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  1. haha, i actually giggle at your side note because: 1. It's Kang Ji Hwan's idea to have that make over lol. He loves bleaching his hair, he did this in other projects also, so he's the only one to blame . His fan even begged him: "please dont do this to urself (bleaching hair)". lmao. 2. That 2 people are a couple in hell lol. They're not really kind people, to be honest. They like to play pranks on people and laugh about it together. Seungyeon and Jiwon were the only 2 victims we can witness, dont know how many more to count hahaha. But i'm loving it when seeing them so in sync in this devilishness. It's true that they're the only one can suit each other taste lol. 3. There's something interesting about the kisses and the couple's progress in the drama. The 1st was initiated by EY - EY reveals her true feeling for JS. The 2nd was initiated by JS - JS finally opens his heart to her. The 3rd was mutual - this is when they're already confirm their feeling for each other. So i must say this is very fair and mutual for their relationship. 4. There was an OTP war! An enormous one lol! That's why the CH soompi is 400 pages long! And in other sites there were lots of discussions too. Go check dramabeans for their CH thread. There's hundreds comments below each ep recap And i agree with most of your main note, except the time JS falls in love with EY (haha, that crazy man after 9 years still makes ppl crazy and puzzle at his action!). I think it should be sometimes around his marriage (or when he's still together with his wife), not after. As i see, JS already has feeling for her the moment he introduces Jiwon to her (this is revealed in ep 11 and 12: EY asks why he introduced her to Jiwon -> JS (before train kiss): joking around to hide his real intention but JS (after train kiss): telling the truth that he thinks expected Jiwon wont make EY heartbroken). And we know that the 4 always stick together before the divorce => JS developed his feeling for EY even before he broke up with his wife. In another light, i think EY has feeling for him around the same time too. As in ep 11 conversation, she said she dated Jiwon bc he's the one JS introduced & she also thought JS was sincere with her at that moment (we all know what 'sincere' means to them).
  2. @Lawyerh @phoenix24 ha, my craze for CH is back so i re-watched some scenes and realize some interpretations of mine in the previous post was inaccurate, which is: JS knows his ex-wife before EY, not after. In ep 6, Seungyeon was talking with EY's employees and figured out that JS knew EY bc she is his wife's best friend in university. So his love for EY may blossom somewhere in the middle or before his marriage. This and maybe also his odd personality split his marriage up. In ep 3, Jiwon told Seungyeon that the quadruple (JS, EY, Jiwon, JS's ex-wife) always stick together in university => this explains the recall of JS in ep 7 takes place in their student time. Not sure why his ex-wife was not in the picture but JS definitely had feeling for EY at the time. So i think the timeline would be this: JS meets his wife -> comes to know EY -> starts falling for EY (maybe b4 or in the middle of the marriage) -> introduces Jiwon to EY (to get over his feeling for her) -> his marriage downs fall (but somehow he still manages to keep a very good relationship with EY) -> his ex-wife suicides -> JS gets depression -> EY makes him work with her -> some run away now and then bc of his growing affection for EY -> Jiwon betrays EY -> the beginning of the drama. ------------------------------ About the 2 years apart, i think he should state clearer if he ever come back. Bc in EY's view, she has already prepared to send him away, for good. It shows in this 2 scenes: 1. The talking at the train station's phone booth (ep 11): JS says staying beside EY is the same as living with his ex for the rest of his life, so he needs to go away to stop this illness => doesnt this mean he needs to stay away from her for his whole life to stop feeling his ex's presence? And EY agrees with him. 2. Their farewell (ep 12): EY tells JS just go, she wont look for him and she wishes he could find someone else who suits him. => if JS wants her to wait for him, he at least should say something when knowing all these signs she's giving. Instead, he keeps silent and goes with the flow. In my opinion, at this time he's still very conflicted. He wants to be with her but doesnt have the confidence that he would get over his illness. So he just leaves her hanging there. JS himself is always conflicted with things related to EY (he wants to stay beside her but also doesnt want to cross the border). The decision of staying away from her was 1st informed in ep 8, in the morning at the hotel room (this time, he runs away bc of his growing love for her, so he sets the time: 2 years to ease up his burning desire). But after the train kiss, his intention changes into curing his mental to have a chance with her (and he doesnt know how long will it take so he didnt state any time). But EY doesnt catch his last intention bc of confusing signs he was giving her all those years => she stops waiting for him. And that's it...for today, haha. Sorry for bothering you guys with this loooooooong post but i cant stop it PS: Kang Ji Hwan with black hair, glasses and T-shirt/turtle neck is my all time favorite! Thanks for all the pics, guys
