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  1. Because of your comment i now know a bit of what they said in the BTS. At first i thought the pairing was a mismatch but halfway into the drama i can say that they’re great for each other. It’s a delight to see when the female lead can match the male lead or vice versa in their roles, it’s not common, so i love them together.
  2. In a way, first love never dies and for me any drama that talks about it will always be love no matter how many times it’s been used in a plot. I’ve saved this drama on my list after i saw the trailer the other day.
  3. That rating is an abomination! 6/10?! What a despicable low life! It’s unacceptable and it’s an insult to the very good acting of the cast and the people who worked hard to make and produce this drama. I keep requesting this to Netflix and i hope they will air it one day.
  4. I wasn’t able to catch the live chat on YT in real time but i just finished watching it. I learned new things especially on why this drama is not that famous is because videos made about it are being deleted. I cannot fathom why. It’s just total greed and it’s mind boggling because at the end of the day, it’s for their benefit. Anyway, i was laughing and i don’t know why when she talked about the smell of the hair and costumes during filming in summer, oh, i can only imagine the control to project the right expression and agony on the part of the actors, it’s crazy. I appreciate period drama more because of that information. Well, overall, avenuex is informative and i thank the gods for someone like her. On another note, she mentioned about Untamed more than once and because of that i am curious about it. Haven’t consulted google yet but maybe one day because as of now i am just so into LAD.
  5. Oh, MS and WH! It’s I wanted it to be a drama just because it’s longer but a movie is great, too.
  6. The love and admiration you have for Ni Ni is commendable and it’s not really impossible given that she is a great actress and a woman. I like Ni Ni and I would love her to be more famous because she has the x factor to stardom but the fact remains that talent and beauty are not a guarantee. It’s sad and frustrating but sometimes mediocre actors are way famous and get more projects for movies and dramas just because they have pretty faces. Ni Ni is beautiful but beauty is relative and subjective and i think viewers in china and in any other countries of its republic which hugely affect and determine the ratings doesn’t appreciate some kind of westernised beauty yet. Just my two cents. Anyway, it’s unfortunate if it is true that SL turned down the drama. Maybe it’s not meant to be.
  7. This is me now. Just thinking of watching PB is hard because this drama has set such a high standard. But PB has its own charms so I’ve decided that i’ll just concentrate on their lovely faces and not mind their acting and i hope that is possible and effective. *Sigh* Me too. I want her to be a red dragon even if she’s a girl (because her parents are not ordinary and low class immortals).
  8. I also think (most of the time) physical attraction comes first and it’s the same in JC’s case, he didn’t say or show it at first but he didn’t stop LX from being too close to him even if it’s beyond what’s appropriate or when she declared her love to him. He basically let her do what she wants to him and i mean that in a good way. There are times when it’s not all about physical attraction though. Like my case, i didn’t mind CC at first, to be honest i forced myself to watch the drama because i like the plot only, but i was hooked after episode 1 because i like how he acts (and NiNi, too) and his real voice, gracious, soft but with authority. Now, i can’t help but watch his films and oh heck because i admire him more. Bless you for translating the vows. They’re beautiful declarations of their love and loyalty which they’ve proven more than once. They showed it first but it’s a bit different when you’re declaring them.
  9. I understand until episode 24 but curiosity was killing me so i watched episodes 25-60 without sub on YT. I have this thinking that watching without english sub is useless because there’s no proper comprehension but i did it anyway and i don’t regret doing it even if i still need to watch on viki to fully understand everything. Beautiful drama. Great acting, scriptwriting, costumes, cinematography, special effects, set design, and music.
  10. I couldn’t agree more. He’s so good at showing emotions and portraying scenes. What i like is that he does it without overacting. Some actors tend to overact but CC is different. He does it so effortlessly. It’s clear to me now why they chose him and why the drama was written for him. I also think that reason is very valid and selfless. Although he loves LX he does what he can to protect her without sacrificing his duty and position. It’s hard because he is the one suffering in return. The title of the drama alone tells us that it’s not an easy one, it’s heavy and episode 23 is the start. I don’t know when will it end but i really hope that it will end soon because i can’t wait to see her and JC together again. @zijinini Thank you for posting those photos. They’re meaningful. I would love to quote and repost them but it’s against the rules, so i’ll just be bold and ask you to post more. On the other hand, because you seem to know a lot about NN, i want to ask about her name, is Ni her first name and Ni her last name, too? Or she doesn’t have a last name and so Ni Ni is her full screen name? Also, does she have an english name? Because I often see english names for chinese actors apart from their chinese screen names.
  11. Just finished watching ep 20. JC and LX, i don’t know how to describe them. He is starting to really fight destiny for her. I know at some point she will, too, and i can’t wait to watch. A love like that is never easy and i am eager to watch to learn how they’ll argue or reason. I really like the script of this drama.
  12. You’re lucky if you have it on netflix. I couldn’t find it maybe because i used incorrect search words or it’s just not available in my region. Anyway, to those who haven’t seen the brotherhood of blades movies yet, you’ll not be disappointed if you choose to watch them, the acting is good but i just like the story of the first one so i prefer it over the prequel.
  13. They’re good. I’m surprised that i watched them considering i’m a sucker for cliche love stories.
  14. I don’t remember who said it here on the thread but i read more than once that CC has a nice voice. I didn’t mind it at first but after i watched the brotherhood of blades movies, i can definitely attest that he really has a nice voice. The way he talks and the way he acts are admirable! There’s no dedicated team or website that subs the drama except viki. If i’m not mistaken the 38 subbed episodes are done by a group but for a reason can’t continue to do so. Possible but i highly doubt it. I reckon it will be awkward but that’s just me.
  15. CL has this demure thing while NN has a strong vavavoom presence. While they’re both beautiful in their own way the big difference lies on their acting ability and it’s a pity Disney didn’t look and search well. I think Disney focused too much on CL’s english proficiency because her acting is just right, nothing special. It’s sad because there are better actresses out there. Oh well.
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