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  1. From the webtoon, it doesn’t have the scene that Kim is rejected by OKnam. After the rain kiss , she comes back to her hometown. She asks Ms Cho fairy to return the cellfone include a letter for Kim . Then, he missed her like crazy so he goes to find her. In the way to hometown , he takes a bath under the stream where the Oknam taked a bath before . Then , she realizes him as her real husband .
  2. From the preview tonight for next eps (13+14) I think the drama is following the webtoon . Pro Jung gets a car accident by seeing the deer but he will not die. There is a monk who saves him and takes him to the pagoda...
  3. Ohh gosh ! The drama is only 16 eps so why they take it for 6months ?? I think that after this drama , Chaewon uni will get seriously tired and take break for a long time :((( how poor ! Chaewon , wish you all the best !
  4. In the webtoon, there is a kiss from SOM give to KG when she and her son are gonna flying to sky ...but in the webtoon , she had realized him soon , it’s maybe a half of the story , then the story just show their sweet life at her hometown, the Pro Jung is less scene from there. I don’t know how is the drama going on next ??? (SONam comes back her hometown , KG find her and then she realized that he is her husband .) Before the ending , KG and ONam also have a sweet date then he gives her a ring to propose her .....
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