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  1. Thanks Sin hoonsim for the new trailer. After watching it, a theory came to mind. Isn't he described as an ambitious person? And she a daughter of a rich family? Well he could have targeted her from the beginning and married her to help him climb the social ladder. And her, after all, wasn't really the daughter of the rich family? She could have pretended to be one? @TXviewerThe date is presented in the new trailers of VIP, released by SBS. The new date is October 28.
  2. Poor her...first she got cheated on in the Last Empress, now again in VIP? Distance could mean a lot of things, physically and emotionally. Will she be detached from him emotionally because of their different beliefs? I mean she has secrets of her own. Don't remind me of Allure...the distance is way to "wide" for my liking...that why I got them closer (as you can see in my profile picture). Ladies, we have to be prepared for heartache and heartbreak.
  3. Right...At the end of the trailer where he apologizes to her and states that he doesn't want to lose her "this way" makes me curious which way is "this way". I've too suspected that he either cheats on her with the VIP of the VIP for a promotion or something related, or he betrays her when they both work on the same case etc. Can you tell us more about their writing/directing style? What are their previous works? Perhaps I should check it out. But like you've said, you are kind of stuck for LSY...and me, JNR
  4. I was hoping for a two sided relationship. The way he looks at her through out the All The Butlers' episode is gentle and his expression is like "yes dear, whatever you say dear". I am already on this ship and secretly hoping that they are dating in real life.
  5. Look at this...how can we not ship them? They way they look at each other and shyly look away...
  6. @LawyerhYes, I have been searching the the full episode online (still can't find it) though I won't understand a thing they say. Will always have to wait til tomorrow for the Eng Sub. Saw few clips on LSY's chinese fans. They went on a paddle boat together. Can't wait to see their interaction in VIP. Here is all sweet and cute. Hoping for an intense romance
  7. Holy smoke. I thought I was the only one sailing the JNR & LSY ship alone from the moment I watched episode 87. I have been running wild with the imagination of them both "starting to get to know" each other and that the show is one step of building their relationship stronger.
  8. Small percentage but still possible for someone to survive with a bullet lodged in the brain. The writer could dig deep into the medical field and have one of the doctor explain the slim chance of survivor due to the position of the bullet etc ..:D Fat to Fit in months is not impossible, especially when the dude has nothing to do but train train and train.. There are a lot of unbelievable stories but still true out there in this world.
  9. If you have already dropped it, that means you are not watching it, then how do you drop it again? Hmmm..interesting Anyway, it is sad to hear about the abuse. I hope they sort it out. Were they supposed to have a press conference about this today on the 18th? I wonder about the outcome. I hope SBS weight the cost and benefits prior to making any decisions that they don't give up the long term benefit over a short one.
  10. My guess: Dowager ordered the poison. While it hadnt taken an effect, LH had a verbal fight with Granny. And they got into pushing and pulling each other until Yu ra used the hair pin she grabbed from Granny hair earlier to stab Granny. Then both of them cleaned up the mess and staged the murder of Granny while she was asleep.
  11. I actually prefer for Sunny to get pregnant right now. 1. I want to see how far the emperor would go, whether he would harm his own child or would have a slight change of heart. 2. It would add more conflicts to the story and struggles to Sunny's emotion . See if she would do anything to bring her kid's father down, or would she give him another chance..
  12. They are going to kill you regardless if they are meant to shut you up forever once and for all. You will die because you know about their secret. Who is better to keep a secret than a dead person? I say the answer is depend. I dont see all cases as "I am telling you this for you to kill me." Some times they are meant to stop you from doing wrong further. Not everyone takes your advice so I guess you will have to see who are are dealing with. If you were WS's mother, would you expect someone you cared for like a daughter to smash your head repeatedly with a rock until you die? As for the GED, I say perhaps in her case she should quietly investigate because she suspected them both of killing the former empress. So in her case, there is a trend so the chance of them killing someone again is there. Again, that is only to emphasize what I have previously said, common sense is not always common. If everyone had common sense, the world would be perfect and less/no crimes.
  13. After reading the comments, I have to ask myself this: -Aren't we expecting a bit too much from the characters when 1. It is just 8 episodes in 2. We have the overview of the story line, see things from multiple perspectives and see many angles that the characters don't get to see? We keep saying it is not logical or this character/that character has no common sense but have we thought of: - Do people always do things that make sense? (remember, common sense is not that common) - Are people always logical? - Are all people logical people? I mean you can learn about thinking logically but being able to think logically is not the same. The way we think depends on a lot of factors such as, how were we brought up, education, experience, knowledge, information we have, environment, situations, personalities, time constraint etc I mean, if we were thrown into one of their places, could we guarantee the outcome would be better? Easy said than done right..:D
  14. @Pam_Van Fossen Before she became an Empress, she was just a common citizen leading a simple life so I don't find her reaction surprising. She cries when feels hurt, screams when upset. I find her reaction is a bit light especially after her husband cheated on her, hired to kill her. Different personality reacts differently when presented a similar situation. I too like her reaction. At least it shows she still has a good heart. The first thing that came to her mind wasn't "I will kill them both". @msaamia the reason I didn't list Sunny, Woo Bin and Byun because for now, Woo Bin betrayed her. She still has doubt about him. I too will miss the GED. She was the only support Sunny had, now, she has no one to turn to for help against the Emperor (until she could trust Woo Bin), no one to cry to. @Matilda_Anne I believe so. Just think of it as privately owned property/investment so with the royal family owning the mall or a piece of land etc is normal.
  15. @Auntie Mame I too think that she was killed by 2 different ppl. But I am not so sure about the emperor that ordered the poison. I am debating between between him and his mother. At first, I was so sure that Yu Ra stabbed her with the hair pin. But then, isn't that too obvious. The scene where the GED threw the hair pin could serve either as a foreshadow but so an intention to mislead viewers into thinking Yu Ru as the murderer, and then the writer could throw in a twist in there...
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