  3. The playful interact between Jinsoo and his secretary is to balance the drama and angst between the main couple i think. And from Jinsoo's view, he never looks at Seungyeon in any romantic light but a secretary to bully and lecture to release stress so his action toward her is purely for his own devilish entertaining. And maybe in the beginning he really thinks of her as a tool like a table or the eraser (like what he said in later ep, maybe ep 12 lol). ------------------------- For the realization that JS cant live without EY, here's some scenes: -in ep 11 (telephone booth talking): they say about their 10 years relationship and JS asks if 1 minute can express his affection for her for 10 years => this means JS has been in love with her for 10 years (my guess is like a love at first sight thing bc i think they also 1st met 10 ys ago). -in ep 7 (EY sleeps at JS's hotel room): that night JS goes to movie theater with Seungyeon and there's a short recall of their student time when EY is already with Jiwon (his reaction shows he's already in love with her at the time) and his ex-wife was not in the picture yet! => this means JS loves EY way before starting the relationship with his wife. -in ep 11 (EY asks why he introduces Jinwon for her in the 1st place and later he reveals bc Jinwon's action is expected so he will feel at ease that Jinwon will not make her sad) => he at least has some caring feeling for her at that time (but maybe too scared to step forward). I used to think the reason he introduced her to Jinwon is bc he's already married at the time but rewatch ep 7 scene above it was not the case, it was just his cowardice. -in ep 8 (the kiss!): i've read sometimes long ago about the making of the scene and the PD retakes the scene 20 times! bc he wants to fully show JS long repressed love for EY through the kiss. The way he immediately kisses her back shows that he's desperate for this kiss! and the moment she touches him he loses sense of reality, also his mind! (Seungyeon initiates her kiss with him too but his reaction is bleh , he shoves her away immediately!) -in ep 9 (he calls Seungyeon when she's having a family dinner): he says he is bored to death! and then takes lots of drugs => he feels like dying to think that there's something bad happen to EY. -in ep 10 (that collapse!): normally ppl dont collapse when worrying for someone (in JS's case: worry for a friend). This must be caused by very strong depression which affects too much on his mental health and eventually his physical state! This kind of extreme/overwhelming emotion may cause the kill of his life! -in ep 7 (EY scolds him: can u even live if not for writing?) and in ep 10 (after she informs the ending of their contract, JS says he has no reason to write anymore, bc we know he writes to be near her!) => put this together may link to the result: bc of the contract with EY that he keeps on living (or not wastes his life on drug and alcohol like before. well but this equal ending his life bc in the state we see him alone in the hotel room after his wife's death, sooner or later he would think of commit suicide if those drugs dont kill him first!). So the main reason for living is not the writing but her! -in ep 9 (the last phone of his ex-wife blames him: how can you be happy and i cant? Dont feel bother by me. But you're really to much!) => this i guess the ex-wife knew about his love for EY and that eventually led to her suicide. If JS is just an 'intolerant' guy then why she has to kill herself after divorcing him? ------------------------------ Yes i do agree he wants to cure his mental illness to have a chance with her in that 2 years apart! Also, his disappearance for 2 years i think is for not letting his emotion become too overwhelming that leads to breaking their borderline (1st: EY is his ex-wife's best friend, 2nd: his love for EY may cause the dearth of his wife). He frequently did that in the past also (i think it were those times when his affection for her was to great to endure, so he had to run away). This time he even kisses her, TWICE! (he might be exploded with desire and hunger! lol) + he sees how hard she's been through => go away is the best choice. ------------- Looking back, JS must be a saint for enduring his affection for her that long! (12 years in total ). Look at the way he kisses her! It would not be overestimate to say he dreams of making her his million of times throughout the years And those hungry and desperate kisses was hella not enough!
