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  1. Yay for the new BTS! The captions said they had a never ending selca session. My question is who do we need to beg just to get their selcas? Why isn't TVN uploading their photos? And the forehead kiss.. I don't even know what to say anymore. I love Jinsoo couple. my gifs are so LQ (been a while since I made gifs haha) but it can't hide their chemistry. lol Thanks tvn for feeding us today. It's still a long way to go before ep9. Btw, Merry Christmas everyone!
  2. Almost 500k views on the kissing scene. Haha! Let's get it to 1m! Watch it here: https://tv.naver.com/v/4832419 Don't forget to press the heart if you have a naver account. Edit: Views reached 506k as of 7:55pm. Hope it will get more than 1m before ep 9 then maybe the director and writer will be nice enough to give us more kissing scenes. Haha
  3. The long awaited kiss finally happened. I suggest you guys to watch here https://m.tv.naver.com/v/4832419/list/290204 just to increase the views. Haha But I'm sure this will reach the top spot on Naver very soon. Mr. Nam is really Jinsoo's number 1 fan. What are we gonna do without him?
  4. Waiting for that one too! Don't Hesitate sounds nice as well but all I can hear during chorus is "Don't hesi to love" Him being there is already such a good surprise and besides he deserves to be there because the whole masquerade thing was his idea. I wonder what kind of surprise event he did for her though because she has teary eyes in the preview. Hope my stream won't lag later.
  5. Yay! New OST is out. This is probably my fave. Too bad I can't stream it on Melon. It's kinda strange, the drama is definitely popular but the OST's aren't charting on Melon? Anyways, only a few hours left before ep 8. So excited but what if they won't kiss in tonight's ep? What if they actually want to torture us and leave us with a cliffhanger? That means we're gonna have to wait until next year for the kiss? Edit: Is KJH holding a mask during the "kiss scene". I just noticed it while making gifs a while ago. Maybe he surprised CSH during the masquerade ball
  6. Omg I'm so excited for tomorrow! I hope no one interrupts them, that kiss better happen! Haha Anyway, they were so cute during the dinner scene. My Korean isn't great, please correct me if I got something wrong. KJH said he wants to stop their some/pre-relationship stage and CSH was a little taken aback. She didn't know that what he meant. She thought he was breaking up with her but he said he wants to stop it because he's already sure that he likes her. CSH said she wants to continue with the some relationship and KJH can begin the real relationship by himself. He said ”why? We should start at the same time!” lol Dinner scene was basically them being sweet and bickering, they're so cute. I don't understand why some people can't see their chemistry. I pity them haha
  7. @ahdrianaa @bebebisous33 Right, I forgot about the slippers in ep 1. And yeah, maybe him giving that Suecomma sneakers to her will make this kdrama rule invalid. I just saw the BTS, why is it always so short? I wish they showed the holding hands scene and necktie scene. Btw, thanks to everyone who keeps this thread alive. Being a part of this forum makes watching the drama more fun. Thanks guys!
  8. If ever this really happens, giving someone shoes as a gift has a bad meaning right? I think people said the receiver of the shoes will eventually leave you. It doesn't happen in dramas anymore but this is Boyfriend where a lot of foreshadowing happens so I checked the Suecomma pics. How can SHK be so pretty?
  9. Today is the 3rd time I rewatched all the eps ever since it started airing and the scenes of Jinsoo couple never failed to make me smile. How can they be this adorable? They match so well. I'm the type who never watches a drama twice, I can't pinpoint what I like about this drama that makes me keep on watching it over and over lol Anyways, in ep 1 Jinhyuk left a note for Soohyun because he had to catch a train to go to the airport but Soohyun didn't see the note when she went back to the cafe. I wonder what Jinhyuk wrote there. Before they parted ways on the night they first met he said he needs to ask Soohyun something but he didn't wanna ask her that time because he needs to word it properly or something. I remember someone said they might break up in the future and then meet again in Cuba. Maybe Soohyun will see the note by then or maybe I'm just thinking too much and the note isn't that important lol Still a few more days before ep 7 airs. Cam Wednesday pls come faster. I miss Jinsoo already haha
  10. I was searching for Boyfriend articles on Naver and saw this, the cake they ate to celebrate the 1st day of their pre-relationship status. I wonder if this will get sold out.
  11. This drama just keeps getting better and better. I couldn't stop smiling when they held hands then the neck tie scene. I thought that was it then we had CSH defending KJH at the press conference. There will be more problems in the future episodes and I hope they can withstand it all. Fighting to our OTP! Btw, what's their official couple name?
  12. Last night's episode was really good. Couldn't stop smiling at the sweet moments of our OTP and I think we will be getting more of it today because they're finally in some/pre-relationship stage. Haha! The epilogue though, I feel bad for CSH. She missed so much in her life because of the controlling people around her and now she feels like it's too late for her to be experiencing such thing like love. Anyways based on the preview, I'm guessing we will be getting another glimpse of the evil moms and they will most likely join forces next week. Pretty sure the evil MIL will do something about KJH's family or maybe their business to drive him away from CSH. Ugh can someone remove the evil moms from the drama so we can all just be happy with the sweet moments. Hopefully the ratings will increase again! I love this scene. He was so smooth here. "And there's me who likes you who likes paintings." Can't imagine the lines he will be saying now that they acknowledged their feelings. Haha
  13. Don't forget the ex husband too and KJH friend. Too many villains, let's always have tissue prepared and yes, let's all wish for a happy ending.
  14. Hi everyone! I'm new. Haha I still can't get over the scene where KJH said he came because he wanted to see her. Haha And he even said it twice but the preview though.. She's gonna push him away. I really hope this drama will have a happy ending. Please drama gods I'm begging y'all
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