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  1. @watermelon2512 Only 18? What are you 30? You know that doesn’t make it any better but even creepier. Being older and making threads like this, have you lost your mind????? Who cares if they knew back then, I’ll spread it to bigger accounts making sure this gets suspended.
  2. @watermelon2512 Why would I be jealous when it’s performance? It’s planned. That’s how they’re supposed to act. The two videos I linked, is when the performance was done, and when they were waiting to perform together. So that wasn’t planned Did you think that will hurt me? No honey! So yes it is MORE compared to the one’s you linked. What I linked wasn’t something planned but something naturally! @magopi You’re new? Get well soon and help yourself and leave. I bet you were a silent reader. Help yourself before you get too brainwashed.
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