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  1. Just watched bts of ep 14. When JNR slaps LSY it sounds much harder and looks more real than the one in the ep.
  2. Sorry to hear that. Each of us deals with stress differently. Some choose yoga (like watching happy comedy) while others choose kickboxing (like watching dramatic intense thriller). But I guess I have watched way too many years of dramas to let any of them affect me tremendously. Dramas teach us theories but life is where we practice them. I'd rather save the energy preparing for any hardships throw my way in real life. I ache for NJS, admire HA for being strong and face her attacker, and happy for MN that she has a supportive husband. As for PSJ character, I am not convinced what he did to his wife was for her own safety and good. He has been doing the dirty deeds for so long, why didn't he "think" for her then but only after she found out about his affair? I personally don't think his character was done right in term of storyline, directing and acting. This character has so much room to develope.
  3. They hate PSJ because they really felt for NJS. If NJS character wasn't done right, people would have sympathized PSJ and understood why he became what he became.
  4. Perhaps because it is something people could relate too. Been there done that, oh how I wish i coukd handle it like them etc. Perhaps because they couldnt release stress or anger, letting it out through the drama is one way to mske themselves feel better. If you haven't started working or have started working but havent had a chance to be in any of the women's shoes then consider yourself lucky. This is the real world for you. Things like this happen everyday somewhere in this big world. Balancing between the job and family is what we women do everyday. Some are fortunate enough not having to choose between the 2 but not everyone is that fortunate. I got passed over for a promotion not because the candidate had more experiences or could do a better job but only because her mother was a deputy director. Our company just got exposed because someone high up got caught having an affair with an intern in the office (must be the excitement of having fun in the public place). You might be getting riled up temporary until the show is over but when you have to be in these situations yourself the stress is extremely higher and it lasts for a very long time.
  5. The reasons for hating a character can be varied. It is either well or poorly written, well or poorly portrayed, the character itself is despicable. But it is sad that people mixed up their feelings and used them the wrong way. I do feel bad for him being the target of such behavior.
  6. Not bashing anyone because I know enough to separate an actor from his character. PSJ is not a one dimension character as we can tell from the info we have about him, his thoughts (from what he told his friend) and from others' descriptions about him. And if he can't make an audience, me in this case, believe all that about the character then that is bad acting to me. I do not hate LSY, I actually started liking him after watching Masters. Since bad acting is not an acceptable word then I shall change it to inconsistent. LSY is fully capable of convincing the audience with the first few episodes but as the number of eps grows his awkwardness becomes more obvious. A good actor (general term not to distinguish between gender and not targeting a specific person) does not and cannot depend on facial expressions alone. Eyes and body language are equally important. Example: the scene where JS saw SJ in the hallway, JNR didn't have to ask "Who are you? But the way she looked at her husband as if she was truly seeing him for the first time. I could feel multiple questions running through her mind at the time? Who is this man? Do I know him like I thought I did? Anyway, it is normal to see People with comments about an actor's acting will be claimed as antifan/hater or mixing up character with the actor themselves. People who counteract will be claimed as defensive fans. Let's us all agree to disagree as we all are unique and have our own opinions.
  7. It could be that YR tried to run after JS and pull her back for longer chitchat because she wasn't done with JS. While JS tried to brush her off and slipped then fell down the stairs. Or YR went ballistic after JS told her to f off as it was none of her business whether JS should or shouldn't sign the darn divorce so she chased after JS and impulsively did the most stupid thing of pushing JS down the stairs in front of other peeps. After the 14 eps I do not want any reconciliation between the two main characters. They would probably make it an open ending with: -SW courting JS and JS not yet accepting -VP & SJ lost everything and get locked up behind bars -YR too lost everything and goes back to the low pay job. I do like the idea of the VIP women going freelance and forming a consulting firm to the VIP or to customers wanting to become the VIP PS. Saw the question/comment somewhere and my response to that is "it is just bad acting". The only muscles that are still working on that face are the eyelids' ones (not counting eyelid muscle spasm)
  8. Thanks Sin hoonsim for the new trailer. After watching it, a theory came to mind. Isn't he described as an ambitious person? And she a daughter of a rich family? Well he could have targeted her from the beginning and married her to help him climb the social ladder. And her, after all, wasn't really the daughter of the rich family? She could have pretended to be one? @TXviewerThe date is presented in the new trailers of VIP, released by SBS. The new date is October 28.
  9. Poor her...first she got cheated on in the Last Empress, now again in VIP? Distance could mean a lot of things, physically and emotionally. Will she be detached from him emotionally because of their different beliefs? I mean she has secrets of her own. Don't remind me of Allure...the distance is way to "wide" for my liking...that why I got them closer (as you can see in my profile picture). Ladies, we have to be prepared for heartache and heartbreak.
  10. Right...At the end of the trailer where he apologizes to her and states that he doesn't want to lose her "this way" makes me curious which way is "this way". I've too suspected that he either cheats on her with the VIP of the VIP for a promotion or something related, or he betrays her when they both work on the same case etc. Can you tell us more about their writing/directing style? What are their previous works? Perhaps I should check it out. But like you've said, you are kind of stuck for LSY...and me, JNR
  11. I was hoping for a two sided relationship. The way he looks at her through out the All The Butlers' episode is gentle and his expression is like "yes dear, whatever you say dear". I am already on this ship and secretly hoping that they are dating in real life.
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