018-12-06 11 8.3 7.9 (12th) 8.3 (9th) 2018-12-06 12 10.1 10.5 (6th) 11.5 (3rd) 2018-12-12 13 - 8.2 (10th) 8.6 (10th) 2018-12-12 14 - 11.5 (4th) 12.3 (3rd) Ps. I am not questioning you or your numbers. I am just curious as to why the numbers are inconsistent from article to article.
  3. Some articles has stated the above/mentioned ratings. But there are a few has said that the ratings for ep 13 and 14 are 6.8% and 9.1% respectively. Why is there an inconsistency between articles?
  4. I think she will. The girl has to learn from her lessons right (well I hope so) otherwise...Well she has to be strong in both power/influence as well as mentality because the people she is about to butt heads are people in powerful positions (the empress dowager, the empress) and she has to be stronger in the mind to deal with cunning/sly ppl like Yu Ra. I am still iffy about the emperor character. I don't truly have a clear understanding of his character. He is psychotic in an immature childish way. He could be drugged when he did the deed with the nanny? But now with so many twists going on, I started having doubt the kid was even his...:D
  5. Ahhh...the twist...possible...nothing is impossible with this writer...I mean, who would expect for episode 7 to happen that way...so yeah, who knows...
  6. Welcome to the crazy but fun ride with the Last Empress thread. Very good question about the MPJ. I hope the writer didn't expect the audiences to assume both MPJ and WS died in the explosion because that would lead to the question as to why they both were in a car together. Somehow, sometimes, the writer will need to tie up all loose ends. You have to give the girl time to grow up, to change and to get familiarized with the game in the palace Plus, they still have 17 1 hour episode left for Sunny to create chaos and clean up the mess. ps EngSub for ep 7 (or 13-14) is out if anyone is interested. Just downloaded it. Will save it to watch altogether with the next episode.
  7. You guys are so wrong. I am at work in trainjng, cant watch or discuss anything. But from quick look of your comments: Lesson number one for Sunny: dont trust anyone. Ari is the daughter of the prime minister?
  8. Ahhhj...really...I guessed her, what do i win?? Heheh well will have to wait til tonights episode to confirm. But to be honest, as much as I would like Sunny to put her in there, but I do not wish for her to show her cards too early.
  9. Funny how I just saw an MV of Star in My Heart over the weekend. She was in there too. I think the last empress is the first one I have seen her playing a nice person. I haven't seen that series/drama. Just looked up the compilation of DJ's kissining scenes on youtube. Not all his kisses were tongue battling or spit swapping but dang, yeah, quite a lot. Wednesday doesn't come soon enough...this is why I always wait until the series/drama is completed to begin watching. The agony of waiting week after week for 1-2 eps is so hard to endure.
  10. Just between the first wife and Sunny, he already kissed them 4 times. If he kissed the mistress/lover 18 times, he would definitely break CJH record. ps. I will not count the kiss from his mother. Trying to keep my mind clean pss. How do we count this: Sunny denounces their illicit affair and asks something to be done but granny orders the jail time for Yu ra, who would get the credit for putting her there? psss. I am so curious as to what would the nanny be telling the empress. It is too early to confess about their one night stand and the illegitimate daughter
  11. @gilaswan yeap, it makes more sense and cleaner to kill Yu Ra. I think he kept kept her alive to use her against his mother. I am debating on LH/the emperor's character. Sometimes he shows himself as a weak man, immature and afraid to take responsibility for his action/crime. His mother says he easily trusts ppl and has a soft heart But then other times, he seems to be a cunning, wicked psycho who us not right in the head and always manipulates ppl around him. @ChewyChocolate i think WS is out to destroy both the emperor and Yu Ra. What is the best way to destroy someone? Destroy what they really want the most. The worst thing is not death, but to lose everything you work hard for right before your eye when it is within your reach.
  12. Welcome Violette00. Feel free to jump in and share your comments. I too feel bad for the little girl. As a very young age, she has to tread carefully, trying to kiss up to everyone important, from her mother, to the emperor then the new empress. What have they done to her.. @Lmangla I say Option D: Sunny will put her in there to test the emperor. I watched all 6 episodes again and at the end of the very last one, I think Sunny told herself to trust her husband one more time. So I think it will be her putting Yu Ra there to test LH to see if he deserves her love/trust/etc ever again. Question: In ep 1, when the emperor talked to his mother after the first incident, he said something about either Jung Soon made him do something or Jung Soon did something to the emperor...The Engsub and the Vietsub gave different translation...not sure which is the correct statement...Something horrible must have happened for the emperor to claim JS a horrible lunatic. And the empress dowager, please don't tell me she was having an affair with Jung Soon. Why would she summon a male to the palace/probably her chamber every night.
  13. Nah, I don't think it was the tear like many claimed. If you look closely to her wrist/hand, you could see how it was tightened up when she saw them kissing. I think that what caused the bracelet to break. Well I hope Sunny gets smarter and has a pretty good excuse to put Yu Ra in there. Otherwise, her husband is going to give her a hell of a time (it is not like he hasn't anyway). I sure hope not. I am not going to give any man a second chance to hurt me one more time. Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me ..
  14. Just for you J/K ..funny how I saved this when I saw it on Instagram the other day
  15. You are one true detective :-) With the crazy mind of mine, I say we make it the first wife. She didnt really die, someone faked her death, locked her up somewhere down in a dungeon. Her pregnancy could be a result of an unwillingness act. Hmmm... CJH and JNR have known each other that long and that close and still havent hooked up?