  4. @Lawyerh yesss! I started rooting for them from ep 5 onward! Actually at the moment Eunyoung’s ex questioned about her relationship with Jinsoo! I love their desperate love for each other, love their angst, love Jinsoo stubborness, love everything about the way they interacted with each other! For me their story was so heartbreaking but so realistic! I think Lee Jinsoo is husband material, but only to Eunyoung haha. I’ve never thought of him as boyfriend material. If he doesnt have Eunyoung, he should not (or can never) end up with anyone else lol. For me, i was not confused between 2 ships bc i honestly didnt feel any attraction from Jinsoo to Seungyeon the whole time. He was definitely having only Eunyoung in his heart. Later, after ep 9, i realized he cant even live without her (even for 1 day). Eunyoung was the center of his world and every decision or reaction he made was always revolving around her! And he was like that for 10 years, even before he got married! And i sense (actually i know) that his desperated love for her made his marrige down fall (or even led to his ex wife’s suicide) & bc of that he could never be with Eunyoung! So the only thing i was confused about the story is how can he get enough courage to get over that guilt to fight for his love at the end! I was not active in soompi when the drama aired so cant jump in the craze there haha. Still one of my big regret! Btw, i have a gift for you! A rewritten Coffee House based on Lee Jinsoo’s story! And the chingu there is so gifted with her writing talent! http://sharingtotheworld.blogspot.com/2010/10/coffee-house-jin-soos-story.html?m=1
  5. Haha. His handsomeness definitely 200% out of the cellar in Coffee House. I love the couple Jinsoo and Eunyoung so much! Especially those first eps when they sit and goofing around together! The later part did become much more interesting but i’m kind of sad that their relationship was saddening and didnt have much goofy scenes anymore
  6. @Lawyerh i knew it! I know u’re gonna love this drama, especially JS&EY couple! I’m rewatching this now haha. Coffee House always asks me to come back! It’s been 9 years since i first watched this show but i’m now still lingering on it!!!!! Please, let discuss more about this from now on!
  7. @Lawyerh Haizz, isnt he already a runway model with his former style? And yessss, season 2 jebal! Want to see more of fashionista - detective Cheon!
  8. @Lawyerh long time no see dear! I finished COALG a week ago, which means 3 days of marathoning haha. And my thirst for him increase to max level so i went to twitter to dig more and trapped in a matrix of message loops with @selenette & @jenappelle then , you should join the fun there also! And COALG was a great one! Despite that broken Eng sub till the end, i still amazingly found a way to understand it and enjoy till the very last bit In love with all the cast and also impressed with detective Cheon wardrobe haha. He looked so much younger than BJS and very handsome even without the glasses! Ah, about his laugh at the award, he was lost direction just a moment before and led Go Ara to the opposite side of the mic stand lol.
  9. Oh, it’s mine @phoenix24 Those are the moments that shook my heart deeply with explosive emotions I’m planning to make a collection of RD&JS interactions (the crazy ones lol). Hopefully the procrastinating god doesnt knock on my door soon haha.
  10. @selenette @jenappelle thanks for the trans, you guys sum up my message well and it’s ok to add my nationality haha. I think beside the Korean ver messages, we should add the eng ver. 1. It’s better for him to know there’s a lot of people from around the world recognize his talent, espcially via this drama. 2. Maybe he would consider more ways (twitter, IG, FB with eng language) to communicate with foreign fans (everything about KJH are mostly in Korean now ). ps: i’m now more active on twitter (with the mission of promoting KJH to international fans ). I’ve started with posting memes of FGTD . If you guys have time, let’s have fun together there also!
  11. I’ve shorten mine (not so much but hope it helps!), thanks so much @jenappelle @selenette! Fighting chingus! @angiedramadive If Beak Jin Sang was a dream role for every actors then for me, an audience, be able to observe and feel his existence is a dream like experience. Just like actors, we audience are always seeking for a meaningful story that touches our heart, wakes up our closed emotion, challenges our thought and eventually, helps us realize the true meaning of living. Our world is becoming more and more materialistic. More instant stories just to ease the emptiness and insecurity. More laugh and tear jerkers, more popular faces, more calculations and more inhumanity. However, your performance in Feel Good To Die gifted me the genuine emotion that rarely find elsewhere. The feeling Baek Jin Sang gave out was so raw and true that i hardly realize he was just a work of imagination. This performance just reaches a whole new level of subtle acting and for that, you’re not just talented but genius! So, be proud, Kang Ji Hwan actor-nim! Ps: The grief for Ruda at the hospital was breathtaking, i was so shocked at my feeling and actually need a couple of hours to recover from the pain!
