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  1. @Lawyerh & @Sejabin& @cenching when lion correct his past mistakes kissing the cheek this time
  2. That was mistake , I mean she do what I say like her mom @Lawyerh hopefully will work , this week I planned long weekend with lion , Monday no work for me , is bank holiday -2
  3. @Sejabin you enjoying your lion , ur friend is crying here i know , soompi want me to stop my crush on lion
  4. In my culture, we treat our younger sister she is my daughter , so maybe that why I can’t have 16 Years old if I tried , when she born I was 9 no number
  5. She join she was one show me kdrama , she love Kpop , she is high schooler finishing her GCSE , this month the exam start , so we change her all passwords for online & social media So maybe I will ruin her username in shipper thread , start shipping lion - she had twins , lovely . @Lawyerh just be thankful she wasn’t my twin , two of me is bad for health -2
  6. @triplem is the lead girl from , marriage not dating is retired why I can’t see her in more drama @triplem I can’t long to my account with Facebook usually keep it on , what I need to do , it’s was all right one hour ago *my annoying sister account is working why not mine - I will leave it for hours try again later maybe is the system -2
  7. looking forward to this
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