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  1. So that’s why she was a bit reserved. I thought that it’s just the way she acted. I was a bit confused because she can be bold based on the BTS videos. Well, idol or not, she is good and it’s so nice that they are together again in a new drama.
  2. They say absence makes the heart grow fonder and in this case, waiting for the drama to be aired makes it more exciting.
  3. That’s it! I surrender. I’ve seen 12 episodes only but i don’t need to wait to see more. Sign me up for any JC fan club out there. Absolutely correct! TMOPB is my number 1 fave cdrama but i have to say that this is better because of the great acting and script. They say we can’t have everything all the same time. Great script, acting, set, and cinematography but mediocre hair style. It’s horrible and makes the actors look meh. I try not to mind it when watching and it’s hard so i just focus on the acting.
  4. They have a great rapport. I like it because that way their moments together are better, not forced so more meaningful.
  5. Ladies, i like your ideas! One great thing about this drama is the script and so it follows that discussions are meaningful. I can’t join and can only imagine what you guys are saying. I’m actually somewhat cross with the viki translators. A drama of this caliber should be a priority. I want more subbed episodes. I need more. I’m sorry if i sound ungrateful, i know i shouldn’t, i just can’t help it. Anyway, i think i’m falling for the god of war. At first, i just admire the acting skill, he and NN are seriously good, but i think i am falling for the character, too, because of your descriptions of him. I reckon i will love JC before the final subbed episode will be uploaded. Oh, be still, my heart.
  6. I agree. There is something that’s lost during dubbing and no matter how great the dubbers, they will never get the exact deliverance of the lines. How beautiful it would be if we get to hear their real voices. I wish that such set-up in the cdrama world will happen. He’s charming! That’s what I discovered as the episode goes by. CC and NN are the same. They’re not the typical boy/girl next door type, their charms are unique. I always look forward to their scenes together.
  7. It’s a bit difficult for me to join in the discussion because my knowledge and understanding depend on the english translated uploaded episodes on Viki but i am always happy to read your insights whether they’re critical or for fun. Thanks, everyone! I’ve watched 10 of the 60 episodes and for a while i thought what you wrote happened in the drama, kind of disappointed that it was a product of your imagination. But, it’s beautiful and thank you for sharing it. More, please? Ditto. I like a lot of cdrama but i only love a few. I haven’t finished this yet because i rely on the translated Viki episodes but i can say now that it’s second to my most fave cdrama - TMOPB. And it’s not because the two drama have similarities or what, it’s because this has its own charm that pulls you into their love story. Beautiful complicated love story, very good cinematography, and great acting of the two leads - i hope they should do more dramas, the male lead, intriguing mysterious guarded individual but he delivers! On the other hand, it’s easier to read the female lead but she can act, both their acting prowess are impressive. It’s just a pity that there’s not a lot of english translators out there who are into this. Maybe because they’re busy due to the number of dramas that they’re working on but i’m just grateful Viki picked this up. One reliable site is enough.
  8. I saw on IG that the new title is The Blooms At Ruyi Pavilion. But the title doesn’t matter as long as JJY and ZZH are the two leads.
  9. Croton vids in YT? Great site, too, but i prefer Viki because the english translation is better.
  10. I don’t know why viki tortures us by slowly uploading new episodes. I hate it because patience is not one of my many virtues. There are other sites that show more subbed episodes but video quality are mediocre and this drama has beautiful cinematography aside from the great acting so it’s best to watch in HD.
  11. Thanks! I like them together. I’ve been waiting for this since i read about it in a random IG post. I think the pairing is great because they both can act. I want to watch by 10’s until the 40 something episode to lessen the torture of waiting feeling (and because i rely on translators too) that i always experience when i am so into the drama. But i will always come and post in between regarding their low and high moments to release the excess hormones especially if it brought out by their exciting moments together and to rant because some low life devil hurts one of them I will focus on the former though so i am happy that i’m not the only one patiently waiting for those scenes to come.
  12. I watched episodes 1-10 today. CY/LYK is always there to save HBQ from the beginning and even if he gives threats i still choose him over anyone when it comes to her. I am looking forward as to how their feelings will change for each other.
  13. Hi! We meet again! The plot is overused but the portrayals of the lead actors are cute. Really hoping the drama sites will pick this up.
  14. I saw previews on IG, and because i like the male lead (even though it was my first time to see him), i googled it, and now i'm here. I can't find a site with eng sub but hoping that there will be one in the coming days.
  15. I googled her (and MC) this morning just because i can’t get enough of TMOPB. I really love their portrayals of YH and BQ. It’s a pity that her divorce was finalised 3 days before Christmas, my first thought when i read it was that the lawyers were in a hurry to wrap the case before the year ends or the judge is badass at timing. Well, only them know the real reason and we can only speculate. Seriously, i wish her the best in love, i’m not a hard core fan but i am a woman (and a mum) just like her.
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