  12. My one cent for the fanfic (not the kinky part, srr ). Guess you will all know which scene is this. Hope to spark some ideas for you guys? —————— INSANE! That man is INSANE! What a pain in the neck! Stop showing up at my date! Dont you have a life? ... The 5th day... Surprisingly i found the date between Kang manager and i less exciting day by day. The same time of picking up. The same place of hanging out. The same dishes for lunch. Even the same way of holding hands! A looping date is just like a looping day! ... The only difference... is HIM! That absurd BASTARD in blue buoy jacket! Keep stubbornly stalking me every day, what he thinks he would get from this??? Oh no, no! Stop, Baek Jin Sang! Stop dying, Baek Jin Sang! STOP.DYING.RIGHT.NOW!!! ... The 7th day... NO NO NO NO! I HATE THIS! I HATE THIS! I HATE THISSSSSS! Definitely wont get out of this house! Definitely! CHUKO BORYO, BAEK JIN SANG!!!! ... The 9th day... He’s a little late today... Oddly, along with this irritation is the feeling of expecting, no... waiting? ... Did something happen? ... The 10th day... Strangely enough, when he pops out of nowhere i’m kind of having these butterflies in my stomach? Perhaps... Shut up butterflies! You’re doing nonsense! ... The 16th day... Was he tired of this game? Kang manager is going to kiss me! He’s gonna do it NOW! Where are you Baek Jin Sang? It’s time! Come! Come now! ... or just GO DIE BAEK JIN SANG! ... The 17th day... I found myself eagerly looking forward to the date. When is he gonna come?... Will he come? 10 a.m 12.07 p.m 1 p.m 1.40 p.m 2 p.m 2.10 p.m 3 pm 3.30 p.m 3.32 p.m 3.33 p.m ... Ch..u.k...o........bo...ryo........Baek..Ji..n...Sang...... ... The 18th day Aishhh, my eyes have swollen! Cant even open them! Damn you, Baek Jin Sang! ... Whatever... i’m gonna finish it all, today! ..
  13. That's unfortunate to hear you're not getting better. But I know you're gonna get over it bc you're a fighter. You fight to protect KJH, as one of the most enthusiastic & stubborn chingu here! Pray for your health, dear!
  14. Please count me in 4. @angiedramadive For any actor, Beak Jin Sang was a dream role that was so good to be true. Then for me, an audience, be able to observe and feel his existence is a dream like experience. Just like actors, we audience are always seeking for a meaningful story that warms our heart, wakes up our deeply closed emotion, challenges our thought and eventually, helps us realize the true meaning of living. Feel Good To Die and especially its main characters (Beak Jin Sang and Lee Ru Da) has done an exceptional job to fulfill those mentioned above. Our world is becoming more and more materialistic. More instant stories were made just to ease the emptiness and insecurity. More laugh and tear jerkers, more popular faces, more fanciness, more unrealistic dreams, more calculations and more inhumanity. However, your performance in Feel Good To Die gifted me the genuine emotion that rarely find in other productions. The feeling Baek Jin Sang gave out was so raw and true that i hardly realize he was just a work of imagination. The portrayal of Baek Jin Sang was your best performance to date (the grief for Ruda at the hospital was breathtaking, i was so shocked at my feeling and actually need a couple of hours to recover from the pain!). I must say this performance just reaches a whole new level of subtle acting that can’t be found in other Korean actors. You are not just talented but genius for this performance. So, be proud! Kang Ji Hwan actor-nim, it was a great pleasure to see your acting. Please come back with a more impressive project and gift us the honor to witness your improvement! Thanks a lot! ——————— Ps: sorry for a loooooong post, i know it would be a pain for the translation but i cant help it, especially after reading his letter in the fancafe
  15. Dear chingus, i've just pumped into Island Trio a couple of days ago & KJH was in it! He was a guest there in 4 eps (from ep 21 to 24). Sadly, cant find the sub for this but just watching the raw, he was so so SOOOOO charming!!! And he also showed lots lots of biceps & muscles A MUST WATCH!!! http://kshow123.net/show/island-trio/ Ps: @nohamahamoud2002 your dear Yonghwa was also in it, as a main cast! Check it out!
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