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  1. Small percentage but still possible for someone to survive with a bullet lodged in the brain. The writer could dig deep into the medical field and have one of the doctor explain the slim chance of survivor due to the position of the bullet etc ..:D Fat to Fit in months is not impossible, especially when the dude has nothing to do but train train and train.. There are a lot of unbelievable stories but still true out there in this world.
  2. If you have already dropped it, that means you are not watching it, then how do you drop it again? Hmmm..interesting Anyway, it is sad to hear about the abuse. I hope they sort it out. Were they supposed to have a press conference about this today on the 18th? I wonder about the outcome. I hope SBS weight the cost and benefits prior to making any decisions that they don't give up the long term benefit over a short one.
  3. My guess: Dowager ordered the poison. While it hadnt taken an effect, LH had a verbal fight with Granny. And they got into pushing and pulling each other until Yu ra used the hair pin she grabbed from Granny hair earlier to stab Granny. Then both of them cleaned up the mess and staged the murder of Granny while she was asleep.
  4. I actually prefer for Sunny to get pregnant right now. 1. I want to see how far the emperor would go, whether he would harm his own child or would have a slight change of heart. 2. It would add more conflicts to the story and struggles to Sunny's emotion . See if she would do anything to bring her kid's father down, or would she give him another chance..
  5. They are going to kill you regardless if they are meant to shut you up forever once and for all. You will die because you know about their secret. Who is better to keep a secret than a dead person? I say the answer is depend. I dont see all cases as "I am telling you this for you to kill me." Some times they are meant to stop you from doing wrong further. Not everyone takes your advice so I guess you will have to see who are are dealing with. If you were WS's mother, would you expect someone you cared for like a daughter to smash your head repeatedly with a rock until you die? As for the GED, I say perhaps in her case she should quietly investigate because she suspected them both of killing the former empress. So in her case, there is a trend so the chance of them killing someone again is there. Again, that is only to emphasize what I have previously said, common sense is not always common. If everyone had common sense, the world would be perfect and less/no crimes.
  6. After reading the comments, I have to ask myself this: -Aren't we expecting a bit too much from the characters when 1. It is just 8 episodes in 2. We have the overview of the story line, see things from multiple perspectives and see many angles that the characters don't get to see? We keep saying it is not logical or this character/that character has no common sense but have we thought of: - Do people always do things that make sense? (remember, common sense is not that common) - Are people always logical? - Are all people logical people? I mean you can learn about thinking logically but being able to think logically is not the same. The way we think depends on a lot of factors such as, how were we brought up, education, experience, knowledge, information we have, environment, situations, personalities, time constraint etc I mean, if we were thrown into one of their places, could we guarantee the outcome would be better? Easy said than done right..:D
  7. @Pam_Van Fossen Before she became an Empress, she was just a common citizen leading a simple life so I don't find her reaction surprising. She cries when feels hurt, screams when upset. I find her reaction is a bit light especially after her husband cheated on her, hired to kill her. Different personality reacts differently when presented a similar situation. I too like her reaction. At least it shows she still has a good heart. The first thing that came to her mind wasn't "I will kill them both". @msaamia the reason I didn't list Sunny, Woo Bin and Byun because for now, Woo Bin betrayed her. She still has doubt about him. I too will miss the GED. She was the only support Sunny had, now, she has no one to turn to for help against the Emperor (until she could trust Woo Bin), no one to cry to. @Matilda_Anne I believe so. Just think of it as privately owned property/investment so with the royal family owning the mall or a piece of land etc is normal.
  8. @Auntie Mame I too think that she was killed by 2 different ppl. But I am not so sure about the emperor that ordered the poison. I am debating between between him and his mother. At first, I was so sure that Yu Ra stabbed her with the hair pin. But then, isn't that too obvious. The scene where the GED threw the hair pin could serve either as a foreshadow but so an intention to mislead viewers into thinking Yu Ru as the murderer, and then the writer could throw in a twist in there...
  9. I finally caught up. -Ms. Hong is still in contact with the former Chief Guard Buyn. What will Ms. Hong's role be in the master plan? Is she as simple as an assistant to the GED? -WB purposely raised his hands to fix his suit jacket. I believe he meant for her to see the scar. I think he knew she was there. So let see how many teams do we have in this game: Team A: Dowager Empress Team B: Emperor and Yu Ra Team C: Woo Bin and Byun Team D: Empress/Sunny Team E: Nanny and Prime Minister May the strongest man standing. Side notes: -Emperor has a strong taste, perform bedroom act in public ..none of the windows on the yatch has curtain -Prince Yoon climbed through the ceiling's plenum without a single dust on his white shirt..wow.. -When Sunny saved the woman, what she told her was like telling it to herself. -I like Sunny's sister. She is strong, physically and mentally/emotionally as well. The way she threw a man over her shoulder, dang..Sunny should recruit her to be on her team. -For a moment I felt bad for the Emperor (the memory of his father). He was just a kid then, instead of explaining the expectations, they just yelled at him, berated him then turned around and praised his younger brother. Such actions would affect a child mentally. No wonder the emperor turned out to be a lunatic with nothing but rage, jealousy and delusion. -I like the bird (emperor's sister). She might be selfish and petty but she is not evil, more like simple minded. She probably doesn't have the brain for evilness.
  10. Could be love for YR. Maybe lust from our pov but love from LH's ...everyone definition of love is different.
  11. Yeap yeap...been waiting for the ratings (Nation Wide/Seoul) 2018-12-13 15 - 11.0 (8th) 12.4 (4th) 2018-12-13 16 - 14.0 (3rd) 15.4 (2nd) Someone is going to show the world his V line ???
