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  1. hi im new spartace shipper..nice to meet u guys. this is my first time to comment in this forum since i became a member few months ago. i love to read all ur opinion abt spartace in this forum. and im just amazed how all of u still stand for our spartace since beginning until now. about spartace news these days i felt shocked and happy in the same time seeing JH bravely told JK "oppa I'm here" ,because we know that JH is very secretive person abt her personal life. but today i felt sad because of that news there's some accounts that called JH desperate woman and just one side love, and jihyo only joking and dont take too serious and there's also someone said that JK never interesting to JH and never see her as a woman but just sibling/family. its make me sooo sad and upset in the same time. sorry guys i wrote abt this here, i just want to share what inside my mind here with u, because as a newbie abt spartace i dont know where i can talk and share abt this except here in this forum. im sorry if it disturb u guys. Im very happy to be spartace shipper even the ride just like rollercoaster up and down, happy and sad. Everytime i felt sad i always remember that Rainbow comes after storm and happiness comes after sadness..i hope we can hear good news as soon as possible. im sorry it's too long.
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