  16. Hmmm wow...a lot of u guys came here for CJH ...i would never come here for a guy whose boobs are bigger than mine Anyway, so now someone slipped letting us know the little princess Ari is not the sister's kid but the emperor's kid wth the nanny..was the emperor involved in this from the beginning? Or was he drunk/drugged so he could produce without knowing he created a human life? Could it be that his late wife found out the crazy scheme and got killed to keep silent? They were so in love that she would kill herself (due to depression) after finding out he slept with someone else? Another possibility is that they got into an argument and in a heeated moment, he accidentally killed her??? And his mother used this to control him all along? Dang so many theories..
  17. Yes they did consummate (well in my opinion and based on my years of drama watching experience). When the light goes out, the action begins Ahhh funny how I didn't find that scene heart wrenching/tear jerking. Not that JNR didn't act well enough for me to feel her pain as I could see her disbelief and her pain on her face and in her eyes. I felt a slight of happiness and found myself relieved as WS was there with her. His covering her eye action was a bit late but I could feel his intention of saving her from the same pain that caused by a betrayal of a loved one. His action touched my heart. Pillow talk perhaps Btw, thanks for the recommendation. At this rate, I will never get to the shower.
  18. Thank you for your welcoming. I couldn't resist but to join the forum after I read up so many interesting posts on this series. I too like JNR. I usually watch the series/drama for the story line. I like series like Ghost, Master's Sun, I remember you (thriller, horror genres) Korean drama wise, Empress Dignity is the only one I am watching right now. Any recommendations? I watch mostly American shows (Criminal Minds, Investigation Discovery channel, cold cases etc :D, waiting on "Making a Murderer" series) I think I passed the stage of rom-com. Agreed on the evil girl part, especially the one who thinks she is smart yet she isn't smart at all. All she does is going crazy, screaming, yelling and acting childish thinking she is making a fool out of someone else. That is why I am anticipating the peeling of Sunny's onion I hope she doesn't disappoint me.
  19. -The unfolding mysteries, one after another (not the answer itself, but the anticipation, the process) e.g: why doesn't a mother (empress dowager) want her son (the emperor) to be happy? (possibly ordered to kill his first wife, wanted to get rid of his lover, forced him to marry someone he didn't love etc.) Is it as simple as wanting the power to control? I don't know, but interested to find out. *Is the emperor truly as weak as he portrays? Or is he scheming for something big like vengeance against his own mother? -Sunny's growth, her being forced out of her comfort zone, how she would handle situations/resolve conflicts etc (basically how she would survive in the water after being thrown in without a swimming lesson first). -The internal battle of oneself, struggling to find what makes him/her happy/satisfied. Interested in learning the mentality of each individual character. Not really into the rated R scenes that much but more into the relations. Main reason: done and tired of watching, boy meets girl, girl meets boy, boy falls in love with girl, girl falls in love with boy, boy and girl go through few obstacles and have a happily ever after As I get older, I am into crazier stuffs (murder, psycho, etc) and leave fairy tale behind Hmmm are we questioning the healing powers of sex? I don't find physical intimacy illogical. It is his (the emperor's) way of getting closed to someone. Perhaps it satisfies his need of someone wanting him, loving him, needing him. Some would get closed to another physically then emotionally, while others do the opposite.
  20. Unfortunately, I was like most viewers who didn't check out the actual height difference and took what we saw as is (oh how visual could affect one's judgement). 4 cm is a bit over 1.5 inches which is not too bad. Well we could say he corrected his posture during the training and no longer hunches over due to the weight issue There, I have explained the height difference
  21. Thank you. I don't find being dramatic is an issue as long as it is done right (keep you on your toes you know) and of course add a smooth story line. Take WS transformation for an example. Minus the height difference (they should/could have found someone with similar height), I don't find transformation that is hard to accept. Just google random people that lost a lot of weight. With a good hair cut, some have turned from ugly duckling into a swan (both male and female). With that being said, we are (viewers) are way too picky? Do we have to nitpick on every tiny little things and forget the story line and other important information? I have to watch all 6 eps with subtitle this weekend in order for me to analyze and nitpick the series
  22. "In the drama 'The quality of the Empress', 11th and 12th ratings on December 6 were 8.3% (National 7.9%) and 11.5% (National 10.5%) respectively, It has topped the record. The highest audience rating soared to 13.87%, ranking first in the all-round drama. " Wow... ps. I used google translate
  23. Thank you very much. I didn't think to google myself (probably too lazy to do so). "The makjang elements of a drama - rape, revenge, possible incest -can be so outrageously over-dramatic, they are impossible to believe." Found this line within the article. I don't find this hard to believe. We do see real murder cases where the step father rapes the daughter and the mother ends up killing her husband, either out of hatred or protection of her kid (I am addicted to this Investigation channel in the US and always read up murder cases). Those elements reflect real life...but there is one thing that is so true: it is rare for all the things to happen to one person. That person must have done something terrible in his/her previous life in order for karma to come back and bite them in the behind.
  24. I feel you but let me see if I could come up with a logical valid reason for them beside the fact of securing rating :-p I personally dont think LH loves YR but just manipulates her and uses her as a weapon to fight his mother. Unlike Sunny where he could shower her with beautiful words and she would believe him whole heartedly, YR is a different level. He has to use different tactic and way to secure her "loyalty" and both of them as well as us know that raw sexual instinct is the way to go ehhehe Different ppl express love and accept love differently. To SN the loving words, the gentle caring..perhaps for YR, the physical touching and desire
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