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  1. Much worse - she killed BQs uncle and wants to kill BQ....maybe its not as much the writer as he really does have some real chemistry with her. Fortunately, he has lots more chemistry with BQ and his kisses are SO Romantic!!!!!!!!
  2. Really, really love your recaps! So thorough and insightful. Thanks for taking the time to do this for us....where can we see latest episodes (other than Viki and YouTube) from the US?
  3. Sorry everyone but, I just have to finally say this because I have waited so many episodes to do so....Preface - I love the main characters like everyone else!! But, I have waited until almost the end to see some passion from ML towards GTY and I just don't feel it. The kisses on the cheeks is so weird for me, almost like the ones I give my grandchildren. In addition, the fact that they are a couple in life makes me not get it even more that their lip kisses almost seem awkward. And did she just spit in his face! Thanks for letting me voice my opinion : )
  4. I think GH (who I agree is georgous) came around largely because his wife finally let go of her insecurities and he was able to see her in a new (intelligent) light.
  5. So, in episode 69 why is the prostitute sneaking in the side door of the room if she and GTY do not have anything going on.
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