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  1. Thanks! I like them together. I’ve been waiting for this since i read about it in a random IG post. I think the pairing is great because they both can act. I want to watch by 10’s until the 40 something episode to lessen the torture of waiting feeling (and because i rely on translators too) that i always experience when i am so into the drama. But i will always come and post in between regarding their low and high moments to release the excess hormones especially if it brought out by their exciting moments together and to rant because some low life devil hurts one of them I will focus on the former though so i am happy that i’m not the only one patiently waiting for those scenes to come.
  2. I watched episodes 1-10 today. CY/LYK is always there to save HBQ from the beginning and even if he gives threats i still choose him over anyone when it comes to her. I am looking forward as to how their feelings will change for each other.
  3. Hi! We meet again! The plot is overused but the portrayals of the lead actors are cute. Really hoping the drama sites will pick this up.
  4. I saw previews on IG, and because i like the male lead (even though it was my first time to see him), i googled it, and now i'm here. I can't find a site with eng sub but hoping that there will be one in the coming days.
  5. I googled her (and MC) this morning just because i can’t get enough of TMOPB. I really love their portrayals of YH and BQ. It’s a pity that her divorce was finalised 3 days before Christmas, my first thought when i read it was that the lawyers were in a hurry to wrap the case before the year ends or the judge is badass at timing. Well, only them know the real reason and we can only speculate. Seriously, i wish her the best in love, i’m not a hard core fan but i am a woman (and a mum) just like her.
  6. Yay for the previews! My only hope for now is there will be a team of translators for the eng sub! #zeroknowledgeinthechineselanguagesucks
  7. It actually depends on someone's point of view. But, I also think it was a happy ending.
  8. I finished watching this before christmas and until now it is still kind of painful that they didn’t really have a happy ending. It was an open ending and so it is up to us to interpret it, i chose to believe that it was a happy ending because it’s easier that way and besides happy ending is just a bonus. The love story of LF and HY is very nice and that is all that matters.
  9. I hope so, too! I really like the voice actors for DH and BF in Eternal Love. The voice adds a different appeal to the character so i really hope that we get to hear the original voices once more.
  10. Her reaction to his kisses were basically nothing and it's a bit off considering this a modern day drama. Well, she is a saint for doing nothing and not taking advantage of her leading man.
  11. I am watching this right now, and i really like it. However, i don't want to say this but the female lead somewhat frustrates me because she's not returning the kiss with equal passion. I'm not looking for an HBO kind of kiss but she's too guarded, sorry for the lack of a better term, i can't find the right word at the moment. She's a woman and not a pole. Oh well.
  12. This is one of the thread that i followed because i am sucker for a one-woman man lead type. I haven't started watching this yet but it's on my list. I've seen lots of YT clips and the scenes are love!
  13. I would love to watch any continuation of Dong Hua and Fengjiu (love) story! By the way, it states on wikipedia that Yang Mi will have a cameo and i hope that Mark Chao will do it too because it will be lovely to see Ye Hua and Bai Qian together again.
  14. Ye Hua and Bai Qian. I am inlove with their love story! I finished the series in 2 days and i wish i'd watched this sooner! I stick to english tv series because i thought that it's kind of hard to watch non english ones but it's not at all with the right subtitle. I will be forever grateful to netflix for recommending this.
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