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  1. Hey. I heard this was a cool place to check out news on Kpop. I'm getting back into it again. Let's be friends.


    I'm Josh, btw. I like to do fun stuff.


    1. Picture of me is my profile. Or follow the link.

    2. I'm 21+ (don't want to specify, other than I'm old enough.)

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  2. On 11/2/2018 at 4:08 AM, Sejabin said:

    If you can still think about find someone else when travel, then this guy is not the one..

    I mean.. used to be when I had a relationship with a guy, and we both in a long distance relationship for more than 7 years I never thought about I will find someone else because for me was, it was just him. That’s how serious I was.. even when I thought that he will find someone else, I didn’t care LOL. For me it was will be another case. Hahahaha but if he didn’t want me then it’s ok.. feelings and love is a prerogative things.. mmmm.. 

    But if we can still think that we will meet another person then it’s mean we are not ready yet for a serious relationship :heart:

    this is just my thought.. xixixixixi :relaxed:

    Great mindset. You're a gem.

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