  12. Perhaps she wasn't in his plan at all so he would do anything to gain the emperor's trust and this would mean to kill Sunny. She was just an action item he has to take care to earn the trust. Like his master/benefactor has once said, WB/WS is too kind to be at the palace and for revenge. Because he is kind, he doesn't want to kill an innocent person, but he has to do it in order to succeed with his plan, he is thinking of a bigger picture. I think that is why he is struggling emotionally. I think the person in the mask that WS/WB was chasing at the end of the last ep was Prince Yoon.
  13. New character? Some things are unknown for now. By the way, I thought cold water closed pores..:-) So much happened while I was away for work. Thanks everyone for the recaps
  14. @Lmanglaahhh...she refused to believe he was actually someone different other than the illusional image he portrayed and she created about him. @ktcjdrama i somehow dont feel like the body they found a year later is the late empress, especially after the latest ep. I have to do a research to see what a body would look like after it being in water and after 7 years of decomposition. I think the body is new but it is not Yu Ra or Sunny either as the body will be found a year later. Well unless the writer is crazy to think all craziness could happen in a year time frame.
  15. Has anyone noticed that when Sunny, YR, and WB/WS have an injury, they all have one on the right hand side of their forehead?
  16. @nakatsubebe Thanks. my impression is that he doesnt seem like an imperial guard, more like an assassin. I too hope for a constant constinuously increase in rating. Sad reality. The woman always blames the other woman for the affair but never think that it takes two to tango. I would blame the man first for not keeping his thing in his pants as he should. I would love for Sunny to trick the emperor into killing Yura ..what a better way to revenge a man than to make him kill the one he loves with his own hands.
  17. Ahhh...he did say that? I totally missed that part either that or my memory is not working well (part of aging)..I will have to go back and watch that episode. Thanks, that makes more sense. Another question: MPJ, what is his role in the palace? I know he was like a beck and call to the emperor but I didn't quite catch his role in the palace.
  18. Thanks @nakatsubebe...I work with numbers every day so it is in me to get curious when numbers are not consistent and don't make sense. @nikki7 I will use what the empress dowager told Sunny to answer your question: No one is being nice to you for no reason. The one being nice to you is the one one you need to watch out for Everyone is manipulating everyone around the palace...gosh, how do they live like that everyday...need to watch your back, no one is truly your friend...
  19. Oh dang...she is getting smarter, knowing how to use the modern technology to her advantage (taking photos with her phone)...you go girl.. I love her calm, firm, and cold tone when she has the talk with the empress dowager.
  20. Not so sure..since I can't read Korean nor do I understanding the rating system. I depend on google translate https://wiki.d-addicts.com/The_Last_Empress/Episode_Ratings If you look at this site, not sure if it is a reliable source, but so far, the ratings are quite accurate. The TNmS numbers are not that far behind when comparing to the Nielsen numbers. So the % for ep 13 should be around 8 and for ep 14 should be 11, which will be higher than the 6.8 and 9.1?? Date Episode TNmS (%) Nielsen Korea (%) Nationwide Nationwide Seoul 2018-11-21 01 7.4 7.2 (14th) 7.7 (12th) 2018-11-21 02 8.1 7.6 (11th) 8.6 (8th) 2018-11-22 03 8.0 7.6 (13th) 8.6 (9th) 2018-11-22 04 8.5 8.5 (9th) 9.3 (8th) 2018-11-28 05 5.9 5.7 (20th) 5.8 (17th) 2018-11-28 06 7.0 7.9 (10th) 8.4 (9th) 2018-11-29 07 7.2 7.6 (13th) 8.0 (11th) 2018-11-29 08 8.2 9.3 (7th) 9.9 (5th) 2018-12-05 09 6.8 6.1 (18th) 6.8 (13th) 2018-12-05 10 9.2 9.3 (7th) 10.1 (5th) 2018-12-06 11 8.3 7.9 (12th) 8.3 (9th) 2018-12-06 12 10.1 10.5 (6th) 11.5 (3rd) 2018-12-12 13 - 8.2 (10th) 8.6 (10th) 2018-12-12 14 - 11.5 (4th) 12.3 (3rd) Ps. I am not questioning you or your numbers. I am just curious as to why the numbers are inconsistent from article to article.
  21. Some articles has stated the above/mentioned ratings. But there are a few has said that the ratings for ep 13 and 14 are 6.8% and 9.1% respectively. Why is there an inconsistency between articles?
  22. I think she will. The girl has to learn from her lessons right (well I hope so) otherwise...Well she has to be strong in both power/influence as well as mentality because the people she is about to butt heads are people in powerful positions (the empress dowager, the empress) and she has to be stronger in the mind to deal with cunning/sly ppl like Yu Ra. I am still iffy about the emperor character. I don't truly have a clear understanding of his character. He is psychotic in an immature childish way. He could be drugged when he did the deed with the nanny? But now with so many twists going on, I started having doubt the kid was even his...:D
  23. Ahhh...the twist...possible...nothing is impossible with this writer...I mean, who would expect for episode 7 to happen that way...so yeah, who knows...
  24. Welcome to the crazy but fun ride with the Last Empress thread. Very good question about the MPJ. I hope the writer didn't expect the audiences to assume both MPJ and WS died in the explosion because that would lead to the question as to why they both were in a car together. Somehow, sometimes, the writer will need to tie up all loose ends. You have to give the girl time to grow up, to change and to get familiarized with the game in the palace Plus, they still have 17 1 hour episode left for Sunny to create chaos and clean up the mess. ps EngSub for ep 7 (or 13-14) is out if anyone is interested. Just downloaded it. Will save it to watch altogether with the next episode.
  25. You guys are so wrong. I am at work in trainjng, cant watch or discuss anything. But from quick look of your comments: Lesson number one for Sunny: dont trust anyone. Ari is the daughter of the prime minister?
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